Elle Biefeldt is indeed a cheerful, athletic, and driven businesswoman. Elle is a blogger and entrepreneur. Further, she is Meyers Leonard’s very supportive and loving wife. Well, Meyers is a professional basketball player who plays as a power forward for the Miami Heat.

Elle Bielefeldt’s Wedding With Meyers Leonard

Elle is now happily married to her college love, Meyers Leonard. After being introduced to her by Mike Davis, she met Leonard, a senior basketball player whose girlfriend was acquainted with Bielefeldt. They started dating when she was 19 years old. It wasn’t long before they declared their romance.

Elle and Meyers on their wedding day
Elle and Meyers on their wedding day
(Image source Instagram)

The Bielfeldt family arranged Elle’s graduation celebration in May 2014. It was the ideal setting for Meyers to finalize their romance. Following that, the pair married in August of 2015 in Oregon at 23. Recently, on August 2, 2022, Elle and Meyers celebrated their seven years of marriage anniversary and 11 years together.

The husband and wife are ready to welcome their first child with their loving relationship. Elle shared a snap of her and her husband and captioned the photo as

You’re the rock of our household. I can’t wait for our son to meet you. Lord knows our baby boy and I are so blessed. Happy 1st Mother’s Day

Moreover, Elle frequently shows her baby bump on her social media account, from which we can say how excited Elle and her husband are ready to welcome their child.

Elle Bielefeldt’s Child

An entrepreneur Elle and his wife Meyers are now parents of a baby boy. The duo welcomed their first son Liam Walter Leonard on June 7, 2022. Liam’s height was 84 inches; he was born at 5:46 sharp pm.

Elle Bielefeldt
Elle Bielefeldt’s child

Elle announced the good news to their fans through his social media account.

Net Worth Of Elle Bielefeldt

The 27-year-old Elle earns a lot of money as the co-founder of Level Foods and Meyers Leonard Brand. Without a doubt, she must be making three digits of money as a business person. Ella is running numerous enterprises at the same time. So, Elle Bielefeldt’s net worth is around $1 million as of 2022.

On the other hand, Elle’s husband, Meyers Leonard’s net worth is $10 Million, similar to Ladonna Hughley. Not to mention, he accounted for his earnings from his career as a basketball player in the NBA. According to Spotrac, Meyers Leonard’s career earnings amounted to $59,437,072.

Undoubtedly, the lovey-dovey pair must live a happy and lavish life with all their earnings.

Elle Bielefeldt’s Early Life

A native of Illinois, Julie Bielfedt and David Bielfeldt had their first child, Elle, on January 15, 1992. She also has three younger siblings, Lydia, Matti, and Max Bielfeldt. Further, after graduating, she went to Peoria Notre Dame High School and then enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Elle with her three siblings
Elle with her three siblings
(Image source @elleleonard)

Similarly, Bielfeldt’s sister Matti attended the same university and played basketball for the Fighting Illini women’s team. Her brother, Max, is also a basketball player at the University of Michigan. On the other hand, Elle was a brilliant student who earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising in 2014.

Elle Bielefeldt Career

Despite abandoning basketball as a career, she continues to play for fun. On the other hand, a degree in advertising allowed Elle to embark on her business journey. As a professional athlete, she was inspired to pursue a career in health and nutrition, which she has done ever since.

Picture of Elle advertising her nutrition bar
Picture of Elle advertising her nutrition bar
(Image source Level Foods)

She founded Level Foods in 2018, specializing in creating nutrition bars explicitly aimed at athletes. Furthermore, Elle’s site goes into personal wellness and contains various culinary dishes based on her experiences.

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