Jack Matfin Bell is the son of well-known actors Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood. Despite being just a child, he has already captured the hearts of many with his adorable looks and charming personality.

Born on July 29, 2013, in Los Angeles, California, Jack is the only child of Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood. His parents have been in the entertainment industry for many years. Both of his parents are accomplished actors with a number of successful movies and TV shows to their credit.

Jamie Bell is a British actor who is famous for his roles in films such as “Billy Elliot,” “The Adventures of Tintin,” and “Fantastic Four”. Likewise, Evan Rachel Wood is an American actress who has been in movies such as “Thirteen,” “The Wrestler,” and the HBO series “Westworld.”

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Jack Matfin Bell’s Personal Life

As celebrity son Jack is just a child, he has not yet had much of a personal life beyond spending time with his parents and exploring the world around him. His parents, Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood have been careful to keep him out of the public eye in order to give him a normal childhood away from the media spotlight.

Despite being the son of two famous actors, Bell’s parents have made a conscious effort to shield him from the media. They rarely share pictures of him on social media. They have always avoided bringing him to public events unless it is necessary.

As Jack Matfin grows older, it is likely that he will become more involved in his own personal life and interests. However, for now, he is content to spend time with his parents and enjoy the simple pleasures of childhood.

Jamie and Evan’s Marriage: Private and Short-Lived

The former pair Bell and Wood’s marriage were a relatively short one, lasting from 2012 to 2014. During their marriage, the couple was known for keeping their personal lives private. They rarely appear together in public or share details about their relationship with the media.

The two first met at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005 and began dating soon after. Although there were rumors that they had met while co-starring in Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” music video.

Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood.
Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood. Source: Pinterest

After dating for a year, Jamie and Evan went their separate ways but remained on good terms. In mid-2011, rumors began to circulate that the couple had rekindled their relationship. Likewise, they confirmed their reconciliation later that year.

In October 2012, the couple tied the knot in a small and intimate ceremony. They welcomed their son, Jack Bell, in July 2013. Unfortunately, their relationship eventually came to an end, and they announced their separation on May 28, 2014.

Despite the end of their marriage, Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood have remained on good terms. They have continued to work together to co-parent their son, Jack Bell.

Jamie and Evan Custody Battle: Dispute over Jack Matfin Bell’s Upbringing!

Jack Matfin, has been a source of contention between the two since their divorce. In March 2023, the former couple found themselves in a dispute over the custody of their son.

According to reports, Bell claimed that Wood had deprived him of contact with their son after she moved from Los Angeles to Nashville. Wood, on the other hand, stated that she made the move to protect their son from her former fiancé, Marilyn Manson.

The accusations have been heated, with Bell arguing that Wood’s claims are implausible and that she is withholding their son for reasons of her own invention. Meanwhile, Wood has maintained that she is acting in the best interests of their son and that she is only trying to protect him from potential harm.

Despite the ongoing dispute, it is clear that both Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood have their son’s best interests at heart. They have both spoken publicly about their commitment to co-parenting their son and have expressed their desire to ensure that he has a happy and healthy upbringing. Another star who is co-parenting NLE Choppa.

Jack’s Step-Siblings from Jamie Bell’s Marriage to Kate Mara

Jack Matfin Bell has two step-siblings from his father Jamie Bell’s marriage to actress Kate Mara. In May 2019, Mara gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Margaret. In November 2022, Mara announced on her Instagram account that she had given birth to a son.

Jamie Bell and his wife Kate Mara.
Jamie Bell and his wife Kate Mara. Source: Instagram @katemara

Jack, Margaret, and their younger brother are all part of a growing family with two successful and talented parents. While the family has kept their private lives relatively low-key. The pair occasionally share glimpses of their family moments on social media.

Financial situation and lifestyle of Jack Matfin Bell

As Jack Matfin Bell is still a minor, he is financially dependent on his parents, Jamie and Evan same as Vaughn Evelyn Levesque. While it is unclear what the future may hold for Jack in terms of his own personal wealth. At present, he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle thanks to the success of his parents.

Being born into a high-profile family, he is likely to have access to various opportunities and privileges that many children may not have. As for now, his parents have ensured that he has a happy and healthy upbringing, regardless of their financial situation.

Jamie and Evan’s successful acting careers and earnings

The King Kong star, Jamie has a net worth of $11 million. Similarly, the All is Found, singer Evan Rachel enjoys a net worth of $8 million. Both actors have had successful careers in Hollywood and have received critical acclaim for their performances.

Evan Rachel Wood enjoys a net worth of $8 million.
Evan Rachel Wood enjoys a net worth of $8 million. Source: Pinterest

Bell is best known for his roles in films like “Jumper” “Billy Elliot,” “Fred & Ginger” and “Rocketman,” while Wood has starred in movies such as “Thirteen,” “The Wrestler,” and the hit HBO series “Westworld.” Their combined net worth indicates that they are both financially stable and have been successful in their respective careers.

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