Being a social media star is not everyone’s cup of tea as it brings success as well controversies. Consequently, Kai Avaroe is a public figure who has seen his fair share of success and the dark side of being an influencer. Furthermore, he is married to a fellow YouTuber, James Jackson, whose family made headlines recently.

We have seen the YouTuber making us laugh online, but do we know about his controversies and relationship. Well, let’s look at Kai’s net worth, wedding, and career.

What happened to Kai Avaroe and Onision? Are they Split?

Initially, Kai was a fan of James Jackson, also known as Onision before he met him. Furthermore, Kai tweeted his future partner showing him his love. Later on, they met each other. The lovely pair tied the knot in November 2012. After two years in their marriage, Avaroe was pregnant. However, the couple hide the pregnancy pictures and did not reveal anything about the child, for their online career. Later on, they welcomed their first child Troy in 2014.

Kai Avaroe Scandal.
Kai Avaroe Scandal.
Image Source: YouTube

After having their second child, Kai and Oni’s relationship faced issues. In 2019, the controversial star was got public backlash after his private photos were uploaded. Furthermore, similar incidents followed which made their channel lose subscribers. Allegations, like marrying a minor, child abuse, misconduct, and harassment followed the couple. However, the pair did not face major legal actions and made several videos defending themselves. Learn the relationship status of Howard Stern

Kai Avaroe Net worth is 500 thousand USD?

Being a famous individual, Kai Avaroe has managed to live a successful career despite all his controversies. Currently, he is reported to have a net worth of 500 thousand USD. In addition, his husband has a net worth of approximately 2 million USD. From his and his husband’s earnings, they do not have to face financial issues. The majority of his income comes from social media and ad revenue.

According to his Social Blade, he earns around $18-$281 per month and $217-$3.4k per year. However, the 26 years has stopped posted on his YouTube channel for a year. From his earnings, he has managed to own branded clothes and travel to luxurious hotels. In addition, follow the career of Piper Rockelle for more interesting trivia.

Where Is He Now? Height, Twitter, and Realname

Focusing on the physical aspects of the controversial star, Kai is currently 26 years of age. Furthermore, he stands at a height of 5 Feet and 7 inches and weighs around 60 Kilograms. The YouTuber’s sexuality is constantly in question, however, nothing official is revealed. Avaroe belongs to a white Caucasian Ethnicity and is of American Nationality. He currently has a short black hairstyle and born with beautiful black eyes. Moreover, Kai’s Zodiac sign is Libra.

The Snippet o Kai Avaroe.
The Snippet o Kai Avaroe.
Image Source: onision.fandom

Looking back at the social media star’s early life, he was born in North America on the 16th of October, 1994. However, the information about his parents and siblings is not revealed by the 26-year-old, for keeping them away from the limelight. Furthermore, his real name is Taylor Elaine Anderson, who considers himself a female. Moreover, he earned a degree in Psychology. From an early age, he was fascinated by making videos and makeovers. Also, read on Mario Lopez

Despite being a public figure, Avaroe does not have multiple social networks. Currently, only his YouTube channel is active. In addition, his channel currently has a massive following of 318 thousand and uploaded 85 contents. Furthermore, the popular handle has garnered over 36 million views. Likewise, he is also available on Twitter.

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