Bernt Bodal is a retired American Businessman from American Seafoods Group. He is popular for his inspiring journey from low-ground workers to building a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas is an American television personality and businesswoman who is more popular as the ex-wife of multimillionaire Bernt. She is the CEO of Edge Music Network, an online music company.

Furthermore, Bernt and Elizabeth were in a marriage relationship for 17 years before their split up.

Past Relationship Status of The Businessman

Talking about his past relationships, Bernt Bodal married twice in his lifetime. According to news reports, The Businessman married Elisabeth Bodal in 1978. The couple married each other when Bernt was just 25.

The two initially met when Bodal would go to his relative’s home in Lofoten. After being in a married relationship, they relocated to the US. His wife gave birth to a baby called Thomas Bodal in April 1979.

Bernt Bodal with his Ex-wife, Elizabeth Lyn Vargas
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After two years, Bodal gave birth to a daughter called Ellen Bodal in 1981. His second son, Alexander Olav Bodal, was born in 1989. Thus, the couple was happily enjoying their relationship until their split.

The couple split shortly after the birth of their children for personal reasons. After that, he met Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, a TV actress, and started dating her. They eventually formed a knot with one another.

The details regarding the couple’s marriage are unclear, though. According to some reports, the pair wed in 2000. Additionally, before their separation, the couple was in a marriage relationship for 17 years.

There is no kid for Elizabeth and Bernt. The couple finalized their divorce in July 2020, and it was declared in October 2020. But they kept quiet with the public about why they split up their relationship.

He hasn’t previously been involved in any rumors or controversies. Both Brent’s personal and professional lives are occupying his thoughts. Brent also wants to keep clear of rumors and controversies.

Current Affairs of The Millionaire Businessman

According to several sources, Currently, The Businessman is dating his girlfriend, a businesswoman from California, Michelle Fox. She is the founder of The Rock Your Business.

She also serves as SentryHealth’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. It is still unclear how the couple began dating. However, Bodal’s Facebook started displaying Michelle’s images in the early 2020s.

Bernt Bodal with his current girlfriend, Michelle Fox
Bernt Bodal with his current girlfriend, Michelle Fox
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The Businessman wrote the following in the post:

I’m proud of my girlfriend @michellefox2 for executive producing the initial Montreux Legends Club, which was a big success with Mark Goodman of SiriusXM radio as the presenter, Nigel Olsson, Ray Cooper of Elton John’s Band, and Will Calhoun of Living Colour.

Although Bernt’s partner Michelle’s Instagram account is private, she frequently posts photos of herself and Bodal on Facebook. As a result, she described Bernt in a post on his birthday in June 2020, writing:

“best friend, one true love, and the guy that makes my heart light up every single day.”

According to her Facebook profile, Fox seems to be a mother to a son and a daughter. It appears that the couple has a very deep connection. In reality, the two have been engaged for a long.

On the other hand, Bernt and Michelle haven’t publicly announced or discussed their engagement. But in one of Bodal’s Facebook postings from May 2019, there is an image of Fox with a ring on her left hand.

In reality, at the RHOC reunion in January 2021, they announced their relationship and engagement. Elizabeth, however, was unaware of Fox and Bodal’s romance. Thus, the couple is in a happy relationship.

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Reacting to Fox and Bodal’s Affairs

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas expressed anger and frustration on social media after discovering Bodal’s new partner. As Bodal’s former partner was unhappy with his new relationship with Fox, she was upset.

Lyn said she had kept in touch with her ex-husband and that Bernt had told her he wouldn’t be getting married any time soon. She made several calls and texts to her ex-partner as well.

After knowing about Elizabeth’s comments on social media, Fox said, “get away and get a life.” She said that since Elizabeth discovered her and Bodal’s relationship, she has been re-obsessed with the Bernt.

Elizabeth adds, “I’m speaking out for Bernt because he is the love of my life, and we have been in a stable relationship for a long time.”

According to Fox, Bodal had to send Elizabeth a cease and desist letter to tell her to stop contacting her boyfriend. She adds, “We both want to have a life and move away — that is why I said anything.”Also, Read Michael Woods Married to Elly Woods: Everything You Need To Know.

Early Life and Career of The Businessman

Bernt Bodal was born in a small town outside of Oslo, Norway, where he was born. He was entirely into a musical career when he was growing up. Bernt didn’t think of being a businessman in the future.

He was a part of the band Host, who released three studio albums. Bernt was sharing the stage along with other popular artists. He shared the stage with great names like Sammy Hagar and Roger Daltrey.

Bernt Bodal starring at camera
Bernt Bodal starring at camera
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However, his desire to become a rock star vanished after relocating to the United States, and he turned his attention to other things. Turning his musical career into a business person became beneficial to him.

He decided to go to the United States to work in the fishing industry after his parents left Norway. Bernt began his employment in the US as a fisherman for a Massachusetts-based fish factory.

Bernt earned enough money from several small jobs to concentrate on his company. He collaborated with a group of investors to buy American Seafood in 1999.

The business is among the top fish harvesters worldwide and the biggest seafood producers in the United States. He was appointed the company’s chief executive officer and served in that capacity until 2017.

Bernt left the American Seafoods Company in May 2017 after more than 25 years of working. As part of his retirement, he resigned from his role as chairman of the board of directors for the corporation.

Networth of The Millionaire Businessman

Bernt and other investors 1999 bought American Seafoods. He was the CEO of the Seafood company, which he held until 2017. Today, the business generates yearly earnings of about $500 million.

Furthermore, Bernt owns most of the stock. He is still on the board of American Seafoods even though he has retired. The business had just two ships when he first began working there.

By the time he was appointed the company’s CEO, the number of ships had increased to 16. He was a very hardworking person. Due to his successful career as a businessman, he has $200 Million of networth.

Furthermore, he is happily spending his lavish lifestyle after retiring from the Seafood business.

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