Caroline McWilliams

Caroline McWilliams Married Life

Caroline McWilliams was an American actress. She was able to grab the limelight through her work in the television series “Benson” and “Soap.” She was one of the veterans of the entertainment industry. Her consistent efforts and determination allowed her to create a successful career as an actress. The American actress was born on 4th […]

Savannah Dickinson during a photoshoot.

Savannah Dickinson

Savannah Dickinson is an American actress. She was able to stay in the limelight for being the daughter of an American model, Janice Dickinson. However, she has been able to earn a name for herself in the entertainment industry. The American actress introduced herself in the entertainment industry with her appearance in the movie “Extremely […]

Leila Rose Robb with Veronica Webb.

Leila Rose Robb

Leila Rose Robb is a regular kid. She has been in the limelight for being the daughter of a famous actress and model, Veronica Webb. Veronica needs no introduction. She is the first African-American woman to receive a cosmetic contract. Veronica has been keeping her daughters away from the limelight for as long as possible. […]

Anna Cleveland in a black dress.

Anna Cleveland

Anna Cleveland is a Dutch model who has successfully made a name for herself through her work. Chanel, Moschino, Bottega Veneta, Carolina Herrera, and Prabal Gurung are the few high-profile names she has worked with. She is the daughter of a famous American model, Pat Cleveland. The Dutch model is a hardworking and determined person. […]

Violeta Rodriguez during a photoshoot.

Violeta Rodríguez

Violeta Rodriguez is a Spanish writer and actress. She received name and fame because of her performance in movies such as Bajo Las Estrellas and Violeta No Coge El Ascensor. She has also been part of the entertainment industry as an assistant set decorator. Rodriguez is a hardworking person, and there is no doubt about […]

Emily Sweet in a blue dress.

Emily Sweet

Emily Sweet is an American actress and model. It hasn’t been long since she stepped into the entertainment industry. But with the potential, she has shown enough for her to gain praise and love from the audience. Sweet is a talented actress, and there is no doubt about this. Her performance in every role she […]

Nadia Litz during a photoshoot.

Nadia Litz

Nadia Litz is a Canadian actress who has also established herself as a director. She has been in the limelight for her amazing skills. She undoubtedly had the right skills to succeed in the entertainment industry from her early days. Litz has made it big in the entertainment industry as of now. Her performance in […]

Lihi Kornowski in a green suit.

Lihi Kornowski

Lihi Kornowski is an Israeli actress who has been in the limelight because of her performance. She received her name and fame because of the outstanding performance she was able to deliver in every role. Kornowski is not a new name in the entertainment industry. She started her acting career back in 2012 and has […]

Don McKellar during an event.

Don McKellar

Don McKellar is a Canadian actor, director, and writer. He received his name and fame through his work as a director and writer of the movie “Last Night.” It has come to the light that he emerged from the group of filmmakers called Toronto New Wave. Mckellar is not only a director and writer, but […]

Alberto Mielgo during a photoshoot.

Alberto Mielgo

Alberto Mielgo is a Spanish director, animator, and artist. He is a talented artist, and there is no doubt about this. But he has also established himself as a visionary director through his projects. He gained name and fame for his work in Tron: Uprising and Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse. Mielgo is a proactive man, […]

Jack Paris Brinkley Cook during a photoshoot.

Jack Paris Brinkley Cook

Jack Paris Brinkley Cook is an American actor, model, and entrepreneur. He received the limelight for being the son of a famous American model, Christie Brinkley. However, that doesn’t mean he has not made a name for himself. Cook is a proactive person. With consistent efforts and passion, he has succeeded in the field of […]

Suzanne Bertish

Suzanne Bertish

Suzanne Bertish is an English actress who substantially received fame for her work in theatre, movies, and television series. She grabbed the limelight for portraying the role of Matron Brannigan in the successful television series “Casualty.” Bertish is one of the veteran actresses in the entertainment industry. She has 73 credits under her belt as […]

Young Sawyer Sweeten during an event.

Sawyer Sweeten

Sawyer Sweeten was an American child actor. He got recognition for portraying the role of Geoffrey Barone in the television series “Everybody loves Raymond.” With his performance in the series, he was able to gain praise and love from the audience. The talented child actor also appeared in the television series titled “Even Stevens.” He […]

Alasdhair Willis and Stella McCartney during an event.

Miller Alasdhair James Willis

Miller Alasdhair James Willis is a celebrity child in the limelight for being the son of Stella McCartney. Miller is a normal kid who is trying to enjoy his life. Being a son of such a celebrity does bring some attention. And this has been the case with Miller as well. Not only his mom, […]

Evangelina Cavoli smiling.

Evangelina Cavoli

Evangelina Cavoli is an American child actress who gained fame for portraying the role of the newly born child of Emily Blunt in the movie titled “A Quiet Place.” She made her debut in this movie, and it is quite certain that the future looks good for the young actress. Even though Cavoli was a […]

Scott Beck wearing a shirt.

Scott Beck

Scott Beck is an American director, actor, and producer best known for his work on films such as Nightlight, Haunt, and 50 States of Fright. In terms of his acting career, he appeared in films such as University Heights in 2002 as Usher and Yearbook (Short) in 2012. Beck collaborates on writing and directing alongside […]

Emma-Louise Boynton smiling

Emma Louise Boynton

Emma Louise Boynton is a famous journalist and event producer based in London. She has been in the limelight for being the elder sister of Lucy Boynton, the famous actress and Graham Boynton, the famous journalist. Even though Emma’s sister is a big-time movie star, she has made a large reputation in journalism and media. […]

Jenet Le Lacheur during a photoshoot.

Jenet Le Lacheur

Jenet Le Lacheur is a British actress best known for her work in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. She’s a talented actress. She is increasingly gaining recognition for her roles. People are honoring her for her performance, to be exact. Lacheur’s involvement in the film Cinderella has increased her public profile significantly. As a […]

Chris Larkin with his son.

Daisy Grace Stephens

Daisy Grace Stephens is a normal child who is getting the limelight for being the daughter of a famous English actor, Chris Larkin. She is born into a family of talented people. Her grandparents were also a part of the entertainment industry during their time. Being born into such a famous people’s family brings a […]

Tallulah Greive

Tallulah Greive

Tallulah Greive is a Scottish actress known as Lauren McDonald on Millie Inbetween and Melissa Albright on M.I. High. Recently, she has been able to garner the limelight herself because of her performance in the movie Cinderella where she portrayed the role of Princess Gwen. The Scottish actress is an energetic woman who has paved […]