James Strawbridge is a businessman who owns his food business, Posh Pasty Company and is also an executive chef of Havener’s Bar & Grill located in Fowey. James has also featured in the short series, The Re-Inventors, along with his father, Dick Strawbridge.

The show was first broadcasted on 11th, December 2006, where each episode shows how James and his father, Dick reconstructing historic invention.

James was born in 1984 in the United States of America to the AmericanDick(father) and Brigit Strawbridge(mother) family.

His father, Dick is the British engineer, environmentalist, and television presenter who is widely known as ‘Colonel Dick‘ all over the media. Likewise, James spent her childhood with her younger sister, Charlotte Strawbridge.

Jame’s Divorced Parents 

The celebrity chef, Jame’Jame’snts Dick and Brigit are no more in a conjugal relationship. Dick and his ex-wife shared their wedding vow back in 1982. They married happily and shared two adorable kids, James and Charlotte (1986).

Dick Strawbridge along with his ex-wife, Brigit Strawbridge
Dick Strawbridge, along with his ex-wife, Brigit Strawbridge.
Source: Telegraph

The Strawbridge family of four were living blissfully. Everything was going fine the pair were also happy on their relationship but they decided to partition their relationship in 2010, after staying in a romantic relationship for more than 28-years.

After the tragic separation with Dick, Brigit married Rob in December 2017 and is currently living happily with him. Likewise, Dick found a new love in his now-wife, Angel Adoree. Angel is the founder of The Vintage Patisserie who tied the knot with Dick in 2015

Dick Strawbridge along with his wife, Angel Adoree, daughter, Dorothy, and son, Arthur
Dick Strawbridge along with his wife, Angel Adoree, daughter, Dorothy, and son, Arthur.
Source: Telegraph 

Angel and Dickalso live ande happily jointly parenting their two adorable children. They first welcomed their kid, a son, Arthur Strawbridge in 2013 and they shared their second kid, a daughter, Dorothy Strawbridge.

James Strawbridge Intimate Life Details 

James is also a happily married man. He is currently in a married relationship with Holly Strawbridge. The chef James is quite secretive when there arises a question regarding his personal life. They have also not shared romantic pictures on their official social networking sites.

Holly Strawbridge and James Strawbridge
Holly Strawbridge and James Strawbridge.
Source: Wed Magazine

As per some sources, James and Holly’s marriage was a sHolly’sble wedding which happened lavishly and happily in front of the bride and groom’s dearest ones on the groom’s house Farm in the village of Tywardreath.

James Strawbridge's three adorable children
James Strawbridge’s three adorable chilStrawbridge’s Instagram @jgstrawbridge

The happily married pair is also currently parenting their three adorable kids but their name is not available. Though it is not mentioned three beautiful kids can be spotted in many posts updated by their father on his official Instagram account.

Net Worth and Salary Of James Strawbridge

Being a professional chef, James has gathered a hefty sum of wealth. As of 2019, he has an estimated net worth of around $800 thousand.

James is the CEO of award-winning Posh Pasty Company and is also currently working as an executive chef of Havener’s Bar & Grill. He is alsoHavener’senter of various TV shows and is currently working as a presenter in the short series, The Reinventors. 

He has also appeared in the TV series, It’s Not Easy Being Green, along with his father, Dick, mother, Brigit, and sister, Charlotte. The series focused on how to live in an eco-friendly and low impact life. Apart from this, James is also an author who has published numerous books. 

He published his first book, Made At Home: Vegetables in October 2012. The co-author of the book is his father, Dick Strawbridge. The book was sold at (£12.99) or $16.89 in its hardcover at Amazon. Recently on March 26, 2019, he published another book, Smoked Food: A Manual for Home Smoking.

The book is also regarded as the recipe book that guides us in every stage of making smoking and curing foods. The book is sold at $22.74 (£17.49) in its hardcover at Amazon. At last his father, Dick has a total net value of $9 million.

Dick Strawbridge Father
Brigit Strawbridge Howard Mother
Holly Strawbridge wife

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