Fred Di Blasio is a name that might not ring a bell to all, but his love story with actress Lana Parrilla is nothing short of enchanting. In 2014, amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, he stole her heart and became her partner for life.

Lana Parrilla is celebrated for her captivating roles on screen. Likewise, their off-screen romance has intrigued fans and left an indelible mark in the world of celebrity relationships.

Join us on an enthralling journey as we delve into the intriguing tale of Lana Parrilla’s husband, Fred Di Blasio, and their remarkable journey together, proving that love can indeed be a fairy tale in the midst of the spotlight.

How Old Is Fred Di Blasio? Age, Wiki, Early Life, Education

Fred Di Blasio was born on November 9, 1968. Not much is known about his early life and family, as he prefers to keep these details private. He grew up in Vancouver alongside his parents. It is assumed that he is an only child because he hasn’t mentioned having any siblings.

Fred was described as a quiet and shy young man who was eager to expand his knowledge in various areas. While his classmates were engaged in social activities, Fred focused on studying and self-improvement.

Fred graduated from high school with a Bachelor of Science degree from the European Business School. He later attended Queen’s College at the University of Cambridge. There he earned a Master of Business Administration degree in general management.

Fred Di Blasio And Lana Parrilla

Life has a way of surprising us, and for Lana Parrilla, her journey to finding love took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with Fred Di Blasio, a technology executive based in Israel. The whirlwind romance led to an engagement on April 28, 2013, and culminated in a joyful wedding ceremony on July 5, 2014.

Lana Parrilla and Fred Di Blasio
Lana Parrilla and Fred Di Blasio. Source: Pinterest

However, the road to everlasting happiness proved to be a challenging one. Despite their initial connection, Parrilla and Di Blasio decided to part ways, ultimately leading to their divorce in 2018. Their separation became official on November 5 of the same year, marking the end of a chapter that once held promise.

Lana Parrilla chose to share her personal journey with her fans through an emotional Instagram post on April 13, 2019. In a heartfelt caption accompanying a photo, she revealed her decision to embark on a new path, acknowledging the complexities of life’s twists and turns.

Moreover, Fred was married before too. He was married to Shannon Cooney in the 1990s. The couple had 3 sons together before divorcing in 2009.

Do They Have a Kids Together?

No, Lana Parrilla and Fred Di Blasio didn’t have children together biologically. However, Lana wholeheartedly embraced her role as a stepmother to Fred. He has three sons from his previous marriage: Jack, Patrick, and Matt. She poured her love and care into raising them as her own during their time together.

 Lana Parrilla with her then-husband Fred Di Blasio and his children.
Lana Parrilla with her then-husband Fred Di Blasio and his children. Source: Pinterest

But, as life often takes unexpected turns, their family dynamics may have shifted after the divorce. It’s possible that their connections may not be as strong as before, and the boys might not be as present in Lana’s life today.

Such changes in relationships can be bittersweet, carrying both fond memories and challenges along the way.

Career: What Does He Do For A Living?

Fred Di Blasio’s professional journey is a testament to his passion and dedication to the corporate world. After graduating from college, he wasted no time diving into the workforce.

His career began across the pond in London. There he worked at Bell Cable Media, immersing himself in the world of communications.

In 1997, Fred joined the AT&T group. Over the course of five years, he climbed the ranks, eventually earning the title of Vice President.

Fred Di Blasio.
Fred Di Blasio. Source: Pinterest

Four years later, he embarked on a new adventure at TELUS Communication Firm, continuing his role as Vice President. Moreover, each experience added to his skill set and knowledge base, shaping him into a seasoned professional.

In 2007, Fred assumed the role of President at Huron Management, a position that carried significant responsibility. For three years, he led the way with his strategic thinking and leadership.

Then, in 2010, he took on the role of Chief Strategy Officer at SMC Networks, where his expertise in strategy development came to the forefront. Two years later, he transitioned to INVIDI Technologies, where he oversaw corporate development as the Senior Vice President.

Fred’s journey didn’t stop there. His hard work and dedication led to a promotion within INVIDI Technologies, where he now serves as the Chief Marketing Officer. Through each role and every challenge, Fred Di Blasio has continued to grow, adapt, and excel in the dynamic world of corporate leadership.

Net Worth

Fred Di Blasio’s estimated net worth is more than $4 million, primarily from his work at INVIDI Technologies. Also, know the net worth of other celebrity ex-husbands Clement Giraudet and Burzis Kanga.

Similarly, his ex-wife Lana Parrilla, an American actress, has a net worth of $4 million. Lana Parrilla’s career in television has contributed to her net worth, with notable roles in series such as “Once Upon a Time” and various other TV shows.

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