James Benrud is a celebrity husband who shares his marital life with singer and songwriter Madilyn Bailey. They have been married since 2014. James and Madilyn have a YouTube channel named mimbo, where they upload their vlog.

Benrud currently manages his wife’s work. Meanwhile, Madilyn was working as a certified nursing assistant. But when she entered the world of singing, she gained enormous eminence and is now regarded as one of the most famous and talented singers and songwriters worldwide. 

James Berund and Madilyn Bailey’s Love Relationship

As mentioned above, the actual reason behind Jame’s popularity is all because of his celebrity wife, Madilyn. The 27-years-old singer tied her wedding knot on 22 August 2014. The couple married in an outdoor religious ceremony in Wisconsin

James Benrud
James Benrud and his wife, Madilyn Bailey.
Source: Instagram @madilynbailey

The marriage event has been held lavishly and significantly before the bride and groom’s close ones. Many top singers also joined the function. Soon after the marriage ends, the pair lives a blissful marital life.

They are also sharing a good bond as a perfect husband and wife. Till now, the newly married pair is also not involved in any rumors related to their judicial separation and an extra-marital affair. Moreover, the duo visited many exotic places together and did not hesitate to flaunt adorable pictures on their official social networking accounts. 

Their First Encounter

Madilyn and James were completely unknown before they met through his sister-in-law and her photographer, Siri. Soon after they knew one another, they began sharing a good bond as a friend. 

James Benrud
Madilyn Bailey, along with James Benrud.
Source: Instagram @jimbosliceoflife

While after spending their quality time together, the twosome began liking each other and started dating. In 2019, in the song “Are We Falling In Love,” Bailey talks about her relationship with her husband. She revealed,

“I didn’t want to fall in love with James, but it was too late, I fall in love with him”.

After being in a romantic relationship for more than a year, the couplet announced their engagement via YouTube video and engaged on March 14, 2014, just five months after their wedding. 

Net Worth and Income of James Benrud 

Being a YouTuber, James is gaining a hefty sum of wealth. His YouTube channel is subscribed to by more than 63.7 thousand people, making a monthly income between $2 – $27 and an annual income in the range of $21 – $330. Like James, another YouTuber, Harry Lewis, earns a reasonable sum of wealth and has a total net worth of around $2 million.

James Benrud
Image: James Benrud and his wife, Madilyn Bailey, has a joyful life.
Source: Instagram @madilynbailey

James’ wife, Madilyn, has a total net value of around $6 million, obtained from her professional singing and son writing life. She earns around $50,934 as an annual salary per annum as a professional singer. Not only a singer, but she is also a You-Tuber personality. From there to she is bagging a good sum of money.

Madilyn’s official Instagram account is subscribed by more than 6.81 million subscribers, where she posts her official songs and music videos. From there, she is acquiring a monthly income between $1.8K – $29.6K and makes in the range of $22.2K – $354.6K per annum. 

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