In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss Jamie Kensit, who is a well-known celebrity brother as well as a guitarist.

In addition to his work, Jamie is well-known for being Patsy Kensit’s brother. Patsy Kensit is a well-known British actress. I hope you will find this article helpful in learning more about Jamie Kensit.

On August 6, 1963, Jamie Kensit was born in London, England, where she also spent her childhood. As things stand, when 2024 rolls around, he will reach 61. Jamie was born under the sign of Leo and currently holds British citizenship.

Early Life, Wiki, and Education

Guitarist Jamie Kensit was born in the United Kingdom to parents James Henry Kensit and Margaret Rose Doohan. Even though neither of his parents is still living. Cancer of the breast was what ultimately took the life of her mother, Margaret Rose Doohan.

Jamie's sister and mother, Margaret Rose
Jamie’s sister and mother, Margaret Rose
Source: Irish Mirror

Moving into his academic career, it should be no surprise that he comes from a highly educated family. The guitarist attended the Roman Catholic Gunnersbury Boy’s School in the United Kingdom for his elementary education and became an accomplished musician.

In addition, no information is available on the web regarding the higher education qualification he holds.

About Jamie Parents

Jamie’s parents are involved in the business and corporate world. His mother, Margaret Rose, worked in public relations all her life. During the time that his father, James Henry Kensit, was an associate of the legendary Kray twins in London’s criminal underworld.

Jamie's dad James Henry Kensit
Jamie’s dad James Henry Kensit.
Source: Daily Express

According to rumors, he used to work for the rival Richardsons, where he was given the alias “Jimmy the Dip” and was responsible for operating long firms for the gang.

Before Kensit’s birth, he served time in prison, yet, she had the impression that dad was an antique merchant. Kensit’s parents did not marry until 1986.

Her grandfather on her father’s side was a thief and forger in his day. According to reports, James died of breast cancer in December 1993, while his mother passed away from the disease in September 1987.

Personal life of Jamie Kensit

Moving on to Jamie Kensit’s private life, I get the impression that he’s the type to keep things to himself. The famous brother would rather keep his private life private than expose it to the world. As a result, no information is available to us concerning his private life.

There is no evidence to indicate whether he is married, in a relationship, or still leading a single life. However, given his age, it is possible that he has already established a family and is raising children, even though this material is devoid of facts.

About Sister Patsy Kensit

Patricia Jude Francis “Patsy” Kensit is a British actress, singer, and model who rose to fame as a child performer. She was born on March 4, 1968. Between 1983 and 1989, she was the lead singer for the band Eighth Wonder.

Patsy Kensit.
Patsy Kensit.
Source: Wikipedia

In a Birds Eye frozen peas commercial, Kensit had her first television appearance in 1972, when she was just four years old. The Love of Ada and The Great Gatsby were the films in which she made her debut on the big screen. In the latter, she co-starred alongside Mia Farrow.

She was popular for portraying the role of Mia Farrow in the film Love and Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story, which was released in 1995. Kensit also had an appearance in a miniseries for the BBC that was based on the well-known historical novel Penmarric (1979).

Patsy Kensit’s Double Cancer Scare

Jamie’s sister has disclosed that she had a double cancer scare and ultimately had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy due to the ordeal.

Patsy with her two sons.
Patsy with her two sons.
Source: The Mirror

The life-altering operation on the 55-year-old actress took place in June after surgeons discovered tumors that were so large they gave the appearance that she was seven months pregnant.

The surgery was necessary after a previous tumor measuring 18 inches had been removed from her ovary in 2011. Also, look at Emma Louise Boynton, a famous journalist and event producer based in London.

Patsy stated as she recalled the moment when the physicians conveyed the news to her, and she burst into tears, “I honestly thought, this is it. I thought my luck had run out. I tried to prepare myself for the worst.”

Net worth and earnings

As it turns out, the brother of actress Patsy Kensit is a guitarist by profession and is affiliated with several musical bands in the United Kingdom. This information came to our attention recently, even though there is no further information regarding his occupation.

On the other hand, he may bring in a respectable income from his musical profession. However, there is currently no information on Jamie Kensit’s earnings or net worth that can be found elsewhere on the internet.

While his sister works two jobs and brings in a significant amount of money each year thanks to her career, he has only one. The majority of her films and musical records have achieved economic success and widespread acclaim.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Patsy, an English actress has an approximate net worth of $10 million. Although most of her money comes from her career as a successful singer and actor, she also has other sources of income.

Jamie Kensit on Social Media

There are several famous people, including Brad Pitt, who do not participate in the use of social media. Jamie Kensit also belongs to a similar list. Yes! The guitarist does not make themselves available on any social networking networks.

Celebrity brother Jamie would like the media and social sites not to have any knowledge of his private life. Because of this, he does not utilize any form of social media.

While his sister Patsy is available on Instagram under the handle patsykensit, where she has amassed more than 172K followers and posted 898 times, most of his posts on Instagram are commentary about his career and other businesses and his way of life.

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James Henry Kensit Father
Margaret Rose Kensit Mother
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