Alberto Mielgo is a Spanish director, animator, and artist. He is a talented artist, and there is no doubt about this. But he has also established himself as a visionary director through his projects. He gained name and fame for his work in Tron: Uprising and Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse.

Mielgo is a proactive man, and with a strong mindset and consistent efforts, he has been able to carve a path for success. People often say that good work won’t go unnoticed. His vision received a lot of praise and love from the audience and the critics.

So who is Alberto Mielgo? What does his professional life look like? What is his relationship status at the moment? How much is Mielgo’s net worth?

Early Life

Alberto Mielgo was born on 29th April 1979. He was born and raised by his parents in Madrid, Spain. However, he has remained discreet regarding any information about his family. He wants privacy in this regard, and this is something everyone needs to respect.

A young Alberto Mielgo. Source: Instagram

The talented artist had a childhood filled with good memories. His parents raised him with love and care. From a young age, he started having a passion for the arts. A bright future was waiting for the young kid with a dream of succeeding in the arts field.

Mielgo hasn’t disclosed anything about this education as well. A person with a career in arts should have graduated with a degree in arts. Apart from this, any more details are not available on the internet. Keep visiting the website for updates.

Professional Life

Even though Mielgo grew up in Spain, he later moved to different places to get inspiration for his art and learn new things. London, Paris, Berlin, and Tokyo are the few places that he moved to bring improvements to his art.

The talented artist currently lives in Los Angeles. At the moment, he works as a director of animations. But whenever he gets free time, he tends to fulfill his desire and works on his paintings. His determination has led him to achieve success in his career.

Mielgo’s Early Projects

Mielgo’s talent was one of a kind. His talent couldn’t go unnoticed. To his surprise, he was able to work on big projects from the start of his career. Corpse Bride and The Beatles: Rock Band are the few early projects he was a part of.

Things didn’t stop for Mielgo. Later, he was able to be a part of both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Tron: Uprising. It shouldn’t be a surprise as he received an Emmy Award and Annie Award for Tron: Uprising.

Rise of Mielgo’s Career

The talented artist’s career started getting better gradually. In 2015, he received an opportunity to become a production designer and art director for Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse. He started by learning everything about Spider-man.

Mielgo’s passion and determination in bringing out the best in his projects led him to create a masterpiece for Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse. But due to artistic differences, Sony and Mielgo parted ways before the movie got produced.

Mielgo’s vision was well appreciated in the entertainment industry. To give a different meaning to his vision, he finally made his debut as director for the episode “The Witness” on the Netflix series “Love, Death, and Robot.” The episode received a lot of positive responses.

Recently, Mielgo got involved as a director in two animated short films. The Windshield Wiper, a personal project and Jibaro for Love, Death, and Robots. Good things are yet to come as an indie entertainment company has announced to produce an animated feature film for him.

Awards and Achievements

When your work gets recognized, it is always a good feeling and even better when your work gets awarded. For a person with such talents, it was obvious for the talented artist to secure an award.

Alberto Mielgo after winning Emmy Awards. Source: Instagram

People knew about Mielgo’s potential and expected an award. And he didn’t disappoint as he grabbed the Annie Award twice with Tron: Uprising and The Witness for Love, Death, and Robots. That is not it. He even received Emmy Award three times. Two times for The Witness for Love, Death, and Robots and another for Tron: Uprising.

Mielgo deserves everything he has achieved until now. And as a cherry at the top, he was able to grab an Oscar for his project, The Windshield Wiper, in the category of best animated short film.

Net Worth

Alberto Mielgo has been part of the entertainment industry for a long time. It is fair to say that he has accumulated a huge amount of money to his fortune.

The talented artist’s net worth is estimated to be $2.18 million, similar to Sawyer Sweeten. The vast majority of his net worth comes from his career as a director, artist, and animator. Even after earning such a huge amount, he believes in a simple lifestyle. That is why he has been living a modest lifestyle.

Is Mielgo dating anyone at the moment?

It is not the first time when fans start speculating something when stars gain fame and popularity. Fans often get curious about ther favorite star’s personal life and which questions arise.

As per reports, Mielgo is currently single and is not dating anyone. He has always been someone who has focused on his career. His major focus at the moment is his career. But only time will tell how his love life will unfold.

Even though the reports suggest that the talented artist is single at the moment, there were rumors last year that he was seen with a mysterious girl. But the talented artist denied any dating rumors. We will update you if anything information gets available on the internet.

Mielgo’s presence on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, Alberto Mielgo is very active. Social media is not a new thing for him. He stepped into the world of social media on 8th December 2012. He mostly shares pictures of his projects with his fans and family.

Alberto Mielgo during an event. Source: Seminci

As of now, Mielgo has 212 thousand followers and has made 306 posts. Looking at the number of posts he has made, it is very clear that he is an active user.

Mielgo’s presence on Vimeo

Vimeo is an American service platform that helps users in video-sharing and hosting. The delivery of HD video across a different range of devices is the main focus of Vimeo.

The talented artist is available on Vimeo as well. Even though the account has 39 followers, he has already posted five videos. He has shared his projects and vision with his fan, which you can check out. To visit his account, you can follow this link.

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