Samer Salem is an American-based actor, screenwriter, producer, and director best known for his work in The Handmaid’s Tale (2017), The Good Doctor (2020), Condor (2018), People of Earth (2016), Imposters (2018), The Boys (2020), and many others.

Let’s know more about Samer Salem. Is he dating someone? What does his career look like? What is his Net Worth?

Early Life

Salem was born on 15 January 1993 in Syria. However, he was raised in the United States along with his siblings by his parents. The details of his parents and siblings are still under the radar. It seems like he is looking for privacy, and this is something people should respect.

The Handmaid’s Tale famed actor graduated from a local high school. After that, he grew a love for acting and started his career by joining a local theater.

Start of his Career

Salem appeared in several plays at the theater and received his first acting credit in a short drama film named “Building Up” in 2012. Little did he know that things would only get better for him.

Samer Salem was wearing a white shirt
Samer Salem was wearing a white shirt.
Source: Instagram

The following year, he played the role of Jeff in the award-winning short film “My Kingdom for a Horse.”

After that, he started appearing in various short films and feature films such as Silent Devil, Cleo, And Opus. Not to mention, he gathered enough name and fame as an actor through these movies.

Fame through Television shows

Salem began his Television show career as Larry Gray in 2013 with a TV series documentary named “Blood, Lies, and Alibis.”

He received global recognition after playing the role of Josh Bunker in the 2020s drama series “Good Doctor.”

Aside from that, Salem has been in some popular and successful television shows, including Diagnose Me (2015), Man Seeking Woman (2016), Conviction (2016), The Expanse (2020), and the most recent Zaya (2022), in which he portrays Ramses.

Salem’s role in The Handmaid’s Tale

In 2021, the talented actor was the lead character of David in Bruce Miller‘s drama-thriller television series “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

The narrative depicts a dystopia following the Second American Civil War. There are a theonomic, totalitarian society forces fertile women known as “Handmaids” to child-bearing enslavement.

The show gained global fame because of its fantastic narrative and writing. On top of that, Salem’s performance in the front was loved and praised by both fans and reviewers.

Salem’s role in The Expanse

Salem portrayed Josep in “The Expanse,” a mystery-sci-fi television series developed by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby based on James S. A. Corey‘s series of novels of the same name. The series is about humankind’s overpopulation in the Solar System.

Samer Salem, along with other cast members on the set of Expanse.
Samer Salem, along with other cast members on the set of Expanse.
Source: Instagram

The series follows an unknowingly unravel path of characters as they find themselves. All while grappling with existential dilemmas brought on by recently found extraterrestrial technology.

The show was critically popular and had a rating of 8.5 on IMDB. Salem’s mesmerizing performance shows the talent he holds. He has already been able to create a legacy for himself.

Salem’s role in The Good Doctor

Salem played Josh Bunker in the hit 2020s television series “The Good Doctor,” a medical drama developed by David Shore and based on the 2013 South Korean series of the same name.

The story follows Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon from Casper, Wyoming, where he has a rough background. He relocates to San Jose, California, to work at the famous San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

As expected, Salem’s performance in the series was breathtaking, and the show is famous everywhere. On IMDB, the show has an 8.1 rating.

Net Worth Of Samer Salem

Salem has been involved in the entertainment industry for a long time. It is fair to say that he has accumulated much money to his fortune through his work if you want to know about Aaron Lazar’s Net worth, relationship and more.

The America-based actor’s net worth is estimated to be around $4,000,000. However, the actor has yet to give the precise digits of his income and fortune. The major gain of his wealth comes from his ongoing work.

Hobbies and Favorites

Salem is very workaholic. But that doesn’t stop him from taking some time off for himself. Whenever he gets time, he enjoys doing the things he loves. The actor is an animal lover and often spends time with his pet dog.

Samer Salem along with his pet
Samer Salem along with his pet.
Source: Instagram

The America-based actor’s hobbies are horse riding, traveling, singing, dancing, surfing, boating, and rafting. During his vacations, he tries to do at least one of his hobbies. He is a food lover as well. Italian and Mexican dishes are his favorites.

Social Media Of Samer Salem

It hasn’t been much since Salem stepped into the world of so28 Mayia. On 28 May 2020, he created an Instagram account. The actor usually shares his lifestyle pictures and videos.

On Instagram, he has 7810 followers and 89 posts. On Twitter, he has 2991 followers. As mentioned before, he is quite new to social media, which can be the reason behind the low number of followers. But the rise in his fame and popularity because of his work will eventually bring growth in his social media.

Physical Appearance

Concerning physical appearance, it is fair to say that Salem is in perfect shape. He has properly maintained his body. His hair is black, and his eye color is brown.

Talking about Salem’s height, he stands at 5 ft 10 in (176 cm). As for weight, he weighs around 78kg (171 lbs). Looking at his pictures, it can be determined that his weight is perfect for his height.

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