Francine Castelluccio aka Francine Valli was the daughter of the legendary singer Frankie and the late Mary Mandel. Further, Francine was born in the 1960s, but we don’t know the exact birth of the star. In addition, she was the youngest daughter of the former couple, Frankie Valli and Mary Mandel.

The daughter of a famous singer was died on August 16, 1980, in Newark, NJ, at the age of 20 due to a drug overdose. What was her net worth before her death? Let’s grab all the details down below.

Midnight At The Oasis singer Death

As we have mentioned above, Francine Valli, the daughter of the legendary singer Frankie Valli and the late Mary Mandel. However, her exact date of birth remains hidden, Francine was born in the late 1960s. The Midnight At The Oasis singer had a stepsister, Cecilia, and an elder sister, Antonia. The singer did not give herself lots of opportunities to share her talents. However, until her last breath, she amazed the world with her voice.

The Snippet of the late singer, Francine Valli
The Snippet of the late singer, Francine Valli
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Francine Valli had a stepsister, Cecilia, elder sister, Antonia, and her parents. Furthermore, the singer used to live in New Jersey, in Nutley.  On August 16, 1980, the young star was found dead. After Francine’s death, her dead body was buried in New Jersey, at Glendale Cemetery. It was reported that the young star died because of a drug overdose.

It’s not that her parents didn’t prevent drug abuse; they had admitted her to the rehabilitation center, too. Few reports say that she died of pneumonia and others say she committed suicide. Besides that, her powerful voice is still online. The pieces like- I Try, Midnight At The Oasis, and Street Life are still online, we can listen to them. Also, read on Kashmira Bulsara

Was Francine Valli Dating a Boyfriend?

Francine Valli was not dating anyone before she passed away. You might say that the reason for her death could be a love failure. Well, that could also be! However, we haven’t got any information regarding her dating life and love matters. But, if we get this information, we will surely update the information. Francine’s parent’s relationship didn’t last that long. In fact, the couple had some misunderstanding, and the marriage ended up in divorce.

The famous late singer with her family
The famous late singer with her family
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Francine wasn’t active on social media platforms because there were barely any social media platforms like we have today. However, her father has 11.3k followers on Instagram. Moreover, Frankie controls thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook.

How Much Was Francine Valli Net Worth Before Death?

Francine Valli was running in her 20s before when she died. She was too young to earn amass a fortune. However, she had recorded fewer songs and following her father’s career. But her father has an enormous fortune of a net worth of $80 million. Frankie Valli is not only earning through his albums and recording songs, but he is also earning from his acting career.

Francine Valli
Francine Valli with her father, Frankie Valli
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We are sure that if Francine was alive today, she would have amassed her fortune just like her father does. Her powerful voice and talent would have surely paid off if the singer would have been with us. Though she recorded an amazing voice, she never released it. If she had released it, she would have earned it in millions. At a very young age just being a student, she had already gathered praise and limelight among her fellow members. Also, know the net worth and biography of Megan Young

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