Jameson Baldwin is a celebrity kid. To clarify, She is the daughter of the prominent actor, producer, and writer, William Baldwin.

Furthermore, her mother, Chynna Philips, is an American singer and lies among the famous personalities. For further details, make sure to read till the end.

Jameson Baldwin Relationship Status

As of our research, Baldwin is currently single and not dating anyone. In the same vein, there is no information regarding her previous relationships.

Apart from relationship stuff, she loves to do parties, hang out with friends, and often seems to be with her friends.

Jameson Baldwin with her father
Jameson Baldwin with her father
Source: Daily Mail

As for her parent’s relations, her father Baldwin married her mother Philips in 1995. Her mother was a member of the famous pop music group Wilson Philips.

Moreover, Jameson is a grandfather; John Phillips was an American singer, guitarist, songwriter, and promoter.

On the other hand, her grandmother is also an American singer, actress, songwriter, and former model.

In the same vein, Jameson has one younger sister and brother named Brooke, born in 2004, and brother Vance Baldwin, born in 2001.

Jameson Baldwin’s Net Worth

As we mentioned earlier, she is the daughter of prominent personalities. However, there are no details regarding her net worth and income till now.

However, we can say that she is living a lavish lifestyle. We will keep you updated after some facts are publicized regarding Jameson.

Jameson Baldwin
Jameson Baldwin
Source: Instagram

So, let’s go further about her parent’s fortune; Jameson’s father, Billy Baldwin, has a net worth of $6 million as of 2021, similar to the celebrity daughter Danika Berlin. He has amassed great assets through his acting career and his other profession.

He earns around $15 thousand monthly. Moreover, Willliam used to take $150 thousand for a movie. Seemingly, he has earned $1.7 million for portraying the movie Silver. As for Jameson’s mother, Chynna Philips has a net worth of $6 million.

Jameson Baldwin’s Father, William Baldwin

William Joseph Baldwin, born on February 21, 1963. He is the second-youngest brother among his four brothers.

Talking about his movies, he debuted his film, Born on the Fourth of July, in 1829. Furthermore, he has starred in the movie Backdraft, Sliver, Flatliners, Virus, The Squid, and the Whale.

William Baldwin
William Baldwin
Source: IMDb

He has done numerous movies throughout his acting career. So, we will mention his most popular film, which led his name to the top. In 1993 he portrayed the role of Zeke Hawkins in the movie Silver. Meanwhile, he got an MTV Movie Award for Most Desirable Male.

In 1995 he played the role of Detective Max Kirkpatrick in the movie Fair Game. Meanwhile, nominated for Worst Screen Couple in Raspberry Award.

Subsequently, he earned a Gotham Independent Flim Award for Best Ensemble Cast from The Squid and the Whale in 2005.

Is Jameson Baldwin on Instagram?

Yes, the celebrity child is featured on Instagram. Currently, the starlet has an impressive following of over 14.2 thousand people.

Currently, she resides in the dream city of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara. Looking at her pictures on social media, she is interested in modelling.

In 2018, she posted a cute picture with her famous father and collected many views.

Is James Baldwin on Tiktok?

Currently, the famous influences are migrating towards Tiktok, as it is hailed as the new king of social media.

Tiktok is amassing billions and billions of views from its videos.

Talking about Jame’s TikTok account, there is no official handle. However, there are a few clips here are there featuring the celebrity. However, she might open an official Tiktok account.

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