Hope Newell was an American actress who grabbed the limelight through her performance in TV series such as Starsky and Hutch (1975) and Charlie’s Angels (1976). She is one of the most technical actresses in the entertainment industry.

The American actress rose to prominence after her role in Charlie’s Angels. Things only got better for Newell since then. However, she had to stay away from the entertainment industry for a long time, but family members were actively involved in the industry.

Unfortunately, she passed away on 27th December 2009 at the age of 88 years. Let’s know more about Hope Newell. Who is Newell? Her relationship? Her Net Worth?

Early Life and Age

Hope Newell was born on 12th February 192, in Indianola, Lowa, United States. As per IMDB, she has two TV series under her belt. Undoubtedly, the famous actress had a strong work ethic but was never able to showcase her talent.

Newell didn’t disclose anything regarding her family life or personal life. She enjoyed her privacy which is why there are not many details about her family on the internet.

Newell started having an interest in the field of acting in her early days. With her age, her passion for acting started growing as well. There were few opportunities, but she was not able to grab those opportunities in time. And because of that, her dream of playing in a movie had to be kept on hold.

Who was Newell’s Husband?

Back in 1942, Newell met James Daly through mutual friends. They both clicked with each other, and things just started from there. After dating for a few months, the couple tied the knot and shared vows in 1942. Read more articles about Celebrity Couple.

The couple had a good bond with each other. They even share four children. Tyne Daly, Glynn Daly, Peegen Michael Daly, and Tim Daly are their children’s names. However, things didn’t last well as they decided to part ways in 1965.

Hope Newell and James Daly along with their children
Hope Newell and James Daly along with their children. Source: Wall of Celebrities

Unfortunately, Daly passed away on 3rd July 1978 due to heart failure in Nyack, New York. As per reports, he was getting ready to perform in Tarrytown, New York, in the play Equus.

More about Hope Newell’s Husband, James Daly

James Firman Daly was a famous American theatre, film, and television actor best remembered for his portrayal of Paul Lochner in the medical drama series Medical Center, in which he played Chad Everett’s superior.

The American actor was born on 23rd October 1918 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, United States. He was able to gain stardom because of his performance in various movies.

He has various movies under his name, and it is fair to say that he is one of the most successful actors in the entertainment industry.

James Daly’s Career

Daly was a skilled theater performer who began his career in 1946 as Gary Merrill’s understudy in Born Yesterday. On Broadway, he appeared in Archibald MacLeish’s Pulitzer Prize-winning J.B. and Tennessee Williams’ Period of Adjustment.

Daly featured in the T.V. series Foreign Intrigue from 1953 to 1955. He has also guest-starred in various television series. Appointment with Adventure, Breaking Point, Mission: Impossible, DuPont Cavalcade Theater, The Twilight Zone, and The Tenderfoot are some series that he was part of.

James Daly is in a suit
James Daly is in a suit. Source: Wikipedia

The American actor agreed to television ads for Camel cigarettes with the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in 1958. For seven years, he was the Camel representative.

Daly hosted NBC Radio’s Saturday Monitor program from 1963 to 1964, which could also be an addition to his acting career.

Daly’s last film appearance was as Mr. Boyce in the miniseries Roots: The Next Generations.

James Daly’s Sexuality

During a CBS News Sunday Morning interview, Tim Daly (James Daly’s Son) revealed that he came out to Tim as gay a decade after James divorced Hope. His battle to accept his sexual orientation nearly caused a fracture in his family, as per reports.

James and Hope attempted and failed to “cure” him because homosexuality was still regarded as a mental disease until the early 1970s. He opted to minimize his contact with his children after their divorce, fearing they might become mentally ill.

Newell’s Children

The American actress shared four children with Daly. Two of them are involved in the entertainment industry as well. Newell had a close relationship with her children. She has always been a role model to her children.

Tyne was a child actor on Daly’s T.V. show Foreign Intrigue. She also appeared on Medical Center in the 1970 season 1 episode Moment of Decision as Jennifer Lochner, Paul Lochner’s adult daughter.

Both father and daughter duo appeared in the original Mission: Impossible T.V. series. In contrast, Tim is featured in Henrik Ibsen’s play An Enemy of the People as a youngster with his father.

More about Tyne Daly

Ellen Tyne Daly is a theater and film actress best known for her part in the television sitcom ‘Cagney & Lacey.’ She has had a tremendous career on stage and in film and television. She made her Broadway debut in 1967 in ‘That Summer, That Fall,’ winning six Emmys and a Tony Award.

The famous actress is most known for her six-year stint as Detective Mary Beth Lacey on the television series ‘Cagney & Lacey.’ She later repeated the role in four television movies.

More about Tim Daly

Tim Daly is an acclaimed actor, director, and producer with extensive experience in cinema, television, and theater. He has worn several hats in show business throughout the years. Apart from acting, he has produced and directed various films and television shows.

Despite Tim’s enormous success in films and television, he retains a deep love for the theater. In 2018, he collaborated with his sister Tyne on the play ‘Downstairs.’ This play struck a chord with audiences and earned positive feedback from reviewers.

Newell’s Career

Newell always wanted to be an actress. Even though she had a lot of potential, she could not grab any opportunities that came her way during her early days. After her divorce from James Daly, things took another turn.

Hope Newell during a photoshoot
Hope Newell during a photoshoot. Source: Pinterest

The American actress starred in her first movie. Starsky and Hutch was her debut movie. Even though she didn’t have a major role in that movie, she could grab attention through her limited screen time. Later, she was cast in the role of Mrs. Brown in Charlie’s Angels.

Newell’s Role in Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angels is an American crime drama television series broadcast on ABC from September 22, 1976, to June 24, 1981, lasting five seasons and 115 episodes. It covers the exploits of three ladies who work in a private detective service in Los Angeles, California.

Newell portrayed the role of Mrs. Brown in the series. Her character debuted in the episode’ Counterfeit Angels’.

Net Worth

Newell was not involved in many movies, but she could add a decent amount of money to her fortune. The vast majority of her wealth comes from her career in the entertainment industry. Her net worth is estimated at $11,000,000.

The American actress always had a simple mindset. Even after gaining the limelight, she enjoyed her modest lifestyle and continued living the same way she did before. Similarly, know the net worth of other personalities like Yasmin Abdallah and Devin Goda.

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