Flynn Belaine is an American actress, writer, and producer. People most remembered her for playing Donna/Dorian in the 1991 film ‘The Three Muscatels.’

Belaine has worked in “The Three Muscatels” films in addition to being an actress. Belaine served as executive producer on the same picture.

Aside from her professional accomplishments, she is well-known for another reason. People mainly recognized her as the late American actor, comedian, and writer Richard Pryor‘s ex-wife.

Belaine Early Life

Flynn was born in the United States of America sometime during the 1940s. Unfortunately, she has not revealed her parents’ identities at this time. However, we know that she had a difficult childhood due to World War II.

When it comes to the actress’ education, she gained well-educated and has completed her studies. However, the integrity of this information remains a mystery because she did not reveal where she studied or when she finished her schooling.

Relationship of The Three Muscatels’ Actress

After achieving tremendous success in the entertainment industry, Flynn Belaine met Richard Pryor. As a result, during his time as a comedian, actor, and writer, Richard was a key highlight of the entertainment industry.

Richard was performing his live act in Washington, DC, in 1984, and Flynn was also present, and the two met for the first time. Flynn and Pryor started dating the following year, and they had an excellent relationship for almost two years.

Flynn Belaine and Richard Pryor
Flynn Belaine kissing Richard Pryor for a beautiful photo
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However, the pair decided to marry in October 1986, and after the wedding, they remained romantically together for a brief time. As a result, after seven months of marriage, Richard filed a divorce appeal in court.

The court eventually granted the divorce file in July 1987. On April 1, 1990, Flynn and Richard remarried after three years of divorce but divorced again in July 1991 on good terms.

Children Belaine Had With Pryor

Belaine and Richard have two beautiful children: Kelsey Pryor, who was born in October 1987, and Stephen Michael, who was born in 1984.

Richard has five children from prior marriages, and the actress is the stepmother of five of them. Richard has been married seven times to five different women in his life.

Flynn Belaine and Richard Pryor
Flynn Belaine and Richard Pryor taking selfies for a beautiful photo
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Rain, Richard Jr, Elizabeth, Franklin, and Renee Pryor are among the children of Pryor’s other marriages. Furthermore, the children all look up to Flynn as if she were their mother.

Richard Pryor’s Wife’s Career And Net Worth

In 1986, Kelsey’s mother made her first screen appearance. Then she featured on ‘The Barbara Walters Summer Special‘ for an episode. She portrayed herself in the 1996 television documentary “Richard Pryor: Comic on Edge.”

From 1986 through 2001, Belaine worked in the entertainment sector. Belaine has worked in this industry for 15 years and has amassed enormous fame and money due to her hard work and dedication. She has a net worth of $600,000.

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