Lihi Kornowski is an Israeli actress who has been in the limelight because of her performance. She received her name and fame because of the outstanding performance she was able to deliver in every role.

Kornowski is not a new name in the entertainment industry. She started her acting career back in 2012 and has been going strong ever since. She has frequently received a good response from the audience, which shows her actress quality.

So who is Lihi Kornowski? Let’s know more about her career, net worth, and relationship.

Early Life

Lihi Kornowski was born on 24th November 1992 in Kfar Saba, Israel. She was born to her parents, Dr. Yoram Kornowski and Orita Kornowski. Her parents raised her by giving her a proper lifestyle and care. Because of this, she shares a close relationship with her parents.

A young Lihi Kornowski. Source: Instagram

In her family, the Israeli actress has two more family members apart from her parents. They are Itamar Kornowski and Ben Kornowski, her two brothers. It is always a special bond between brother and sister. It is the same thing with Kornowski’s siblings as well.

Kornowski’s bond with her Parents

Kornowski had blissful childhood days. During an interview, she mentioned that her parents raised her and her two brothers with equal love and care. She also stated that she will always be grateful to her parents for their upbringing.

Kornowski shares a strong bond with her parents. She has spent most of her time with them, which is quite understandable why she shares such a close relationship with her parents. Her parents have always been role models for her, but she mainly looked up to her father while growing up.

Kornowski’s bond with her Siblings

The Israeli actress has two brothers in her life. They have a strong bond with each other and have created many memories they can cherish throughout their life. Being a sister, she received unlimited love and care from her brothers.

No doubt, there are bitter moments as well as sweet moments between the siblings. But that is how a relationship between a brother and a sister should be. Kornowski’s siblings also have a few bitter moments, but their love for each other is even more.

Educational Background

Kornowski has always been a talented kid. She had a strong interest in her studies, which helped her achieve good grades during school. Everyone expected her to take the path led by her father, but things turned out to be different.

Gradually, Kornowski’s had a passion for singing. She joined Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts to pursue her passion. This was her first step to fulfilling her passion.

The Start of Kornowski’s Career

After completing her graduation, the Israeli actress started exploring various opportunities for her to start her career. She participated in a National Choir competition, which eventually led her to become an actress. Within no time, she made her acting debut in a television series titled Summer Break Diaries, where she portrayed the role of Tamar.

Lihi Kornowski in the sets. Source: Instagram

Kornowski was unaware that things were going to change as she received praise and love in huge numbers from the audience and the critics for her performance. Within a few years of her appearance in the television series, she made her big-screen debut with The Burglar.

Growth in Kornowski’s Career

After Kornowski’s appearance in the Burglar, she appeared in several projects. She was a part of television series, short films, and films. She is a versatile actress, and there is no doubt about this. Her performance in every role that she has portrayed speaks for itself.

The major turning point in the Israeli actress’s career was in 2021 when she appeared in the television series titled “Ballistic.” She portrayed the role of Anita. She delivered an outstanding performance and received a good response from the audience.

Good things were yet to come when Kornowski found herself as a part of the film titled Crimes of the Future. Her performance as Djuna grabbed everyone’s attention and cemented her name in the entertainment industry.

Kornowski in Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future is a fictional horror film. David Cronenberg is the man behind the direction and writing of this film. Even though this film shares the same name as another film, this film is not a remake. After a long time, Cronenberg returned to the fictional and horror genre with this film.

Kornowski portrayed the role of Djuna in this film. Djuna plays a pivotal role in the plot of the film. Kornowski has been able to portray Djuna in a very subtle way. Looking at her performance, it is fair to say that she deserves all the praise and love she receives.

Net Worth

As per IMDB, Lihi Kornowski has 14 credits as an actress. The number of projects she has been part of clearly shows how experienced she is in acting. By appearing in those projects, she has accumulated a decent amount of money to her fortune.

The Israeli actress’s net worth is approximately $1.5 Million, similar to Jack Paris Brinkley Cook. The vast majority of her net worth comes from her career as an actress. Even after earning such a huge amount of money, she is a very down-to-earth person and has managed to live a modest lifestyle.

What is Kornowski’s Relationship Status?

It is quite common to hear rumors about the relationship status of celebrities. The same goes with Kornowski as well. So what is her relationship status at the moment?

It might be a surprise for everyone but Kornowski is married. She recently got married to her long-time partner, Roy Nik.

The couple has been dating each other since 2019, but after dating for a few years, they have finally tied knots and shared vows.

Lihi Kornowski and Roy Nik during holidays. Source: Instagram

The couple shares a close relationship with each other. They often share each other’s pictures on social media as an appreciation, and it is quite visible that they have a strong bond with each other. No doubt, things will only get better for the love birds.

Social Media

The Israeli actress is an active user of social networking sites. She mostly shares pictures of her lifestyle, partner, and events with her fans and family. As of now, she has 84.6 thousand followers on Instagram. She has made 1085 posts until now, which clearly shows how active she is.

Talking about Twitter, there were a few accounts under Kornowski’s name, but we were not able to confirm whether that is her official account or not. If we find anything about her Twitter, we will update it. Until then, please keep visiting our website.

Physical Appearance

Looking at Lihi Kornowski’s pictures, it is fair to say that she has an athletic body type. She has brown hair color and brown eye colors, which compliments her face structure quite well. Not only that, she has a smile that can brighten up everyone’s mood.

Kornowski has quite a good height and weight. She stands tall at 5 ft 7 in (174 cm) and weighs around 61 kg (135 lbs). She is neither underweight nor overweight as per her height which is good. Overall, she has a good physical appearance.

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