Meet Eleanor Talitha Bailey, the rising star following in the footsteps of her renowned mother, Devon Aoki. Born into an illustrious lineage of fashion and entertainment, Eleanor is carving her own path as a burgeoning model and brand ambassador.

With a captivating presence akin to her mother’s, she graces the realms of fashion, having been featured in campaigns for Adidas, L’Oreal, and Tiffany & Co. Notably, Eleanor, alongside her siblings, proudly represents the travel luggage brand, Away.

Moreover, poised for stardom, her journey showcases a promising ascent, reflecting the grace, style, and magnetic allure synonymous with the Aoki legacy.

How Old Is Eleanor Talitha Bailey? Age, Wiki, Family, Early Life

Eleanor Talitha Bailey entered the world in 2015. She was born to Devon Aoki and businessman James Bailey in the United States, marking the addition of a second daughter to the celebrity duo.

Bearing a striking resemblance to her model mother, Eleanor seems to have inherited Devon’s captivating beauty, a trait evident in a childhood picture shared by Aoki on her Instagram. Similarly, her aunt Echo V. Aoki is also a model and her uncle Steve Aoki is a famous electronic DJ, who was married to Australian model Tiernan Cowling.

Hailing from a lineage that includes her grandfather Hiroaki Aoki, known as Rocky, an amateur wrestler, and restaurateur who settled in the US. Eleanor’s family history is steeped in diverse backgrounds.

Despite her grandparents’ separation in 1991, Eleanor’s grandmother, Pamela Hilburger, maintains a relatively low profile. Further, she was a painter and jewelry designer, reflecting her German and English ancestry.

She Has Three Siblings

Eleanor Talitha Bailey is part of a close-knit family, sharing a strong bond with her siblings, as evident from Devon Aoki’s heartwarming glimpses on Instagram. Likewise, her brother, James Bailey Jr, came into the world on June 10, 2011, followed by her sister Alessandra Linville in February 2013.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey with her three siblings.
Eleanor Talitha Bailey with her three siblings. Source: Instagram/@devonaoki

Eleanor enjoyed being the youngest until her younger sister, Evelyn, arrived.

The siblings, a dynamic quartet, have ventured into the modeling world together, gracing campaigns for esteemed brands like Gap and Adidas. Furthermore, Devon’s social media reveals precious moments where their tight-knit bond shines through, showcasing the genuine closeness and love they share.

Who Are Eleanor’s Parents Devon Aoki and James Bailey?

Devon Aoki, recognized for her impactful roles in movies like “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Sin City,” made a deliberate choice to step away from acting. Her decision stemmed from a heartfelt commitment to prioritize her family, especially her children, including Eleanor Talitha Bailey.

Despite receiving accolades and a Critic Choice award nomination for her ensemble work, Devon chose to dedicate herself to nurturing her family, putting her successful acting career on hold.

Devon Aoki and her husband James Bailey have been together for over two decades.
Devon Aoki and her husband James Bailey have been together for over two decades. Source: Instagram/@devonaoki

Her journey in cinema began in 2003 with “Death of a Dynasty,” leading to memorable roles in various films like “Sin City,” “Friendly Fire,” and “Mutant Chronicles.” Devon’s final on-screen appearance was in the 2018 music video “Steve Aoki Feat. BTS: Waste It on Me.”

While Devon Aoki shone brightly in the entertainment industry, Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s father, James Bailey, has maintained a more private profile. Born on August 3, 1985, and educated at Harvard University, James has a passion for business and finance, stemming from his childhood.

His focus on business aligns with his roots in Boston, Massachusetts, where he hails from.

A Look Into Her Parents Devon Aoki and James Bailey’s Marriage

In the world of glitz and glamour, Devon Aoki and James Bailey found their own fairy tale. It all began with a chance blind date that sparked a love story beyond the silver screen.

After a whirlwind romance, they took a leap of faith and got engaged within just six months. Their wedding day, on April 23, 2011, was a celebration of love together with dear ones in Los Angeles.

Their relationship isn’t just about Hollywood magic; it’s grounded in real connection. Devon and James have created a haven of happiness together, building a beautiful family that includes their four wonderful children, Eleanor Talitha Bailey being a cherished part of their story.

Their journey is a testament to the power of love and commitment in a world often filled with fleeting moments.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Lives Off Her Parents

As of now, Eleanor Bailey herself doesn’t have an individual net worth attributed to her career endeavors, as she is still young and primarily dependent on her parents. However, she hails from a family of considerable wealth.

Her mother, Devon Aoki, an established model and actress, boasts a net worth of around $30 million. On the other hand, her father, James Bailey, holds a net worth estimated at $4 million.

Devon Aoki and her children on the photoshoot for AddidasXIVYPark.
Devon Aoki and her children on the photoshoot for AddidasXIVYPark. Source: Instagram/@devonaoki

Despite Eleanor’s young age, she, along with her siblings and mother, has been involved in ambassadorial roles for brands like Away, showcasing her early steps into the modeling world. With her lineage and exposure, there’s potential for Eleanor to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Devon Aoki’s opulent lifestyle, owning multiple houses in Los Angeles and Benedict Canyon, underscores the family’s substantial wealth, providing Eleanor with a privileged upbringing within a financially comfortable environment.

Social Media Presence

It’s quite common for young personalities, especially children of public figures, to maintain a low profile on social media. As for Eleanor Talitha Bailey, she doesn’t have her own dedicated social media presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey celebrating Halloween with her siblings.
Eleanor Talitha Bailey celebrating Halloween with her siblings. Source: Instagram/@devonaoki

Instead, she occasionally appears on her mother, Devon Aoki’s, social media accounts, offering glimpses into her life and adventures alongside her family. This allows her to enjoy her childhood away from the public eye while still being part of her mother’s online sharing.

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