Hendrix Wilburn

Oh, let me tell you about the little superstar in the making! We’ve got Hendrix Wilburn, the awesome kiddo who’s famous for being the son of none other than Nayvadius DeMun, aka the rap-singing-songwriting-producing sensation known as ‘Future.’

Moreover, this adorable bundle of joy came into this world in December 2018, right here in the good old United States. And get this—he’s a little over three years old now! Can you believe it? This pint-sized cutie is already making waves, and who knows what the future holds for him (pun totally intended!).

Hendrix Wilburn’s Parents’ Relationship

Hold on tight, ’cause this story’s got some serious spice! Meet Wilburn, the kiddo who’s got a famous rapper for a dad—none other than the legendary Future—and his ex-girlfriend, Joie Chavis. This little heartbreaker burst into the world on December 15, 2018, still too young to rock a career or cash in those dollar bills.

Hendrix Wilburn is the fifth child of Future.

Now, here’s where things get juicy. His parents, Chavis, and her former partner, have had their fair share of drama. They’ve made headlines with their rollercoaster relationship. According to Hip Hop DX, the celebrity girlfriend claimed she wasn’t getting any child support from Future, and that caused quite a public showdown. Oh, and brace yourself for this one: an audio clip surfaced with Hendrix’s dad admitting he never loved Joie. Also, get to know about Piper Gooding.

But wait, there’s a twist! Despite the duo’s rocky past, it seems like the Mask Off singer and Joie have put their differences aside for the sake of their little man. They’ve managed to co-parent like pros, being there for Hendrix and showing him what good parenting’s all about.

Who Is His Father?

Hold onto your hats, folks, ’cause we’re diving into the sizzling world of Nayvadius DeMun, aka the one and only Future! This dude’s got all the swagger as an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer. He’s dropped so many mixtapes and singles that practically every single one has gone gold or even higher, certified by the RIAA!

Moreover, the big name hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and rocked the halls of Columbia High School in Decatur. His journey into the music scene kicked off with the Dungeon Family, and from there, he unleashed a flurry of mixtapes between 2010 and 2011. This guy’s got moves, ’cause he landed a sweet record deal with A1 Recordings and even started his own label called Freebandz.

Hendrix Wilburn’s father is an award-winning rapper and music artist.

However wait, it gets hotter! Between 2015 and 2018, the music artist hit us with some seriously impactful mixtapes. How? By teaming up with big shots like Zaytoven, Drake, Young Thug, Juicy Wrld, and Meek Mill. The result? Pure fire!

Since then, the leading rapper’s dropped a whopping eight studio albums, including chart-toppers like Pluto (2012), Honest (2014), DS2 (2015), Evol (2016), Future (2017), Hndrxx (2017), The Wizard (2019), and High Off Life (2020). See another celeb, Lexie Bigham.

And hold up, the American personality’s not just about making killer music—he’s also slayed the stage on two epic North American tours! We’re talking about the Summer Sixteen Tour in 2016 and the Legendary Nights Tour in 2019. This guy knows how to bring the heat!

Let’s Have Some Closure On Hendrix Wilburn’s Mother

Well, Chavis is the awesome mom of Hendrix, who happens to be the third child of the famous rapper Future. She’s been taking great care of little Wilburn since he was born in December 2018. The gorgeous woman is not just a regular mom, though. She’s a professional dancer and has been showing off her moves in the entertainment world for a long time. Can you imagine having a dancing superstar as your mom? So cool!

Hendrix Wilburn with his elder half sister.

Before Hendrix came along, the pretty woman had a lovely daughter named Shai Moss with another famous rapper, Bow Wow. The internet sensation is not just a dancer, she’s also into fashion and runs her own clothing line called the Joie Chavis Collection.

Moreover, the star son, Hendrix’s mother loves sharing her life on social media, especially cute pictures of her family and her work. Recently, she threw an amazing Spiderman-themed birthday party for Hendrix’s third birthday, and it was a huge hit with everyone who attended.

Likewise, the pictures from the party went viral, and people couldn’t help but notice how much Hendrix and his older sister Shai look alike. Some even started guessing if Bow might actually be the celebrity son’s dad, but that’s all just speculation for now. We don’t have any solid information about that.

One thing is certain—Joie is an incredible mom who loves her kids with all her heart. She always puts them first and shares her experiences as a mom on social media. She’s a true inspiration for other moms out there.

Hendrix Wilburn Shares Seven Siblings In Family

The adorable kid, Wilburn, the cool kid we’ve been talking about, isn’t flying solo. Nope, he’s got a sister named Moss, born to his mom Chavis and her ex, Wow.

Now, let’s turn our attention to Future, the mega-talented rapper with a whole bunch of kids. Brace yourselves, folks, because he’s got a whopping total of eight children, each with a different mama. Whoa! Talk about a big family.

First up, there’s Jakobi, the Superhero music artist’s oldest child, born to him and Jessica Smith. Then we’ve got Londyn, his daughter with India J, and Prince, his son with Brittni Mealy. But hold on tight, because we’re not done yet!

Hendrix Wilburn shares eight half-siblings.

Moreover, things got spicy when Future and Ciara were in the spotlight. They had a son named Future Zahir Wilburn in 2014, and their relationship became the talk of the town. They got engaged but split up the following year amid rumors of cheating. But don’t worry, Ciara found love with NFL quarterback Russell Wilson and they’ve got two cute kiddos together.

Now, here’s where it gets mysterious. the rapper got two more children named Kash and Paris, but we don’t know who their moms are! The identity of their mamas remains a well-kept secret.

But wait, there’s more drama! In 2018, the TV personage found himself in a legal battle with a woman named Eliza Reign, who claimed he fathered her child, Reign. Whew! It was a long and intense court fight, but guess what? A paternity test finally spilled the beans, and it was confirmed that Future is indeed the father.

How Rich Is Hendrix Wilburn?

Get ready for some mind-blowing riches, my friends! Hendrix, the little superstar we’ve been talking about, is living the high life thanks to his parents’ jaw-dropping net worth of $51 million! His father is an award-winning music artist having an astonishing net worth of $50 million. Can you even imagine? This kid’s got a life of luxury coming his way!

Now, here’s the juicy part. Even though the cute kid is still too young to have his net worth, he’s set to inherit a staggering amount of money in the future. We’re talking millions, of people! His parents, being the awesome folks they are, want nothing but the best for their little prince. They’ve made sure to give him all the luxuries money can buy.

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