Hey there, ever heard of Jodean Bottom? She’s not your usual Hollywood starlet. You might know her famous brothers, Joaquin and River Phoenix, but Jodean’s the mystery in the family.

She’s not into the glitz and glam like her siblings—more like the backstage magician making things happen without the spotlight. But there’s more to her than meets the eye. Behind that low-key vibe, there’s a whole world waiting to be discovered.

Join us as we uncover the story of Jodean Bottom—a tale not just about famous kin but about her unique journey, her strength, and how she crafts her own story away from the flashy cameras.

How Old Is Jodean Bottom? Age, Parents, Wiki, Early Life

Jodean Bottom was born on the rarest day of all, February 29, 1964, in Andora, Portugal. Her story starts with her mom, Trinity, who brought her into the world in Portugal. But her biological father, John Lee, had a different journey.

Before Jodean’s arrival, John bolted from Canada, steering clear of the Vietnam War draft. This meant Jodean grew up without her dad around, never having the chance to know him.

Jodean Bottoms' stepmother Arlyn Phoenix with her husband.
Jodean Bottoms’ stepmother Arlyn Phoenix with her husband. Source: Pinterest

For years, Jodean lived a quiet life, away from the glitz of Hollywood. That is until Joaquin, one of her famous brothers, discovered her existence. Suddenly, the world took notice of the sister they hadn’t known about.

Her stepmom is Arlyn Phoenix, a prominent figure not just in Hollywood but also in the realm of social media activism. Talk about a family tree with unexpected branches!

All Phoenix Siblings

Jodean Bottom is part of the illustrious Phoenix family, comprising Joaquin, River, Rain, Liberty, and Summer Phoenix.

River, the eldest sibling, made a mark in acting and music, notably in films like “Indiana Jones” and “Running on Empty” before his untimely passing in 1993. Rain, another sibling, pursued both acting and music, co-founding the band Aleka’s Attic with River.

All the Phoenix siblings with their father.
All the Phoenix siblings with their father. Source: Pinterest

Joaquin Phoenix, arguably the most famous in the family, gained immense recognition in the movie industry with awards for his roles in films like “The Master” and his compelling portrayal of the Joker.

Liberty Phoenix, an actress and singer, currently manages the River Phoenix Centre for Peacebuilding, a charitable organization founded by their mother.

Summer Phoenix, the youngest sibling, has carved her path in the movie industry through various significant productions. Although details about Jodean Bottom herself are limited, her connection to this accomplished family showcases a lineage of talent and achievement in entertainment.

Her Half-Brother River Phoenix Died of a Drug Overdose

River Phoenix, Jodean Bottom’s older half-brother, had a really sad ending. He passed away at only 23 because of a drug overdose in 1993. For a long time, no one knew what happened, but later on, a friend of River’s, Bob Forrest, wrote about it in a book called “Running with Monsters.”

Then, in 2018, River’s girlfriend at the time, Samantha Mathis, talked about that night. She remembered going to a club in LA called the Viper Room with River, and his siblings Joaquin and Rain, and thinking they were just dropping by.

River Phoenix died from a drug overdose.
River Phoenix died from a drug overdose. Source: Pinterest

But then River said he was supposed to play music with some people there. Samantha got worried because River seemed really out of it, even though she didn’t see anyone doing drugs. It all happened so fast—within an hour, River was gone. It’s a really sad story that reminds us how dangerous drugs can be.

The circumstances surrounding River Phoenix’s passing serve as a poignant reminder of the tragic consequences of substance abuse.

Is She Married? If So, Who Is Her Husband?

It’s challenging to confirm Jodean Bottom’s current marital status as she keeps her personal life under wraps, away from the public eye. However, it’s known that Jodean has a daughter. This became apparent when her half-brother, River Phoenix, discovered her.

River was reportedly supportive of both Jodean and her daughter during his lifetime. Despite this information, the specifics about Jodean’s family life, including her current marital status, remain undisclosed, in line with her privacy preference.

Why does Jodean Have a Different Last Name than her Family?

The Phoenix family’s journey has been quite a rollercoaster. It all began when they were part of the Children of God cult and moved to Crocket, Texas. They were living in a commune where John, their dad, held a high position in the cult as its Archbishop.

But things took a turn. The cult started getting weird, preaching some strange stuff that didn’t sit right with the family. So, they made a daring escape! They snuck out of wherever they were hiding and got on a freighter filled with trolleys.

Can you believe it? The ship dropped them off in Englewood, Florida, where Arlyn’s parents lived.

After escaping the cult, they decided to start fresh. And how do you do that? Change your last name, of course! So, from being the Bottom family, they became the Phoenix family, symbolizing a brand-new beginning.

Once they settled in California, fate smiled at them. A talent agent spotted the four Phoenix siblings and decided to represent them. And guess what? It was a big hit! That name change turned out to be the start of something huge for the Phoenix family.

Her Brother, Joaquin Phoenix Is Oscar Winner

Jodean’s brother, Joaquin Phoenix, is a highly acclaimed actor, producer, environmentalist, and animal rights activist. With a stellar career, he’s earned an Academy Award, Grammy, and Golden Globe Award. The New York Times recognized him among the 25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century in 2020.

Joaquin was born on October 28, 1974, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Joaquin. He is the third child of John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Phoenix and grew up performing with his siblings River and Rain Phoenix at talent contests to support their family. He made his debut in TV and film in the ’80s and rose to prominence.

Joaquin Phoenix as a Joker in the movie "Joker" (2020).
Joaquin Phoenix as a Joker in the movie “Joker” (2020). Source: Pinterest

Joaquin’s standout performances include winning an Oscar for “Joker” in 2020, adding to his Golden Globe wins for “Walk the Line” in 2007. He has starred in hit films like “Gladiator,” “Her,” and “The Master,” showcasing his talent while making notable TV appearances in shows like “Hill Street Blues” and “Superboy.”

What Is Her Net Worth?

Jodean Bottom’s exact fortune isn’t out in the open, but she seems to live a pretty comfortable life, with some guesses pointing to a few hundred thousand dollars.

Now, her half-bro Joaquin? He’s doing big with a net worth of $80 million as of 2023! He raked in most of that cash from his work in movies and TV shows, stacking up a hefty bank account from all those gigs.

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