Elizabeth Huberdeau, better known as ‘Liz Cena,’ is the former first wife of renowned WWE wrestler, actor, and rapper, John Cena. Their relationship, which began during their high-school days, captured public attention, but ultimately faced an unfortunate end after three years of marriage, primarily due to John’s alleged infidelity.

Her personal life has been in the spotlight, but Elizabeth’s professional endeavors remain relatively private. Active in the real estate business, she continues to make her mark in the industry. Let’s delve into the life of this ambitious businesswoman and former partner of a wrestling icon.

Where Is She Now?

The former wife of John Cena, a famous WWE wrestler-turned-actor is very private. Elizabeth currently lives in Florida, US entirely away from the media spotlights.

How old is Elizabeth Huberdeau? Know Her Age, Wiki

Elizabeth Huberdeau, also known as ‘Liz Cena,’ entered the world on September 28, 1979, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA. Raised in her home state, she embraced her early years in picturesque surroundings.

Likewise, as she blossomed into adulthood, Elizabeth pursued her education at ‘Springfield College’ in Massachusetts. Coincidentally, it was during her time at the institution that she crossed paths with John Cena, igniting a connection that would endure throughout their high-school days and beyond.

How long was John Cena married to his first wife?

Elizabeth Huberdeau, also known as ‘Liz Cena,’ shared a deeply-rooted connection with John Cena, having been high school sweethearts who witnessed each other’s successes.

Their love culminated in a heartfelt wedding ceremony in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2009. Despite public support, their marriage came to an abrupt end in 2012 when Cena surprised Huberdeau with divorce filings.

Elizabeth Huberdeau and her ex-husband John Cena were high school sweethearts.
Elizabeth Huberdeau and her ex-husband John Cena were high school sweethearts. Source: Pinterest

Initially suspecting infidelity, the truth emerged six years later – Cena’s unwavering dedication to his WWE career led him to prioritize it over their relationship. He admitted that his commitment to wrestling was his true love, foregoing the pursuit of family life with Huberdeau.

Does John Cena Have a Child With His First Wife?

Though the former pair were together for a long period of time since high school, they never had kids together. John Cena does not have any kids with his first wife.

John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau’s Divorce and Life

After John Cena once stated that their house remodeling was a significant issue in their marriage, leading to unresolved disputes and fights.

Documents showed that contractors filed a $110,000 lien for the house, suggesting problems with debt payment. The couple managed to keep their divorce settlement private, and it seems they have remained on good terms since then. Also, know about Nicole McClain, ex-fiancee of WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar with whom he has a daughter named Mya Lynn Lesnar.

John Cena and his first wife were married for three years.
John Cena and his first wife were married for three years. Source: Pinterest

Following their divorce, Elizabeth Huberdeau has chosen to live a private life and has not shared many personal details with the public. She reportedly moved on with her life and found love again. Since they did not have children during their marriage, the divorce process may have been less complicated.

Who has John Cena been married to After Divorce With His First Wife?

After his divorce from Elizabeth Huberdeau, John Cena entered into a high-profile relationship with fellow professional wrestler Nikki Bella. However, their journey together was not without its challenges. Nikki had to sign a unique 75-page contract before moving into Cena’s home, stipulating her immediate vacating of the property in case of a breakup.

Despite their drama-filled relationship, Cena proposed to Nikki at Wrestlemania 33 before a massive crowd, but their engagement was called off a year later. Their split was rumored to be due to differing views on having children, with Cena not wanting kids while Nikki desired to become a mother.

Despite their relationship not working out, other WWE couples have found success in marriage, exemplifying the diverse dynamics of life in the world of wrestling.

Likewise, Elizabeth Huberdeau, also known as ‘Liz Cena,’ was rumored to be dating a man named Eli Ayoub. However, specific details about Eli Ayoub’s professional life or background were not widely known at that time. The rumors about their relationship gained traction when a few photos of them together circulated on the internet.

Net Worth- How Much Does She Have?

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s exact net worth was not publicly available. Her career in the real estate industry, involving construction, trading, buying, and refurbishing of business and residential buildings, suggests financial success.

After her divorce from John Cena, whose estimated net worth is around $80 million, Elizabeth reportedly received a settlement package, though the specific amount remains unknown.

Elizabeth Huberdeau does not have a presence on social media platforms, including Instagram, and she maintains a low profile.

Career Highlights: What Does She Do For A Living?

Elizabeth Huberdeau had a background in modeling before her marriage to John Cena, but her career in that field was not notably successful. However, after their divorce, she made a career change and ventured into the real estate industry.

Elizabeth Huberdeau is a real estate agent.
Elizabeth Huberdeau is a real estate agent. Source: Facebook

Elizabeth set up her own real estate company in Florida and has found success and fulfillment in her chosen profession. Her real estate business has been thriving, and she has established herself as a prosperous entrepreneur in the field.

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