If you want to drool over some handsome faces and get lost in your world of fantasy, Saamer Usmani will undoubtedly fulfill your lustful delights. Besides being the most attractive face of the Hollywood Film Industry, he is also an incredible performer.

Saamer Usmani is a British actor popular for Martin de Lambert on Regin. His notable works are What/If (2019), Succession (2018) and several others. He is a determined and hard-working actor who has a lot of passion for his work.

Further, he is one of the best actors in this era of Hollywood, his films, his charm as he is known to be a most admirable man of Hollywood. Meanwhile, he is one of the most handsome actors in the Hollywood industry. Moreover, he has massive recognition, and his fame has gradually increased.

Is Saamer Usmani Married?

The handsome hunk, Usmani, is currently single. Meanwhile, he is neither married nor separated. Also, he doesn’t seem to be in a relationship with anyone at the moment.

Also, his social media accounts don’t have any romantic insights. It seems like he is busy with his career at the moment. You may also like to read about other famous actors such as Llyr Ifans and Giles Panton.

Saamer Usmani is a famous British actor.
Saamer Usmani is a famous British actor.
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Also, Usmani believes that relationships need to be cared for and nurtured to last through time. Relationships can fail very easily if they are not given enough time and attention. Moreover, Usmani is just focusing on his career at the moment. However, he is looking for someone who means to be with her for a lifetime.

The talented Usmani is very famous for his excellent acting skills. He focuses on his career at present, and he does not want to divert her mind to any serious relationship so far.

Further, we do not see any insights regarding his past relationship. Also, he has never revealed her toxic ex or something that happened in the past love life or any other hurtful rumor. Moreover, he is simply enjoying his single life to the fullest with full-on satisfaction. He is chill with his life, and there are no difficulties now.

Age Details On Saamer Usmani Who Portrays Anna Delvey’s Boyfriend Chase 

The Brooklyn-based actor Saamer Usmani, who portrayed the boyfriend of scammer Anna Delvey, Anna Sokorin, is in his early 30s. Further, he was born in Pakistan grew up in seven countries before going to college in Toronto and studying acting in the UK.

While growing up, he moved around Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Slovakia, Nigeria, High school in Massachusetts, and college in Canada. As a teenager, he acted in several stages and eventually made her way to work on movies.

Saamer Usmani with his special buddy.
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Coming to his study, he studied sociology and anthropology at the University. Yet, he went to drama school in the UK and did some acting for a class and fell in love with it.

Further, we do not have any relevant information regarding his exact date of birth. It seems like he is running in his twenties. Moreover, this handsome hunk is currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Saamer Usmani Social Media Presence

The handsome Usmani is not much active on social media platforms. Meanwhile, he is hardly found in any social media accounts.

He holds an Instagram account with the username @saamertime. And it has garnered around 6,369 followers so far as of February 2022. Usmani has always avoided the spotlight despite being a celebrity figure, supposedly living a tranquil life away from the camera.