Most people recall the 1995 murder case upon hearing Jonathan Schmitz’s name. Jonathan came to the limelight after killing his gay secret admirer, Scott Bernard Amedure. The embarrassment on national television made Schmitz do so. After spending several years in jail, Jonathan is now enjoying his liberty.

How is the life of Jonathan after imprisonment? Is he a married man, or is he dating someone currently? Know about his personal life in the following sections.

What Was The Murder For?

As mentioned above, the Scott Amedure murder case is a case that fascinates many people. It is also one of the surprising cases for those who have not heard to date. So, what exactly happened and why the murder was forced to murder the victim?

Jonathan appeared in an on-aired episode ‘Same Sex Crush’ of The Jerry Jones Show in 1995, where he found out that Scott had a romantic interest in him. After knowing his neighbor Amedure had a crush on him, Schmitz laughed and said, ”I am completely heterosexual.” The tape of the show never aired, but clips were shown in the news.

Photo: Jonathan Schmitz killed his gay admirer, Scott Amedure, on March 9, 1995
Source: Associated Press

After three days of releasing the tape, on March 9, 1995, Jonathan received an unknown sexually suggestive note on his doorstep and assumed it came from Scott. Jonathan left his house with full anger, took out the money from his bank account, and purchased a shotgun.

Then Schmitz went to Scott Amedure’s house and shot him in the chest twice. The incident happened on the same date (March 9, 1995). Jonathan said he killed Scott because he was “embarrased on national television.”

Legal Action And Parole

After the fatal shot, Jonathan himself called the police and confess that he killed Scott. After committing the crime, Jonathan was sentence to 25 to 50 years in prison. However, Schmitz was released on parole because of his good behavior while in jail in August 2017.

Image: Jonathan Schmitz was imprisoned for killing Scott Amedure for 20 to 50 years
Source: Associated Press

The parole condition is; Jonathan must not change his residence, not engage in any behavior that constitutes a violation, obey all court orders, must not own, possess or use any object as a weapon, among others.

But victim (Scott)’s brother Frank Amedure Jr was annoyed by Jonathan’s parole decision. He said, “I wanted assurance that the parole decision was not based on just good behavior in prison.”

Who Is Jonathan Schmitz Wife? Life After ImPrisonment

Th 51-years-old Jonathan keeps his personal life details under the wrap. After serving half of his sentence, Jonathan now enjoys his freedom. However, he is not yet ready to speak regarding his life after imprisonment. The man is not also active on any social networking sites.

Snap: Jonathan Schmitz now lives with his mother and father
Source: Daily Mail

It is hard to say whether Schmitz is a married man or living a single life. As per the source, Schmitz currently lives with his mother and father. Additionally, Jonathan might be doing some work to fulfill his basic needs.

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