Jada Crawley gained the limelight being the wife of a famous NBA Basketball Player. The loving pair is pretty renowned for their long-standing relationship. They are still strong with each other support in Ups and Downs.

Her husband is one of the best point guards in the history of NBA Basketball. Christopher Emmanuel Paul has received many awards in his name, having the nicknameThe Point God” and “CP3” for his outstanding performances in Basketball.

Furthermore, Jada Crawley is the perfect example that you only need a one-life partner who will be there forever. The details regarding the famous wife of an American Basketball Player are provided, so read it briefly.

Jada Crawley, A Native of North Carolina

The fashion designer was born in North Carolina, United States. She celebrated her birthday every year on February 16, 1984, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Crawley’s parents’ details are unknown, and she hadn’t discussed it on media platforms.

Jada Crawley looks beautiful
Jada Crawley looks beautiful.
Source: Instagram@jada_ap

In addition, Diving into her educational background, she completed her high school education at Mount Tabor High School. Later, when she graduated high school for further studies, Crawley moved to Wake Forest University to complete her graduation.

Although being the wife of a famous player, she is making her own identity doing fashion designing. She has specialized in prom dress designing, and the fashion designer is a philanthropist helping needy people.

Is Jada Crawley a Social Worker?

Jada Crawley is a kind-hearted person, and she is always there to help people in need. The Love birds are investing their money in a good way. She has been working as a philanthropist for more than ten years, serving low-income families.

She is a member of the Chris Paul Family Foundation, and with the Foundation, the fashion designer has been helping underprivileged families. The Foundation is an outlet for social justice and helping hand working for educational initiatives to athletic programs in different cities.

Moreover, The wife of a basketball player is actively working in social work, running her program” Jada Paul Prom Dress Giveaway.” She hosts the program for high school seniors giving unique makeup and hair treatments to them, and during these past years, she has been involved in Philanthropic activities.

Jada Crawley’s Loving Relationship with Husband, Chris Paul

Jada’s husband, Chris, is an American Professional Basketball player with the best point guard winning awards, including the NBA Rookie of the Year Award, an NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player, and many more titles to his name.

The love life of Jada Crawley and Chris Paul is beautiful. However, it is pretty surprising their first meeting was during a basketball game in Wake Forest. CP3 played for two years at the university before getting drafted to the National Basketball Association.

Jada Crawley with her husband, Chris Paul
Jada Crawley with her husband, Chris Paul
Source: Instagram@jada_ap

Furthermore, the love birds started dating at 18 after a few interactions. The first person to be bold and take the first move was Jada. Since then, they have had a bond and love irreplaceable by a third party.

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The rumors say the love pair first experienced dating while watching the movie. Jada approached to meet Chris from their colleagues. The film they observed during their date was DDon’tCost a Thing with Nick Cannon and Christina Milian.

They Married In 2011

The love of college life didn’t last long, and they parted ways after dating for years or months. However, it is surprising in the case of Jada and Chris dating for many years and taking further steps by exchanging vows and marrying each other.

The Wedding Ceremony photo of Jada Crawley and Chris Paul
The Wedding Ceremony photo of Jada Crawley and Chris Paul
Source: Players Bio

Likewise, The love birds were fully committed to each other, and they completed their marriage on September 10, 2011. hey met their wedding ceremony in their hometown at Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge in Charlotte.

Moreover, their wedding ceremony was completed in the presence of their close ones. The people who attended the ceremony were celebrities such as James Harden, Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Gabrielle Union, Carmelo Anthony, and most interestingly, Lebron served as Grossman.

Mother of A Son and A Daughter

Jada gave birth to two children from her marital bond with basketball point guard Chris Paul. Heir first child is a son Emmanuel Paul II who was born on May 23, 2009, and he often appears on media platforms with his family. e is lucky to have parents like Chris and Jada.

The Beautiful Family of Jada Crawley
The Beautiful Family of Jada Crawley
Source: Instagram@jada_ap

They completed the even numbers by welcoming a daughter making a happy family. The name of their daughter and younger sister of Emmanuel is Camryn Alexis Paul. Hey, celebrate her birthday every year on August 16, 2012. he Kids are living in the limelight like other star kids.

Jada Crawley Social Media and Physical Appearance?

Jada Crawley is lovely. Moreover, she is a charming woman with perfect hair, beautiful eye brown, and a fantastic streamlined face. His looks and confidence are the ideal blends giving her confidence in every work.

Furthermore, Her beautiful pair of Black eyes suit perfectly the Black Hair. he is 5ft 9 inches tall and a fitness freak who maintains her body from a routine balance diet. He is avoiding the overweight from her diet plan and weighs between 50 to 60 kg.

Jada Crawley
Jada Crawley
Source: Instagram@jada_ap

The fashion designer keeps updating her fans about her professional life and daily life. He is highly active on social media platforms sharing her fashionable, family, and everyday life pictures. ADA is most active on her Instagram, having 136k followers with the username @jada_ap.

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