Delve into the captivating world of Jordy Burrows! Known as the ex-husband of Nathalie Kelley, his life embodies mystery and intrigue. In a whirlwind romance that captured headlines, their relationship sparked curiosity and gossip.

Beyond the rumors lies Burrows’ fascinating journey—a talented photographer and adventure seeker. Join us as we uncover the enigmatic facets of his life and career. From secret engagements to tabloid tales, explore the true essence of this adventurous spirit behind the lens.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling exploration of Burrows’ world—a blend of fame, artistry, and the allure of the unknown!

Jordy Burrows Wiki/Bio: Age, Early Life

Jordan “Jordy” Burrows, hailing from Berowra in North Sydney, Australia, emerged from the shadows of quiet suburbia to embrace a life rich in adventure. His educational journey led him through the halls of Asquith Boys High School, renowned for fostering exceptional learning environments for young men.

Despite this, details about his family, parents, and early life remain veiled, shrouded in mystery. Burrows’ story is one where the spotlight focuses more on his journey from suburban upbringing to global adventures, leaving behind a trail of curiosity about the enigmatic chapters of his personal history.

Jordy Burrows and Nathalie Kelley’s Married Life

Jordy Burrows and Nathalie Kelley orchestrated a beautiful, understated wedding down under in Australia. With just two months of planning, they opted for a serene harbor setting, exchanging vows at The Island, a picturesque floating beach club in Sydney’s Potts Point. Similarly, actress Naomi Scott is also happily married.

Jordan Burrows and Nathalie Kelley on the red carpet event.
Jordan Burrows and Nathalie Kelley on the red carpet event. Source: Pinterest

Their dream was to carve out a future together in Australia. Kelley’s mom lovingly crafted the floral arrangements, while her family from Peru added a vibrant touch, gifting 200 maracas. The festivities featured lively Samba dancer performances and a guest list including Kelley’s friend Jade Yarbrough and Dynasty co-star Rafael de la Fuente.

Everyone was gifted maracas, setting the dance floor ablaze with “Love Is In The Air” by John Paul Young. Before Burrows, Kelley had been romantically involved with her Vampire Diaries co-star Zach Roerig.

“Vampire Diaries” Star Purposed Jordan First

Nathalie Kelley made a bold move by proposing to Jordan “Jordy” Burrows. The couple tied the knot in April 2018 but eventually parted ways by June 2020. Breaking the traditional norms, the actress, hailing from Lima but raised in Australia, took the initiative and proposed to her then-boyfriend, Jordan.

Months following their wedding, the actress, known for her role in Dynasty, shared the story of her proposal in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Australia. Reflecting on her relationship, Kelley expressed that Burrows embodied all the qualities she sought in a partner. At the time, Kelley had just concluded her role as Cristal Carrington on Dynasty and was relishing leisure time with Burrows.

Nathalie Kelley Proposed Him Without a Ring

Nathalie Kelley, recognized for her role in “The Baker and The Beauty,” took an unconventional approach to proposing to Jordy Burrows. Following their joint trip to Tulum, Mexico, and Atlanta, Kelley felt an overwhelming sense of having found “the one.”

During a holiday in Mérida, a city known for its vibrant Mayan and colonial heritage, she decided to propose to Burrows, marking merely three months together.

Kelley shared that her proposal took place in Atlanta while she was filming, following their month-long Mexican vacation. In a candid admission, she revealed that their challenging journey to Mérida played a pivotal role in her decision to propose.

The experience of navigating the roads, dealing with fatigue, hangovers, and even encountering police debates over tolls, made Kelley realize Burrows’ compatibility and patience, solidifying her desire for a life together.

How Did Jordy Meet Is Wife Nathalie?

Burrows and Kelley crossed paths through a mutual acquaintance just before the arrival of the New Year in 2018, while Kelley was taking a break from filming the first season of Dynasty. At that time, she had been residing in the United States for 13 years.

Describing her ex-husband, Kelley depicted Burrows as exceptionally humorous, laid-back, effortlessly calm, devoid of possessiveness or jealousy, incredibly kind-hearted, and exceedingly generous.

Kelley and Burrows’ Divorce Rumors

In early 2020, rumors surrounding the separation of Kelley and Burrows began circulating, sparked by their absence from each other’s Instagram accounts for an extended period. Despite the speculations, Jordy addressed the rumors in April that year, affirming their marital status.

He wrote,

“Nathalie and I are still married”

the Australian DJ clarified via social media. He explained that his stay in Australia was due to family reasons, while Kelley remained in the USA for work commitments. Burrows disclosed that they mutually decided to keep their relationship off social media to safeguard their privacy, shedding light on their absence from Instagram.

Divorced: Nathalie Kelley Has Already Found a New Boyfriend

In August 2021, Nathalie Kelley confirmed her separation from Jordan Burrows through an Instagram post featuring herself and her new boyfriend, André Alonso, vacationing in Italy. Cole Hamels also recently found a new love.

The post depicted Kelley and Alonso enjoying moments together in Naples, Italy, showcasing their affection against the backdrop of the Bay of Naples.

Nathalie Kelley with her current boyfriend André Alonso.
Nathalie Kelley with her current boyfriend André Alonso. Source: Instagram

Before this revelation, Kelley and Alonso had made public appearances, including attending a UNICEF fundraiser hosted by Luisa Via Roma. Reports indicated that Kelley and Alonso had been traveling together for approximately six months prior to their Italian getaway.

André Alonso first appeared on Kelley’s Instagram in January, with a photo capturing them in Atlixco, central Mexico. The emergence of these images coincided with reports of Kelley’s silent separation from Burrows. Following their breakup, it was reported that Jordy had relocated to Byron Bay.

Career: What Does He Do For a Living?

Burrows swiftly ascended the professional ladder at Ryan’s Hotels, eventually reaching the managerial position. His LinkedIn profile indicates his tenure lasted nearly a decade, concluding in August 2013.

Following this, Burrows took on the role of licensee and general manager at The Bucket List Bondi, situated in Bondi Beach, Sydney, from August 2013 to November 2017. During his tenure, he actively participated in the Clean Up Australia initiative at Bondi Beach in 2016, collaborating with his staff.

Transitioning from The Bucket List Bondi, Burrows held the position of GM and licensee at the Bondi Beach Public Bar from November 2017 to August 2018, marking his last publicly available position. He later worked at the trendy Italian restaurant Icebergs Dining Room in an unspecified capacity around 2019.

In a July 2018 feature by The Sydney Morning Herald on Nathalie Kelley, Burrows, an alumnus of Asquith, was identified as a bar owner in Bondi, showcasing his multifaceted involvement in the hospitality industry.

What Is Jordan Burrows’ Net Worth?

While specific financial details about Jordan Burrows’ net worth aren’t widely disclosed publicly, he has experienced success within the hospitality industry and holds a respectable professional background.

As for Nathalie Kelley, a Peruvian-Australian actress known for her roles in various television series and films, her net worth is around $500,000.

It’s important to note that net worth estimations for individuals can vary based on different sources and factors, and exact figures may not be publicly confirmed.

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