Emily Montague is an American actress and producer. She received the name and fame with movies such as Fright Night and The Endless. She has been a part of the entertainment industry for a long time. And it is fair to say that she is an experienced one when it comes to acting.

Not only in movies, but the American actress has also appeared in many television series. Anger Management, Days of Our Lives, and Bones are the few television series that she has appeared in. With strong performance in almost every project, she has been able to cement her name in history.

So who is Emily Montague? What does her career look like? Is she dating anyone at the moment? How rich is she?

Early Life of Emily Montague

Emily Montague was born on30 August 1984 in Livingstone, New Jersey, United States. She was born and raised by her parents with proper love and care.

Since she got to spend most of her childhood days with her parents, she shares a close relationship with them. However, any further information about her parents is unavailable on the internet.

Young Emily Montague during a photoshoot
Young Emily Montague during a photoshoot.
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The American actress was a bright kid. From an early age, she started having an interest in studies and used to achieve good grades throughout her school days. She even graduated from a reputed college, but she has remained discreet regarding the names of her school and college.

How did Emily Montague Start her Career?

Montague had intentions of stepping into the entertainment industry since she was young. In one way or other, she could have taken that step. But to everyone’s surprise, she started her career as a model. With the talent she holds, no issues were there for her.

Even though it was a slow start, Montague made a stable career out of modeling. But little did she know that she had a bright future ahead. She had no idea about the opportunities she would get shorter.

However, it was going to be a long journey for the American actress. In 2004, she appeared in the short movie “Paper or Plastic,” where she portrayed the role of Emily.

With her performance, she was able to grab attention. Finally, things started getting into their right place, and she got the opportunity to appear in the movie “Door to the Throne.”

It was the start of a career that Montague had always dreamed of having. Gradually, she started making an appearance in different shows and films.

Her performance received praise and love from both the audience and the critics. In 2004, she made her acting debut on the big screen with the movie “Beauty in Chaos.”

The Rise of Emily Montague

Good things come to those ready to put forth consistent efforts and determination. Montague started leaving her mark in the entertainment industry. She often made appearances on television series. More than a big-screen actress, she made a name for herself in the television series.

But that doesn’t take away the success she has achieved until now. She is talented, and there is no doubt about this. She rose to fame with an outstanding performance in most of her appearances in television series. It is fair to say that it was the rise of Emily Montague.

The most recent project that the American actress was part of is the movie “The Endless.” Back in 2017, she was part of this science fiction horror movie. However, no one was aware of what was going to happen. After the movie, she left the entertainment industry and pursued the profession of Esthetician.

Emily Montague during an event
Emily Montague during an event.
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During an interview, Montague stated that she decided to become an Esthetician because it was something that provided her satisfaction.

How Rich is Emily Montague?

Being a part of the entertainment industry does bring a lot of money and fame. This has been the case with Emily Montague as well.

With a successful career as an actress, she has accumulated a huge amount of money to her fortune. Not only that, but she has also earned a good amount as an Esthetician.

Montague’s net worth is approximately around $2.5 Million, quite similar to Kristy Sellars. The vast majority of her net worth comes from her actress and esthetician career. She has made good use of her net worth. She lives a lavish lifestyle with her husband and daughter.

What is Emily Montague’s Relationship Status?

Well, Montague is a married woman. Damon Dayoub is the name of her husband. They both married each other in 2015. The couple’s happiness reached a different level when their daughter arrived in this world in 2017. As of now, they have two kids.

So who is Damon Dayoub? Well, he is an actor. Starting his career as a television guest star, he made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with consistent performance and a strong work ethic. The biggest role in his career came from Disney. He portrayed the role of Detective Quincy Fisher in Stitchers.

Relationship with her husband, Damon Dayoub

After getting divorced from her first husband, Montague was not looking for any relationship. She stayed single for a few years, but that was about to change. When she met Damon for the first time, they hit it off.

Gradually, they both started developing a feeling for each other. Late-night talks and a few dates made things serious between them. They started dating, and no doubt, there were rumors all over the industry. After dating for a few years, they eventually decided to get married, and they did.

Emily Montague along with Damon Dayoub and her daughters
Emily Montague, along with Damon Dayoub and her daughters.
Source: Instagram

From the start of their relationship, they shared a close relationship. Damon has always been respectful and vice versa. The respect, understanding, and love between them have made it possible for them to create a happy family. As of now, the couple is enjoying a blissful marital relationship.

Relationship between Emily Montague and Chris D’Elia

Chris D’Elia is the American actress’s ex-husband. D’Elia and Montague met during a shoot, and they clicked with each other in no time. That is how their love story started. In a very short period of dating each other, they both made up their mind to get married to each other.

In 2006, they tied knots and shared vows. They were highly talked about in the industry during that time.

But things didn’t go well between them. After four years of marriage, they decided to get a divorce. In 2010, they ended their marriage and went separate ways. D’Elia later got married to Kristin Taylor.

Social Media

It is common for celebrities to be present on social media in this generation. Emily Montague is an active user of social media as well. It is quite easy to find her on Twitter and Instagram. She has had 4,620 followers and 176 posts until now.

Talking about Twitter, it seems like the American actress is not quite active. The last tweet she made was back in20 May 2019. According to her account, she joined Twitter back in 2009. And as of now, she has 958 followers.

Physical Appearance

Looking at the pictures, it is easy to determine that Emily Montague has a well-built body. She has been able to maintain her body properly. She has a blue eye color and a blonde hair color suit her face quite well.

Montague even has a good height. She stands tall at 5 ft 6 in (167 cm) and weighs around 60 kg (132 lbs).

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