Lisa Desjardins is a Political journalist and news reporter highly known in the United States. She is a journalist for PBS NewsHour and has previously held positions with CNN Radio and the Associated Press.

Jason Desjardins is an American citizen who is popular as one of the big-name fiances. He is popular for being a celebrity husband of Lisa. There isn’t much information available on Jason’s personal life.

Furthermore, Due to his better half, he is still a personality who makes headlines time-to-time.

Relationship Timeline of Jason and Lisa

Lisa Desjardins is in a marriage relationship with Jason Desjardins. The Couple’s history and how they met are still not clear. We do, however, know that their path to everlasting has already been determined.

On October 6, 2007, in front of their loved ones, they exchanged vows to become husband and wife. Lisa and her spouse have been seen traveling together since she enjoys spending time with him.

Lisa Desjardins with her husband, Jason Desjardins
Lisa Desjardins with her husband, Jason Desjardins
(Image source: Instagram @lisadnews)

The Journalist is also kind enough to share precious family stories with her online followers. The Couple lives happily in Alexandria, Virginia, have been together for over a decade, and are still going strong.

The Couple posted a status on social media to honor their tenth wedding anniversary in 2017. They celebrated their tenth anniversary with their friends after previously keeping their personal affairs secret.

Talking about the lady journalist, she also can give herself anything she wants. And the best part is that her enjoyment is not dependent on anybody else. Thus, she is in pure love with her husband.

Both Lisa and Jason made social media posts about their success as a pair. Furthermore, the Couple is happily enjoying their marriage lifestyle. We hope the relationship will last forever happily and lavishly.

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Lisa Desjardins: Career Timeline

In 1998, Lisa Desjardins began her career as a reporter for the WBTW-TV Network after finishing her studies. It was her first career job. The Journalist spent about a year and a half working for the WBTV-TV Network.

She also left her position and immediately began working as a freelancer for The Sun News and the Reuters News Agency. For over four years, she was employed by the Reuters News Agency.

Lisa Desjardins staring at the camera
Lisa Desjardins staring at the camera
(Image source: Grand Valley State University)

But she quit The Sun News and started working as a political reporter for Columbia’s WIS TV, an NBC affiliate. She also covered the 2000 Republican Campaign in addition to South Carolina politics.

She quit all her positions in 2003 to work as an Associated Press newswoman in Washington, D.C. The Lady journalist also handled print reporting and supervised a national radio network.

She started working for CNN and was a correspondent for CNN Radio for nine years. Lisa put a lot of effort into her reporting, but after nine years with the news organization, CNN let many of its staff go.

Unfortunately, she lost her work, but she continued making a video on YouTube that quickly became popular. She didn’t give up, and in October 2014, she became a journalist for PBS News Hour.

Additionally, The lady journalist also creates content for three News Hours websites. Furthermore, she has kept a low profile free of rumors, scandals, and problems that might harm her work and personal life.

Jason and Lisa are the Proud Parents

A person only needs love to feel happy. When the Journalist met the love of her life, she discovered that love. The two have a wonderful relationship, and they are also happy parents.

Consider how, at this age, she can balance being a mother and a journalist. Journalism is more complex than it first looks. She is putting all of one’s education to use when working is essential.

Lisa Desjardins's Husband and Son
Lisa Desjardins’s Husband and Son
(Image source: Instagram @lisadnews)

She succeeds and still has a private life with her husband and a little son. While still managing to fall in love and raise a child with her life partner, Lisa is excellent at this.

The Couple has a baby boy. The Couple eventually had their first child after nine years after exchanging wedding vows. After their adored grandfather, the parents gave the kid the name Maximo Maurice.

Lisa made sure to announce the birth of her child on her Twitter account. The Couple’s family of three was complete with the addition of Maximo. Jason and Lisa is a way happier with their parenthood.

The pair have since enjoyed their time together without skipping important occasions like Christmas and birthdays. Furthermore, The Three members of the family are enjoying their family life happily.

Lisa once referred to adoption on Twitter by writing:

“Hi everyone, a major favor. We’re still trying to complete our family by adopting a second kid. RT, please? Likewise, let me know if anyone is looking! I’m thankful.

The Couple Celebrating their 10th Marriage Anniversary.

Ten years have passed since the Couple exchanged vows, and they still appear to have no plans to break up their relationship. They recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, which is another bonus.

Lisa announced her 10th wedding anniversary on Twitter by writing, “I’m SO LUCKY—ten years ago today, I married this wonderful man. Maybe not Twitter talk, but today I’m feeling a little crazy in love.

Lisa Desjardins with her husband and son
Lisa Desjardins with her husband and son
(Image source: Instagram @lisadnews)

The three-person family was recently seen relaxing in London at the beginning of September. On social media, Lisa posted snippets of the unforgettable experience.

On September 4, 2017, she shared the photos while on a hike in Edinburgh’s mountains. The three-person family is currently happy at their home in Alexandria, Virginia.

Jason, however, posted a picture from his wedding in 2007. The bride and groom and the bridesmaids and groomsmen appeared in bridal clothes and posed for photos on the stairway.

Furthermore, Jason shared images from the memorable day to mark their wedding anniversary.

The Huge Net Worth of Lisa Desjardins

Lisa is one of the rare journalists with a successful career professionally and financially. She only started her career in 1998, but she has already risen to the top by working for various upmarket news networks.

They include CNN, The Sun News, WIS, NewsHour and many others. As of 2022, The Lady Reporter had an incredible net worth of $2 million. However, Journalism is her primary source of income and networth.

She has a healthy income from her career as a political journalist, which she spends on various modern luxuries. Lisa works for PBS NewsHour, receiving a high salary of $120,000 annually.

She worked for CNN for over ten years, earning about $60,000 annually. The Lady Journalist, her husband, and her child reside at her luxurious home in Washington, DC.

She presently has a wonderful career and lives a happy, prosperous life. New opportunities have probably increased her financial worth. Furthermore, we wish her more success in her life.

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