Heather Taras is an American television personality and entrepreneur. Even though she has made a name for herself, it is fair to say that she came to the limelight because of her husband, Daymond John. However, it is not possible to ignore the efforts she has put forth to make a name for herself.

Among various works that Taras has been part of, being the investor of the show “Shark Tank” should be the most highlighted, But that is not it. She has also done paid collaborations with makeup and lingerie brands.

Let’s know more about Heather Taras. Who is she? What does her career look like? Her relationship with Daymond John? and How rich is she?

Early Life Of Heather Taras

Heather Taras was born on 28 February 1980 in the United States of America. She is someone who enjoys a low-key life, and that can be the reason why she has not revealed anything about her parents.

However, she did mention that her parents raised her with love and care.

Heather Taras is wearing a black dress.
Heather Taras is wearing a black dress.
Source: Instagram

Any information about the American entrepreneur’s educational background is also unavailable on the internet.

But according to sources, it has come to the light that she completed her graduation from a reputed university. She was able to secure good grades throughout her schooling days.

This only shows how talented Taras is. The entrepreneur has always been serious about her studies, and her grades speak for themselves.

Her determination and work ethic during that time are still present in her. This quality has enabled her to achieve great things in her career.

Professional Life

From an early age, Taras had an interest in the glamour world. But that is not how she started her career. She was a trained nurse and began her professional life in that field.

But eventually, she left that field to pursue her passion. She started her journey as a social media influencer, and within no time, she was able to gain a huge following.

During the start of Taras’s career as a social media influencer, she worked under various brands. After many years of hard work, she became the face of those brands.

That is how the American entrepreneur established a successful career for herself. However, good things were yet to come. With many years of experience in the glamour world, she introduced her makeup brand.

Net Worth Of Heather Taras

It is fair to say that Taras has created a stable career for herself through hard work and consistent efforts. Her strong determination to bring out the best in herself has allowed her to do miracles in the industry in which she is involved.

Taras’s net worth is approximately $300,000. Most of her net worth comes from her business and career as the face of makeup brands and lingerie. But her husband’s net worth can also be counted in her account. Her husband’s net worth is $350,000,000.

His involvement in different businesses, public speaking, etc., has allowed him to accumulate such an amount of money to his fortune.

More about Heather Taras’s husband, Daymond John

Daymond Garfield John, also known as Daymond John, is a huge name in the business field. He is an American businessman, television personality, investor, and public speaker.

He started his career with FUBU, an American Hip Hop Apparel Company.

Heather Taras with her husband, Daymond John
Heather Taras with her husband, Daymond John.
Source: Instagram

John started his career path at a very young age. This clearly shows the entrepreneurial mindset he had during that age. Great things were ahead of the young boy; it is fair to say that he has fulfilled his dream.

The American Businessman is a successful author as well. Until now, he has published four books. Those books are Display of Power, The Brand Within, The Power of Broke, and Rise and Grind. During an interview, he stated that he wants to give knowledge to young entrepreneurs through his book.

It is hard to keep track of projects and organizations that John is part of. He has actively involved himself in various projects and has been successful in most of them. The Businessman is also a public speaker and has given motivational speeches at multiple events.

John has cemented his name in the business industry. His hard work and strong work ethic have allowed him to create a successful career for himself. He is a proactive man who has carved a path for himself through consistent efforts. No doubt, he deserves everything that he has achieved.

Relationship Between Heather Taras and Daymond John

Taras and John have a special bond with each other. The couple met each other during an event through a mutual friend. Right from the start, they clicked with each other. But they wanted to take things slow. So just like every other relationship, it started with a normal chat and facetime.

Gradually, things started getting strong between them. And after a few months, they decided to date. From that time, things brew between them. John was quite serious about Taras, so after dating for a few years, he popped the question to her.

Taras was also serious about this relationship, so she instantly said yes to him. The couple tied knots and shared vows in a private ceremony. As of now, they have a daughter together. Her name is Minka Jagger.

But John has two children from his first wife as well. Destiny and Yasmeen are their names. Taras shares a close relationship with his two children as well. She has been there for them as if she was their mother. If you want to read about their married life, you can visit this link.

Social Media

The American entrepreneur started her career as a social media influencer. It is quite obvious that she stepped into the world of social media a long time ago. As of now, she has 18.8 thousand followers and has made 386 posts.

Heather Taras is enjoying time with her daughter, Minka Jagger. Source: Instagram

Looking at Taras’s posts, it is quite clear that she is active on Instagram. Apart from Instagram, she doesn’t seem to be present on any other social media.

No accounts were found under her name. And the fact that she does most of her work through Instagram, it is understandable that she doesn’t use any other social media.

Physical Appearance

Looking at pictures, it is easy to determine that Taras has a quite athletic body type. Furthermore, she has dark brown eyes and blonde hair color, which suits her face structure quite well. Her smile even has the power to brighten up a room whenever she is present.

Talking about the American entrepreneur’s height, she stands tall at 5 ft 5 in (165 cm). And weighs around 55 kg (121 lbs). Her body measurements are 34-28-38 inches.

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