Jaime Feld

Prepare to be entertained by the fabulous Jaime Feld! She’s not just a loving wife but also a powerhouse talent agent. Married to the dashing American actor and model, Kevin Zegers,, Feld knows a thing or two about the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world.

Born in the bustling city of New York in 1980, the gorgeous spouse is now a vibrant 42-year-old. But her journey to success didn’t happen overnight. After finishing college, she took on a heroic role as a teacher, working with junior high kids who had disabilities.

Is Jaime Feld Married?

Let me tell you a delightful love story! Nighthawks star Zegers and his lovely beau Jaime have been together for almost ten years, and they decided to take the plunge and get married in August 4, 2013. Their wedding ceremony in New Jersey was absolutely stunning, with famous guests like Lily Collins, Julianne Hough, and Sophia Bush there to celebrate their special day.

Jaime Feld is married to Kevin Zegers. Source: Instagram@jamiefeld

Now, here’s the fun part:Feld and her husband actually owe their love connection to their mutual friend, Sophia Bush. The star wife set them up on a date, and sparks flew instantly! After six years of dating, Kevin knew he had found the one. He proposed to Jaime during a casual morning walk on the beach, and he surprised her with a beautiful ring. See another actor Jon Bass‘s love life.

Kevin Zegers and Jaime Feld: Parents of Twin Daughters – Zoë Madison and Blake Everleigh

Zegers and his partner Jaime are the proud parents of adorable twin daughters named Zoë Madison and Blake Everleigh. The love birds had been hoping to have children for some time, so when their little ones arrived on August 17th, 2020, they were filled with joy.

Jaime Feld and Kevin Zegers with their twin daughters. Source: Instagram@kevinzegers1984

Moreover, the newly parents love sharing their happiness with others, and they often post cute pictures of their lovely daughters on social media. On their twin daughters’ 4th birthday, the media star, Jaime shared a heartfelt message along with a picture of the day they were born. She expressed how much her little angels had changed her life and how deeply she loves them.

Kevin wrote on her twin kids’ birthday, “It’s hard to believe these little angels turn 4 years old today. Blake and Zoë … you’ve changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I love you more than everything..”

When the twins were born, the family faced a challenge as Blake had to spend her first five days in the neonatal intensive care unit due to her smaller size. While Jaime took care of Zoë, the Canadian actor made sure to visit the NICU to feed and support Blake.

What Is Jaime Feld’s Net Worth?

Well, the beautiful lady Feld is doing well financially, with an estimated net worth of $700,000 as of 2023. Her main source of income comes from her career as a talent agent at Creative Artist’s Agency (CAA). She represents famous actors, actresses, and musicians like Sofia Vergara and Miley Cyrus.

One of her notable clients and close friends is Chelsea Handler, whom she also represents at CAA. Furthermore, the renowned name has also benefited financially from her marriage to Sleepwalker actor Zegers, adding to her overall wealth.

Empowering the Stars: Jaime Feld’s Role in Guiding Celebrity Careers

Undoubtedly, Feld is a talented and influential talent agent who has worked with some of the biggest stars in showbiz. Currently, she’s rocking it at Creative Artist’s Agency (CAA), where she has been making waves for many years.

Born in the lively city of New York in 1980, the talented woman pursued her passion for teaching and graduated from college with a teaching degree. She put her heart into her work, becoming a teacher for junior high kids with disabilities. But destiny had something grander in store for her. Also, get to know about Amber Najm.

With dreams of the entertainment world calling her name, Jaime packed her bags and headed to the City of Angels, Los Angeles. There, she landed a job as the assistant to the owner of the prestigious CAA talent agency. From the get-go, her hard work and dedication caught the attention of everyone around her.

At CAA, the pretty woman has worked alongside big-name actors, actresses, and musicians. She’s been a key player in their success, helping them secure incredible roles in movies and TV shows. She’s also played a part in shaping new projects, like the exciting film, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which stars her very own husband, Zegers.

Kevin Zegers’s Movies And TV Shows

Let’s dive into the exciting world of charming Kevin ! Hailing from Canada, he’s not just an actor but also a model who has graced the screens and fashion campaigns with his charm. You might recognize him from the popular Air Bud film series, Transamerica, Gossip Girl, and more.

Moreover, the TV star’s journey in the spotlight began at a young age. Imagine, at just six years old, he was already starring in around 30 TV commercials. Talk about an early start! His first taste of the big screen came at seven, with a small role in the comedy flick Life with Mikey, alongside the talented Michael J. Fox.

Kevin Zegers is a versatile actor. Source: Instagram@kevinzegers1984

Currently, you can catch the handsome hunk co-starring with Katey Sagal in ABC’s thrilling new series, Rebel. He portrays Nate, the determined son of activist Annie Bello. But that’s not all—Kevin has also graced other hit shows like Gossip Girl, Dirty John, and Fear the Walking Dead, showcasing his versatile acting skills.

One of his standout TV roles is on ABC’s crime drama, The Rookie: Feds. In the show, the leading actor shines as rookie FBI Agent Brendon Acres, captivating audiences with his performances. Additionally, he takes the lead in the action-packed crime drama, Starting Over, where he plays John Nolan, a determined individual pursuing his dream of joining the LAPD.

How Is Jaime Feld’s Social Media Engagement?

Let’s take a peek into the social media world of stunning Jaime, where she shares her exciting life with her fans! You can find her rocking it on Instagram and Twitter, with a cool 24.2 thousand followers on Instagram with username @jamiefeld and 10.3 thousand followers on Twitter with handle @JaimeFeld.

On her Instagram account, the mixed ethnic lady’s all about sharing the love for her family, her awesome work, and her adorable furry friends. You’ll get to see heartwarming pictures of her spouse, and she’s not shy about gushing over their twin daughters, Madison and Everleigh. It’s a sweet dose of family goodness!

Now, let’s talk Twitter. The is all about staying active and sharing her thoughts in bite-sized Tweets. She joined Twitter back in August 2009, so she’s been rocking it for quite some time. You’ll catch glimpses of her better half and their adorable daughters, alongside updates on her work and other interesting topics. She knows how to keep it entertaining!

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