Jill Wendy Dando, aka Jill Dando, was an English TV presenter, Journalist, and newsreader. In addition, she has worked for the BBC and was the corporation’s character in 1997. Jill work as Co-presenter in the BBC One program, Nick Ross and Crimewatch. For the other info about Jill Dando, like her death cause, net worth, makes sure to read till the end.

Jill Dando Relationship Status

Dando dated BBC executive officer Bob Wheaton in 1989. Later on, she broke up with him and had a short relationship with national park keeper Simon Basil. Subsequently, their relation also ended due to specific personal reasons. After they broke up, she decided to be single.

Late Jill Dando with her husband, Alan Farhing.
Late Jill Dando with her husband, Alan Farthing.
Source: The Times

But, in December 1997, Dando happened to meet a guy named Alan Farthing on a blind date. Farthing is a gynecologist and was previously separated from his spouse. After months later, Alan finalized his divorce from his wife,

Meanwhile, Jill and Alan started to date each other and engaged on January 31, 1999. After eight months of engagement, on November 25, they exchanged vows. However, her love life hasn’t gone happily for a long time. Sad to say, Jill died in the same year of her marriage.

Jill Dando Net Worth

Dando used to earn from her regular profession. However, there were no records about her net worth at that time. Jill Dand’s net worth is around $1 million$5 million, approximately comparable to the Youtuber Sniping Soup’s net worth from her assets and income data.

Jill Dando
Jill Dando.
Source: Reddit

Talking about his property, She has an estate whose gross value was 1,181,207 Pound; following her debts and income tax, the worth was 863,756; after death tax, it becomes 607,000 Pound, all of that her father inheritance since she expired intestate.

Death Cause Of Jill Dando

Even though it provides no new info, it pledges to tell the details behind Jill Dando’s death. Jill died on April 26, 1999. The 37-year-old was assassinated by a single bullet right into her head when she stepped into the front door of her house around 11:32 am.

Before some hour of her murder, she was off for her husband, Farthing’s home in Chiswick. In the same vein, she returned alone at her house in Fulham. Though she lived there, she was in the process of selling it and did not live there usually.

After fourteen minutes, her neighbor Helen Doble found Jill Dando’s body. Meanwhile, police arrived at 11:47. Dando was hastening to the local hospital Charing Cross Hospital. During the time of arrival, she was announced dead.

According to a Forensic study, Jill was shot by a 9mm Short caliber semi-automatic pistol. Jill Dando was buried right next to her mother’s tomb in the town Ebdon Road Cemetery.

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Winifred Mary Jean Dando Mother
Jack Dando Father
Nigel Dando Brother