Eliza Roberts is a casting director and an actress. She played her known National Lampoon’s Animal House(1978), Doctor Who (1996), and Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman(1993). She acted alongside American actor Stephen Furst in Animal House.

Eliza Roberts Relationship Status

This American actress married James Simons around the 1970s. James was a producer. Simons and Eliza met each other in a movie where their relationship started. They had a great bond with each other.

This couple even gave birth to their two children, Keaton Simons and Morgan Simons. Eliza and James divorced after many years of being together after some serious issues occurred.

Eliza Roberts
Eliza Roberts with her husband, Eric Roberts.
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After their divorce, Eliza met Eric. Eliza and Eric married on 16 August 1992. Eric Robert is an American actor. They gave birth to Emma Roberts on February 10, 1991. Emma Roberts is an American actress and a singer. They share a strong bond.

Eliza Roberts Net Worth

Eliza Roberts estimated net worth is $5 million. This American actress has appeared in many films, including Mindy Bineram, Schlock, Jack H. Harris Enterprises, 1973, Beth Loomis, Terraces, NBC, 1977, and many more. Similarly, she has played in many movies, including The Best Little Girl in the World, ABC, 1981, Obsessed with a Married Woman, ABC, 1985, and many more.

Eliza Roberts
Eliza Roberts with her Husband at a luxurious party.
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Eliza also appeared In many TV programs. Therefore Eliza collected a lot of money at a young age. Although old, she owns luxurious goods—for instance, luxury cars and luxury mansions.

She has very few household expenses because she lives with her husband and shares their expenses. And her children are capable of themselves to handle their household.

More About Eliza Robert.

.Eliza Robert was born on January 23, 1953, in the United States. Her parents were Lila Garrett (mother) and David Rayfiel (father). She was brought up in the United States by her father and mother. At a young age, her parents divorced because of some issues within their family.

Then Eliza’s mother met Don Garrett and eventually got married to him. Don Garrett helped them a lot as a father figure. Eliza Rayfiel was Eliza Roberts’s birthname which later changed into Eliza Garrett as her stepdad’s surname. Eliza has been interested in acting since childhood, pursued her career as an actress, and became a successful actress.

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Lila Garrett Mother
David Rayfiel Father
Eric Roberts Husband
Keaton Simons Son
Morgan Simons Daughter