Holly Bankemper is a lawyer based in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Likewise, she is doing her thing as a general practice lawyer. But get this—she’s also in the spotlight as the wife of Cris Collinsworth, the sports commentator and former American football player.

People are buzzing about Holly because, you know, being married to a famous guy tends to turn heads. Everyone’s curious about her age, how much dough she’s got, and all that jazz. But here’s the deal: celeb life can be pretty private, so finding out the nitty-gritty details might be a bit tricky.

Still, if you’re itching to know more about Holly Bankemper or anyone else in the spotlight, checking out the latest news or legit celebrity sources is your best bet.

How Old Is Holly Bankemper? Age, Early Life, Wiki

Okay, here’s a rundown of Holly Bankemper’s young days! She was born on November 23, 1964, right in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

As of 2023, Holly is 59 years old. She’s got a brother and a sister, but the deets about her parents and all that family stuff aren’t out there much.

She went to Highlands High School in her hometown, which is part of the Fort Thomas Independent School District. After that, she took the law route and headed to the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She wrapped up her studies there in 1988.

That’s the scoop on her school days and how she got into law! But you know how it is with personal stuff – sometimes, it’s not all over the place for everyone to know.

How Did Cris First Meet His Wife Holly?

Okay, so here’s the scoop on Holly and Cris! They met at this cool spot called The Precinct in Cincinnati. Holly was having dinner with a friend, and guess who showed up? Cris Collinsworth himself, the co-owner of the place and a Bengals player. Their friends introduced them, and bam, they went on a date.

Holly Bankemper and Cris Collinsworth have been together for over three decades.
Holly Bankemper and Cris Collinsworth have been together for over three decades. Source: Pinterest

Before this, Holly cheered for the University of Kentucky, and later, both of them went to law school at the University of Cincinnati. Can you imagine, both lovebirds studying law together? That’s some serious relationship goals, right?

Now, about the proposal—it was supposed to happen at the 1988 MLB All-Star Game, but things changed. Cris ended up asking Holly to marry him on a bridge over the Ohio River. He wanted to put it on the big screen at the game, but thankfully, the announcer said no. Holly wasn’t into the whole spotlight thing, so it worked out better that way!

Wedding Details of Holly Bankemper and Cris Collinsworth

Holly and Cris have had a strong marriage since day one. The college sweethearts tied the knot on June 3, 1989. That’s a whopping 34 years together! And guess what? Their 35th anniversary is coming up soon—talk about relationship goals!

Even though Holly isn’t always in the limelight, she sometimes joins her husband at public events, showing up together now and then. It’s pretty sweet that she pops up on Cris’s Instagram from time to time. It’s cool seeing their relationship shine through social media!

How Many Kids Do They Have?

The Collinsworth family is quite the powerhouse! Holly and Cris share their lives with four amazing kids: Austin, Jac, Ashley, and Katie.

Austin Collinsworth made a name for himself as a standout high school football player, dominating as a safety. He carried that talent to the University of Notre Dame, becoming the team captain.

Sadly, an injury during his senior year forced him to hang up his football gear. He bounced back, though, earning a master’s in Finance and now holds the role of Vice President of Digital Distribution at Pro Football Focus.

Holly Bankemper and Cris Collinsworth with their four children.
Holly Bankemper and Cris Collinsworth with their four children. Source: Instagram/@jaccollinsworth

Ashley Collinsworth took on a different field, diving into psychology at Harvard University. She rocked the track and field world while her dad proudly coached the teams she was on.

Katie Collinsworth found her path in business marketing, managing things at GolfNow, a part of the Golf Channel.

Jac Collinsworth, with experience working for NBC during the Rio Olympics, is now making waves as a features reporter on ESPN’s ‘Sunday NFL Countdown’. Seems like the sports genes run strong in this family!

What Is Her Net Worth?

Holly Bankemper’s doing pretty well in the money department, raking in some serious cash during her time as a lawyer for about ten years. Word on the street is that she’s got a cool $2 million in her bank account as of now!

Now, let’s talk about her husband, Cris Collinsworth. That guy’s a big deal in the sports world, bringing in a whopping $25 million in net worth! And get this—his salary is $12.5 million per year! He’s doing his thing as a sportscaster for NBC and the NFL Network, talking about sports and making big bucks doing it.

So, together, they’re living the high life, chilling in their massive 7000-square-foot mansion down in Kentucky. With all that money floating around, they’re living large and enjoying the finer things in life!

Holly Bankemper Is Also a Philanthropist

Holly and her husband are doing some cool stuff as anti-breast cancer humanitarians. They’re not just talking the talk—they’re walking the walk by working with the Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund.

This awesome NGO they’re part of is all about spreading awareness about breast cancer and making screening ultrasonography mammograms more accessible and affordable for women. That’s a big deal!

But it doesn’t stop there. Holly’s been quite the force behind the scenes, making a difference. Back in 2008, she played a major role in helping her high school raise a whopping $7.8 million for reconstruction.

Despite being an influential figure, Holly keeps things low-key on social media. She doesn’t have accounts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. But if you’re curious to catch a glimpse of her, you might find some pics on her family members’ social media pages. It’s pretty cool to see her family sharing moments and memories!

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