Being born to celebrity parents is an overwhelming experience, and because of that, it might take an individual’s life in a new direction. And Drew Ann Reid is a celebrity family member known as the daughter of former American football star Andy Reid.

Her father, Andy, was the Super Bowl champion, award-winning coach, and current head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs since 2013. Drew is the youngest daughter among Andy’s five kids. He is also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, like all family members.

Drew Ann Reid’s Age, Parents, And Siblings

Drew’s father Andy married his longtime girlfriend, Tammy Reid, in 1981. The longtime couple first met while both were undergraduates at Brigham Young University. Andy and his wife, Tammy, have crossed over thirty-eight years as of 2019.

They have three sons; Garrett Reid, Britt Reid, and Spencer Reid, and two younger daughters, Crosby Reid and Drew. Before the marriage, Andy was Lutheranism but later converted himself to Christianity. Andy and Tammy have been together since their marriage and celebrated their 38th marriage anniversary this year.

Drew's parents, Andy and Tammy, have been married since 1981
Image: Drew’s parents, Andy and Tammy, have been married since 1981.
Source: Getty Images

Drew and her family were soaked in grief when the oldest son Garrett died of a h****n overdose. Garrett was addicted to drugs and was locked in prison for various crimes. On August 5, 2012, he was found dead in his room at Lehigh University’s training camp due to an accidental h****n overdose. Also Read: Stelle Ciccone

Drew’s family has always been the center of public criticism, so they dealt with many hardships. When asked about Garrett’s and Britt’s crimes and drug addiction, Andy said;

At that point, you don’t really care, there’s no time to be mad or frustrated or this or that, you’ve got to get that kid help. You don’t care if you’re Andy Reid, or Tammy Reid — you don’t care about all that. You care about that child. What happens is one thing leads to another thing to another thing to another thing. And it almost goes with what the addict can afford, and leads to h***, because h**** is the cheapest, and in this case very similar to OxyContin.

Britt, the second oldest brother of Drew, turned out to be an American football player like his father. Britt is the linebacker of Chief and the outside linebackers coach. 

Drew Ann Reid’s Prefer Remaining Out Of The Public View

Apart from attending sports tournaments with her father and brothers, Drew is rarely seen in public and is not active on social media. In contrast to other celebrity kids, Drew has always maintained her privacy. Therefore, her romantic affairs and relationship are shielded and kept secret.

Drew's father, Andy Reid, is the football head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL.
Image: Drew’s father, Andy Reid, is the football head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL.
Source: USAToday

Born to a celebrity father, Drew supports his passion for sports and attends various events with his father. Moreover, Andy dislikes talking about his children’s matters with the public. 

Drew Ann Reid’s Net Worth

The celebrity daughter, Drew Ann Reid, has around $70,000, whereas her dad has a staggering net worth of $30 million. Likewise, his annual salary is approximately $7.5 million, resulting from his longtime journey in football. 

Drew's parents were the cover face of the 2007 edition of Philadelphia magazine
Drew’s parents were the cover face of the 2007 edition of Philadelphia magazine.
Source: Phillymag

As the daughter of one of the highest-paid football coaches, Drew spent her childhood like the most sophisticated celebrity kid. She was raised in a spoiled childhood, along with her siblings. 

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