Inna Yarmolenko is a foreign affairs professor and the director of a charitable trust in the United States. Inna is also well-known as the wife of West Ham United footballer Andriy Yarmolenko.

Andriy is a professional Ukrainian footballer who plays for West Ham United and the Ukraine national team as a winger forward. In addition, Andis has been a national team member since 2009, scoring 41 goals in 94 games.

Inna Yarmolenko And Andriy Yarmolenko LoveLife

Inna Yarmolenko married Andriy Yarmolenko; He is the name of a professional footballer from Ukraine who plays as a winger or forward. He now plays for West Ham United of the English Premier League and the Ukraine national team. Since 2009,

Furthermore, he has been a full international for Ukraine, scoring 37 goals in 83 games and representing the country at UEFA Euro 2012 and Euro 2016. On July 11, 2018, he signed a four-year contract with Premier League team West Ham United for an unknown amount.

Inna Yarmolenko  wearing a beautyfull dress
Inna Yarmolenko with her husband and her kids starring st the camera
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In 2007/08, Inna Yarmolenko had a meeting with Andriy Yarmolenko. The pair were attracted to each other because their hobbies were similar. After a few early sessions, they fell in love.

They dated until 2011 when they decided to go public with their relationship. In the same year, the couple married in a magnificent wedding ceremony. The lovely couple got married in a private ceremony, which 200 people attended.

The couple has not revealed information about their married.

Inna Yarmolenko And Andriy Yarmolenko’s Chilfren

One year later, the couple is now the proud parents of three children. They have three sons. In 2013, Inna Yarmolenko gave birth to Andriy Yarmolenko’s first son, Ivan Yarmolenko

Two years later,  In 2015, Andriy’s Wife welcomed their second baby boy, Danylo Yarmolenko. In October 2020, Inna Yarmolenko gave birth to Andriy Yarmolenko’s third son, Maxim Yarmolenko.

Yarmolenko and Andriy Yarmolenko are enjoying their parenthood at the moment. Likewise, they spend quality time with their children regularly.

The couple often shares their vacation pictures through their self-titled social media account. However, they maintain a loving and a happy family.

What does Inna Do for a living?

Inna is a foreign policy expert. She hasn’t said anything about her work background. Consequently, we have no idea whether Yarmolenko is collaborating with the Ukrainian government. Inna is a philanthropist as well.

Therefore, Inna is active in charitable organizations and collaborates with several non-governmental groups to assist others.

Andriy’s wife is currently the director of an American charity fund, and her work demands her to go to the United States. She is a determined woman with a strong vision for her future.

Inna Yarmolenko wearing a  pretty dress
Inna Yarmolenko with her sweet family
Photo Source: @yarmolkina10

Furthermore, we can speculate that she earns an impressive amount of money through her profession. However, her current net worth is not revealed yet.

As of 2022, Yarmolenko is currently living with her sweet family. Andriy And his wife are pleased with her three children. The couple is still together with a luxurious and comfortable life. They are spending quality time together, bonding and understanding each other.

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