Christine Khuri-Roderick is a regular woman as well as a celebrity child. After marrying her handsome celebrity husband, James Khuri, an American businessman, she rose to fame.

James Khuri is a social media influencer and an American businessman. He is a real estate agent who also runs a trading card business. With Amazon and Walmart, he offers cards from many businesses.

Christine and James Married Life Timeline

James Khuri was in a happy relationship with her girlfriend, Christine Khuri-Roderick. They dated each other for a long time, several years. And finally, after a long relationship, the couple married.

Christine is a fitness and wellness expert by profession. The lovely couple was living a happy and luxurious married life together. However, they cannot last long and end their relationship in a short time.

James and his wife’s marriage dates are unknown to the media and the internet because they married in a private ceremony. Only their close friends and relatives attend their wedding.

And the adorable pair parted ways and divorced in 2009 for an unknown reason. Moreover, Christine and her ex-husband welcomed their first and last child together, a son. They named their son Brendan Khuri.

Khuri-Roderick’s son, Brendan’s Arrested Case

Brendan Khuri was detained on February 17, 2020, after causing an accident. His father had given him a $517k Lamborghini for his birthday when the disaster occurred.

When the Lamborghini crashed with a Lexus Sedan, Khuri was behind the wheel. Monique Munoz was behind the wheel of the Lexus vehicle. The driver was on his way home from work.

James Khuri and Brendan Khuri pose for a beautiful photo while spending time together.
Photo Source: Instagram @jameskhuri

Unfortunately, Monique died, and Brendan was admitted to the hospital with injuries. The police arrested Brendan after the accident and sentenced him to nine months for vehicular manslaughter.

James’ son pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter with gross carelessness during his trial in Inglewood Juvenile Court. People scolded him for buying his son a sports automobile before he reached driving age.

Months after the tragedy, the law sentenced him for his role in the catastrophic accident that claimed Monique’s life. His attorneys said Brendan has autism, depression, and attention deficit disorder.

James’s Wife’s Net Worth

Christine Khuri-Roderick is a private person who keeps her personal life away from the media and the spotlight. She hates to face the camera because she hasn’t gained popularity on her own.

Talking about his ex-husband, after earning his master’s degree, James Khuri began his real estate career. In addition, he began investing in New York business and hospital facilities.

James Khuri and Brendan Khuri pose for a photo showing his car collections.
Photo Source: Instagram @jameskhuri

So James has a fantastic source of income and has amassed a substantial fortune through his business. In addition, he has a $400 million net worth. Further, he is a talented businessman.

Furthermore, Khuri does, however, have a car collection that now consists of four vehicles: a Lamborghini Urus, a BMW M6 Sedan, a Lamborghini Aventador, and a Lamborghini Huracan.

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