Suzanne Bertish is an English actress who substantially received fame for her work in theatre, movies, and television series. She grabbed the limelight for portraying the role of Matron Brannigan in the successful television series “Casualty.”

Bertish is one of the veteran actresses in the entertainment industry. She has 73 credits under her belt as an actress, as per IMDB. She has always managed to deliver outstanding performance in every role, which clearly shows the strong work ethic she holds.

So who is Suzanne Bertish? What does her career look like? What is her relationship status? How rich is the English actress?

Early Life

Suzanne Bertish was born on 7th August 1951 in Hammersmith, London. She was born and raised by her parents with love and care. However, other information about her parents is not available on the internet.

Young Suzanne Bertish.
Young Suzanne Bertish.
Source: IMS Vintage Photos

The English actress started having an interest at a young age. After completing her education at Woldingham School, she joined the Royal Shakespeare Company. She appeared in various productions when she was a part of the company.

How did Bertish’s career start?

Bertish is a determined person when it comes to her passion. Her determination and consistent efforts helped her to take a step into the world of the entertainment industry. She knew that she had the potential to achieve success as an actress, and without any hesitation, she started her career.

The entertainment industry is quite big, and it will take some time for someone to succeed. But if you have talent, then you will be recognized. The same thing happened with Bertish as well.

After the appearance in various theatres and plays, the talented actress could grab the opportunity she was waiting for. She made her acting debut as Clare Omney in the television series “Armchair Thriller.”

Little did Bertish know that things would only get better for the English actress. One after another, she made appearances in the movies and television series. That is how the rise of Suzanne Bertish started.

Bertish’s Role in The 13th Warrior

The 13th Warrior is an American historical action-adventure film. The story for this movie has the same story as the novel “Eaters of the Dead” written by Michael Crichton. John McTiernan is the director of this film. It is also a loose adaptation of Beowulf combined with Volga Vikings.

The plotline follows an exiled Arab ambassador who needs to join a group of Vikings to battle a supernatural enemy. The group will lose if they don’t have a 13th warrior, which is how the story unfolds.

The 13th Warrior (1999) – Modern Trailer

Bertish portrays the role of Hulda in the movie. Even though she doesn’t have a major role in the movie, she has delivered a performance worthy of praise. Her performance received love from the audience and the critics as well.

Bertish’s Role in Benediction

Benediction is a biographical drama film. Terence Davies is the director and writer of this film. The film was a global success as it received praise for its narrative.

The plotline follows a British soldier who has returned from his service and raises a voice against the government for continuing the war. Inspired by London’s literary and aristocracy, the soldier writes poems about the horrors he faced during the war.

Bertish portrayed the role of Lady Ottoline in this movie. This is the latest movie that she has been part of. There is no question about her performance as she managed to deliver outstanding performance.

Bertish’s Role in the Atlantic Crossing

Atlantic Crossing is historical television miniseries that occurred during world war II. Alexander Eik created and directed this miniseries.

The plotline follows a princess who can steal the heart of American president Franklin D. Roosevelt during world ward II. The miniseries also has other stories, but it mainly focuses on the interactions between the two main characters.

Bertish portrayed the role of Florence Harriman in this miniseries. She had a small role in this miniseries. However, she portrayed her part well.

Awards and Achievements

The English actress has been a part of the entertainment industry for a long time. It is because of her performance in every role and her work ethic. For an actress who has been in the entertainment industry for such a long time, it is obvious to have questions regarding awards and achievements.

Suzanne Bertish during an event
Suzanne Bertish during an event.
Source: Broadway World

In 1980, Bertish won Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for “The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.” This award was a cherry on the top for the actress with a strong passion for acting.

Net Worth Of Suzanne Bertish

Suzanne Bertish is a successful actress whose performance in every role speaks for itself. She has accumulated a huge amount of money over the years from the projects she has been part of.

The English actress’s net worth of $1.5 Million is similar to Tallulah Greive. The vast majority of her net worth comes from her career as an actress. Even though she earns so much money, she has a simple lifestyle. She believes in having a modest lifestyle, which she is still following.

What is The English Actress, Suzanne Bertish Relationship Status?

One of the common rumors that people start making once someone gets fame and popularity is about relationship status. The same thing happened with Bertish as well. People are curious about her relationship status.

So what is her current relationship status? This question might remain unanswered. The English actress has always been private about her personal and love life. She hasn’t disclosed any information regarding her relationship status.

Since Bertish is silent from her end, it is impossible to provide any details regarding this. She is looking for privacy in this regard, and this is something that everyone needs to respect as well.

Social Media Of Suzanne Bertish

A Twitter and Instagram account under the name of Suzanne Bertish is available. However, it is quite not sure if that is her official account. But analyzing the post and tweets from those accounts, it seems like Bertish is behind those accounts.

Even though she doesn’t have many followers on Instagram. As of now, she has 675 followers and has made 779 posts. She mostly shares pictures of nature with her followers.

Talking about Twitter, she only has 273 followers, but in terms of tweets, she is frequent. She tweets on different topics.