Meet Harley Loraine Tiller, the radiant daughter of American music sensation Bryson Tiller. Born into the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world, Harley has captivated the hearts of her father’s adoring fans.

Through Bryson’s Instagram, we catch glimpses of their heartwarming father-daughter moments, showcasing an unbreakable bond that’s both charming and endearing.

But what about Harley’s mom? Join us as we delve into the intriguing life of this young celebrity daughter, uncovering the mysteries of her family dynamics and her own path in the spotlight.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of Harley Loraine Tiller, where fame and family intertwine, creating a story that’s as captivating as her father’s music.

How Old Is Harley Loraine Tiller? Age, Mom, Early Life

Harley Loraine Tiller was born on July 19, 2013, in the United States. She is the cherished daughter of American singer and songwriter Bryson Tiller. Likewise, her mother is Markea Bivens.

Harley Loraine Tiller is the eldest daughter of American singer Bryson Tiller.
Harley Loraine Tiller is the eldest daughter of American singer Bryson Tiller. Source: Instagram/@brysontiller

Harley remains the apple of her father’s eye, enjoying a special bond with him. At the age of ten, Harley is currently attending school, juggling her daily life like any typical child. Her father’s success in the pop music industry has undoubtedly contributed to her growing fame.

Her Parents Were Never Married

Harley Loraine Tiller’s parents, Bryson Tiller and Markea Bivens had a rather elusive relationship. They were never married or engaged. Likewise, their dating history remains a mystery due to their privacy. Harley was born in 2013, indicating that the former couple started their relationship before that year.

Bryson Tiller with his daughter.
Bryson Tiller with his daughter. Source: Instagram/@brysontiller

Despite having a child together, the hip-hop star Bryson Tiller and Markea Bivens couldn’t maintain a strong relationship, leading to their separation in 2020. The reasons behind their breakup have not been publicly disclosed.

While there were rumors about Bryson Tiller and Markea Bivens getting engaged, these rumors were not true. The couple never exchanged engagement rings. Their relationship status remained uncertain. Moreover, they have both chosen to keep the details of their romantic history private.

Bryson Got Quickly Link Into Another Relationship

Markea Bivens, Harley’s mother has been maintaining a low profile regarding her relationship status. Coming to her father, Bryson Tiller moved on after their separation. Likewise, he had a brief relationship with Kendra Bailey, who is the mother of his child, making her Bryson’s baby mama.

Additionally, in 2020, the hip-hop star was also romantically linked with the singer Kehlani, adding another intriguing layer to his post-breakup romantic life.

Who Is Harley’s Mother Markea Bivens?

Harley Loraine Tiller’s mother is Markea Bivens, who is known as an internet personality and a singer under the stage name Poochie Bivens. Her music can be found on various streaming platforms, including SoundCloud.

In September 2020, Markea Bivens released a song titled “Ready for Your Love,” which also featured Bryson Tiller, indicating a musical connection between the two. It’s clear that Markea shares a special bond with her daughter, Harley.

Harley Loraine Tiller with her mother.
Harley Loraine Tiller with her mother. Source: Instagram/@harleytiller

Harley Loraine Tiller appears to have inherited not only her mother’s beauty but also her modeling talent. She seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps in terms of her interests and talents.

Markea Bivens has also shared moments of her motherhood journey, including Mother’s Day celebrations, on her Instagram. She was showcasing the close and loving relationship she has with her daughter Harley.

She Has a Half-Sister

Harley Loraine Tiller has a half-sister named Kelly Jade Tiller, born on December 30, 2019, in the United States. Kelly Jade Tiller is the daughter of Bryson Tiller and his ex-girlfriend, Kendra Bailey.

While the nature of the relationship between Harley and Kelly is not widely known, they were spotted together at Harley’s 10th birthday celebration. While their level of closeness may not be publicly documented, it’s heartwarming to see them coming together for special occasions like birthdays.

She Lives A Luxurious Life

Harley Loraine is enjoying a comfortable and lavish lifestyle, benefiting from the financial prosperity of her successful parents. Her Instagram posts provide glimpses of her opulent way of life, including her high-end PC gaming setup and fashionable attire.

Bryson Tiller, Harley’s father, is a millionaire with a net worth of $2 million. However, specific details about his real estate and properties are not publicly disclosed. Celebrity daughters like Julie Rose Clapton and Olivia Pacino also enjoy their parent’s wealth.

Tiller’s wealth primarily comes from his successful singing career, with hits like “Right My Wrongs,” “Let Me Explain,” and “Don’t” contributing to his financial success. This financial stability allows Harley to experience the finer things in life, including a pink-themed room and high-end possessions.

What Does Harley Do?

Harley Loraine Tiller is a fan of gaming, particularly enjoying computer games like Apex Legends. She has been known to share her gaming experiences on her social media. Likewise, her interest in gaming is evident from her posts, including one where she’s seen wearing power gloves.

Harley Loraine Tiller is a gamer.
Harley Loraine Tiller is a gamer. Source: Instagram/@harleytiller

Those gloves are used for playing games on the Nintendo Entertainment System. This highlights her enthusiasm for gaming as one of her hobbies.

She Is Active On Instagram

Harley Tiller, known as Halo, has gained popularity on Instagram with more than 26,000 followers. Her Instagram handle is @harleytiller.

It’s worth noting that her Instagram account is managed by her mother, Markea Bivens. She can be found on Instagram as @homeofthevirgo. She does not have a presence on other social media platforms like TikTok.

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