Faysal Sekkouah is an Australian-based social entrepreneur. Also, He consults for big multinational corporations small startups, and SMEs.

Faysal is the husband of multi-talented social media star Shade Zahra.

Personal Life, Relationships: Who Is His Wife?

Faysal Sekkouah happily married her long-time-dated girlfriend, Shade Zahra. Faysal’s wife Shade is an ex-layer in the corporate sector having over ten years of experience.

Old picture of Faysal with his parents. Source Instagram

The couple tied the relationship as husband-wife on December 4, 2017. The couple looks like they are made for each other.

Faysal often appears on his wife Shade’s Social media posts.

Secret to Their Healthy Relationship

As both are associated with business, they have a busy schedule. Between careers and outside commitments, it can be challenging to stay connected to each other or to be intimate. But this couple keeps things interesting.

As they are business partners, they spend time together while working, which connects the couple and keeps their bond much more vital.

There might be some disagreements and a clash of thoughts due to the different perspectives of the duo. But they prioritize unity over individual agendas.

They respect each other. They appreciate their existence, which makes their bond stronger.

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About Faisal Sekkouah wife: Shade Zahra

Faysal Sekkouah’s wife, Shade Zahra, is an Australian dancer, and entrepreneur. Shade is a Forbes Coaches Council Member and an award-winning Leadership strategist.

Furthermore, Shade worked as an Advisory Board Member at Future Business Generation for two years.

She also served as a Senior Strategist at the Bank of Melbourne. Moreover, Shade also makes motivational content on TikTok.

Shade Zahra is also on Instagram with more than 600K followers

Shade Zahra. Source: Instagram

Faisal and Shade: A Business Partners

Faysal and Shade are a loving pair. In addition, they are successful business partners. Most of their weekends go by working with clients or talking about their work.

The couple talks about works and shares each other’s ideas and plans. The couple owns a company named Influencer Global.

This company trains and coaches people indeed of motivational and training injection.

What Is His Net Worth?

As he is a successful entrepreneur and a consultant. Consequently, Faysal must have a staggering income and net worth.

According to Payscale.com, An entrepreneur Faysal’s average salary of $74383. Faysal has clients like Fortune 500s like Microsoft, Medtronic, Samsung, and others, which pays him a massive amount of money while working with these companies.

However, Her wife Shade is a talented individual. She earns good money. As per the report, her wife Shade’s net worth is $5 million.

The couple lives in a luxurious house resides in Melbourne, Victoria.


Faysal has come a long way in his life. One of his critical successes is that he designed and commercialized one of the world’s thinnest and most portable USB charges for Apple devices through crowdfunding.

Also, He trains and coaches several entrepreneurs and executives in the fields of medicine, consumer electronics, IT, and others.

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