Sawyer Sweeten was an American child actor. He got recognition for portraying the role of Geoffrey Barone in the television series “Everybody loves Raymond.” With his performance in the series, he was able to gain praise and love from the audience.

The talented child actor also appeared in the television series titled “Even Stevens.” He portrayed the role of Milton and delivered an outstanding performance. Things were only getting better for him as he made his movie debut in “Frank McKlusky, C.I.

Unfortunately, Sweeten lost his battle with depression and took his own life on 23 April 2015.

Let’s know more about Sawyer Sweeten. About his career and the reason behind his death.

Early Life

Sawyer Storm Sweeten, also known as Sawyer Sweeten, was born on 12 May 1995 in Brownwood, Texas. He was born to his parents, Timothy Lynn Sweeten and Elizabeth Anne Millsap. He was born and raised by his parents, elder sister, and twin brother with equal love and care.

The talented child actor shares a close relationship with his siblings. Growing up with siblings is always a special moment, and this was something Sawyer got to do.

Young Sawyer Sweeten in a suit. Source: Fandom

Sweeten was a talented kid, and there is no doubt about this. He completed his schooling at a local high school. He was supposed to attend college. However, his life took a tragic turn.

Sweeten’s Bond with his Siblings

It is no secret that Sweeten shared a close relationship with his siblings. He had an elder sister, Madylin Sweeten, for whom he had the utmost respect. He also had a twin brother, Sullivan Sweeten, with whom he has bitter-sweet memories. Later, he got the opportunity to be a big brother as his little sister, Maysa Sweeten, was born.

The talented child actor also had four half-siblings. The names of his half-siblings are Emma Sweeten, Guiliana Sweeten, Elliette Sweeten, and Jaymeson Sweeten. He had a strong bond with them as well. Since they spent most of the time with each other, their bond grew stronger with time.

Madylin Sweeten, Sawyer Sweeten, and Sullivan Sweeten during an award show. Source: ABC7 News

More about his sister, Madylin and twin-brother, Sullivan

Madylin Sweeten is an American actress who received fame for portraying the role of Alexandra Barone in the television series “Everybody Loves Raymond.” She has been quite active in terms of her acting career. She has twenty-eight credits under her belt as an actress.

Sullivan Sweeten is an American actor who is the twin brother of Sawyer Sweeten. He was able to garner the limelight for portraying the role of Michael Barone in the television series “Everybody Loves Raymond.” He has four credits under his belt as an actor.

Both of the siblings made an appearance on the television along with Sweeten. They appeared in 130 overs in the course of ten years. From the show’s start to the finale, the siblings grew up as if it were real life.

Sweeten’s Professional Life

Sawyer Sweeten’s career started at a very young age. To everyone’s surprise, he made his acting debut when he was sixteen. He appeared in the television series “Everybody Loves Raymond” in 1996.

Things were only going to get better for the Everybody Loves Raymond star. He had no idea about the success and fame he was about to get because of his performance. Later, he appeared in the television series “Even Stevens” in 2000.

Sweeten received a lot of praise and love for his performance from the audience and the critics. It was just a matter of time before he made his big-screen debut. And within no time, he got the opportunity to make his movie debut.

In 2002, Sweeten made his big-screen debut in the movie “Frank McKlusky, C.I.” He portrayed the role of the young Frank McKlusky. Even though it was not a major role, he delivered a performance worth remembering.

Analyzing the talented child actor’s performance in every role that he has portrayed, it is fair to say that his future would have been filled with success and fame.

Sweeten’s Role in Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond is an American television series that aired on CBS. The series was created by Philip Rosenthal and produced by Worldwide Pants Incorporated and Where’s Lunch in association with HBO Independent Productions.

The plotline of the series follows Raymond Barone, a successful sportswriter. He has revolting parents and a jealous brother. However, he manages to keep vivid thinking and a sense of humor as he balances his family life and work life.

The cast of Everybody Loves Raymond. Source: NY Daily News

Sweeten portrays the role of Geoffrey Barone, the twin son of the main character, Raymond. Even though he was quite young while shooting this series, he has delivered outstanding performance.

During the start of the series, Sweeten was just sixteen months old. But when the series was about to end, Sweeten was ten years old. This clearly shows the commitment he had even at such a young age.

Net Worth

Sawyer Sweeten’s involvement in the entertainment industry helped him add much money to his fortune. He was a recurring character in the television series that ran successfully for almost ten years. During that period, he earned a lot of money.

The talented child actor also made a few appearances in other projects, which brought him a huge amount of money. He left behind a net worth of $2 Million, approximately similar to Billy Howie. Most of his net worth came from his career as an actor.

Sweeten’s brother was involved in the same series as him. Through which both of them earned a lot of money. Both of them were the highest-paid actors on the television. The twin brothers bought a house together in Riverside, California.

The reason behind his death

Sweeten had a bright future ahead of him. His performance made it easy to determine that he was a kid with huge potential. But the promising actor gave up his life after losing his battle with depression.

As per reports, it is known that there is no specific reason for the talented child actor’s suicide. The later reports suggested that he was going through depression. However, his friends and family mentioned that there was no sign of depression.

As per his family, Sweeten and Sullivan were on vacation in Texas. He was there at his aunt’s house. His inner demons got the better of him, which resulted in him shooting himself in the room upstairs.

Note: If anyone reading this article is going through anything, share the issues with your close ones. You are not alone in the battle.

Physical Appearance

Sweeten was a good-looking kid with a good body type. He had grey eyes and a light brown hair color which complimented his face structure quite well. He had a smile that could brighten up everyone’s day.

Talking about his height, he stands tall at 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm), whereas he weighs around 60 kg (132 lbs). Looking at the pictures, it can be determined that he had a well-maintained body.

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Timothy Lynn Sweeten Father
Elizabeth Anne Millsap Mother
Sullivan Sweeten Brother
Madylin Sweeten Sister
Jaymeson Sweeten Sister
Maysa Sweeten Sister
Claudia Sweeten Sister
Emma Sweeten sister