Kacey Alexander Gaulden

Kacey Alexander Gaulden is one lucky little guy! He’s the adorable son of the super-popular rapper, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, also known as NBA YoungBoy. He was born in 2019 to YoungBoy’s then-girlfriend, Jania Meshell Bania. And let me tell you, being the son of a famous rapper definitely puts Kacey in the spotlight!

Now, let’s talk about Kacey’s dad, YoungBoy. His real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, but he’s better known by his stage name. The media personality is a total music sensation, and he decided to chase his dreams of becoming a rapper instead of staying in school. And guess what? It paid off big time!

Who Are Kacey Alexander Gaulden’s Parents? Get Details On Their Love History

Let’s dive into the intriguing world of Kacey Alexander, the cool kid who happens to be the fourth blood-related child of the famous American rapper NBA YoungBoy. The star son’s parents are none other than NBA YoungBoy himself and Jania Bania. Can you believe they were just 18 years old when Kacey came into their lives?

Kacey Alexander Gaulden’s parents are NBA YoungBoy and Jania Meshell. Source: Instagram@nbakacey38

Now, let’s talk about Kacey’s awesome mom, Meshell, who’s not your average girl. She’s an Instagram star and YouTuber, making waves on social media with her fabulous presence. Jania and Lonely Child artist dated for a while, and when she announced their relationship openly, her Instagram following skyrocketed. The celebrity beau gained a massive fan base, and people couldn’t get enough of her.

However, as life sometimes takes unexpected turns, Jania revealed through her social media in the middle of 2018 that she and NBA had broken up. She made it clear that she would be raising Kacey as a strong and independent single mother. You go, Jania!

How Many Siblings Does Kacey Alexander Gaulden Have?

Alright, let’s dive into the family tree of Kacey Gaulden, the cool kid in town! So, Kacey’s dad is NBA YoungBoy, the famous rapper, and his mom is Bania. Now, the adorable Alexander is not an only child—oh no! He’s got a bunch of siblings to keep the fun going.

From his dad’s side, Gaulden has three awesome brothers: Kamiri, Kamron, and Taylin Gaulden. They’re like a squad, always up to some mischief! But wait, there’s more! YoungBoy also has two other kids from different relationships. They’re Kacey’s half-siblings, a sister named Armani and a brother named Kayden. That’s a big, blended family right there!

Kacey Alexander Gaulden with his father and siblings. Source: Instagram@nbakacey38

But we’re not done yet. the celebrity kid’s mom, Jania, has a little girl too! Her name is Icelynn Mercedes Murray, and she’s got some serious game because she’s the daughter of a basketball player, Dejounte Murray. Talk about talent running in the family!

Even though Kacey’s parents have moved on and found new love, they still stay in touch for the sake of their son. The cute personality’s got a great relationship with both his parents and all his siblings. You can often spot him in his mom’s social media posts, bringing smiles and good vibes wherever he goes.

Who Is NBA YoungBoy?

The big-name YoungBoy is an American rapper who’s been making waves in the music scene. Born as Kentrell DeSean, he adopted the stage name NBA YoungBoy, and boy, did he make a name for himself!

Moreover, YoungBoy started his music journey by releasing his own mixtapes in 2015. These underground releases created a buzz, and soon he had a dedicated fanbase. One of his songs, “Outside Today,” became a massive hit, reaching high on the music charts. Since then, he’s been on a roll, dropping a whopping twenty-six albums, EPs, and mixtapes. Talk about staying busy!

You might be wondering about the TV star in his name. Well, it stands for “Never Broke Again,” a catchy phrase that his cousin NBA MeechyBaby came up with. YoungBoy liked it so much that he created his own record label called Never Broke Again. In 2021, the label released a mixtape called “Green Flag Activity.” Green lights all the way!

Let’s Have Some Closure On Kacey Alexander Gaulden’s Social Media Presence

Let’s talk about Alexander and his awesome Instagram adventures! You can find him on Instagram with the cool username @nbakacey38, and he’s got quite a following—1754 followers, to be exact. That’s a lot of people interested in seeing what Kacey is up to!

Kacey Alexander Gaulden is a media sensation. Source: Instagram@nbakacey38

When you scroll through his Instagram feed, you’ll find a bunch of funny pictures. The star kid loves sharing snapshots of himself, his parents, and his awesome siblings. It’s like a family album right on your phone! And you know what’s even cooler? Gaulden seems to have a great bond with some of his brothers and sisters. It’s heartwarming to see siblings getting along and having a blast together.

Through his Instagram page, you can catch glimpses of Kacey’s life and the special moments he shares with his family. It’s like getting a VIP pass to their fun-filled adventures. Whether they’re goofing around, exploring cool places, or just hanging out, you can be sure there’s never a dull moment.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden’s Lavish Lifestyles

Well, little Gaulden is just a tiny tot right now, so it is obvious he doesn’t hold any net worth as of now! But don’t worry, his awesome parents have got his back and take care of all his needs.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden with his father. Source: Instagram@nbakacey38

Now, the media star’s father is NBA YoungBoy, and let me tell you, he’s made quite a name for himself in the rap game. He’s not only super talented but also super successful, with a whopping net worth of $6 million! That’s a whole lot of moolah!

But wait, there’s more to the story! Gaulden’s mom is no ordinary gal either. She’s a social media star, a YouTuber, and a model. She makes money by teaming up with different brands and promoting their stuff on her Instagram page. She’s like a walking billboard!

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