Jessy Schram is an American Actress and model. She is popular for her shows and movies like Love Song, American Pie Presents, Lucifer and, more. Also, her most notable roles include Hannah Griffith in Veronica Mars, Rachel Seybolt in Life, Karen Nadler in Falling Skies, and Cinderella.

Can we know enough about Jessy Schram’s net worth, relationship, family? So, here without any delay, we provide you with the details.

Is Jessy Schram Married? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

If we go through the deep in her personal life, she is probably in a relationship.

However, Jessy is quite strict when it comes to her relationship. She is now enjoying her bond with her long-term boyfriend, Sterling Pierce Taylor. Also, some rumors are spreading that she has had many past relationships before, but it was just gossip she hasn’t talked about it.

 Jessy Schram and her current boyfriend
Jessy Schram and her current boyfriend
Source: Instagram

Also, there is no exact date for their dating date, and it seems the duo may have been dating each other for quite a long time.

However, people started spotting them in 2018. They came to social media and started sharing their pictures on both sides, where sterling keeps his account private. Moreover, their fans are sharing their joy through the comment in their pictures. Also, read about Lily Collins’s net worth, family, relationship and, more.

Likewise, She had a past relationship with Victor Gojcaj when they met for the first time in the movie ‘Unstoppable.’ It seems these things can’t affect her current relationship.

Because every picture of Jessy and Sterling post together screams of their love for nature and adventures. Unfortunately, they haven’t even engaged yet while people think it to be their wedding. But there is no doubt in the future; we might see them share vows and wedding rings.

Jessy Schram And Brittany Snow

There we talk about Jessy and Brittany. What is that? Why their name together? Many questions have come to the internet, and people are really curious about that. So we provide you with the details of what exactly it is.

Brittany Snow is a popular actress in America, and She is even popular worldwide. In the Veronica Mars series where Jessy was played, most people think that she is Brittany.

 Brittany Snow and Jessy Schram
Brittany Snow and Jessy Schram
Source: Fashion Dresses

Most people comment there that they also thought she was Brittany, who played the role of Hannah Griffith, but the reality is she was Jessy Schram. The main reason for people’s confusion is they look similar, and even their mouths are no different. Jessy has just appeared in four episodes of Veronica Mars.

How Much Does Net Worth Jessy Schram Have?

A gorgeous woman holds a net worth of around $3 Million, similar to Sonni Pacheco. She earns all the wages from her career like movies, tv shows, series and, more.

Even she has more than 70.8k followers on Instagram, so there is no doubt she got a sponsor for sure. Most people think that she might be rich more than we think because of her Instagram picture where she travels many places.

 Jessy Schram enjoying her rich life
Jessy Schram enjoying her rich life
Source: Instagram

Also, many people think that she has some hidden business too, but she hasn’t talked about it. If we go through, her salary is unknown.

But, taking an average salary for an American actress is around $40,000, but as we see her hard work towards the movies and series, she might earn more than average for sure. However, Jessy is still active in her profession, so maybe we might see her net worth growth in the future.

More About American Actress

Jessica Schram was born on January 15, 1986, in Skokie, Illinois, US. She was raised in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. She was always interested in Acting, and even Jessica started learning Guitar when she was a kid.

Also, she graduated from Buffalo Grove High School in 2004. However, at the age of 12, she performed in musical theater, and she began her journey of acting from there.

Jessica Schram when she was a kid
Jessica Schram when she was a kid
Source: Instagram

Also, talk about her family members; Jessy’s father’s name is John Schram, whose profession is still under review, her mother’s name is Kristie Schram, an actress. Even though she has two siblings, one brother and one sister broth, Jonathan Schram, loves to play golf where her sister’s name is Nicole Schram, who is Project Manager.

Kristie Schram Mother
John Schram Father
Nicole Schram Sister
Jonathan Schram Brother

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