Kaja Conrad is the celebrity daughter of famous television actor Robert Conrad and actress LaVelda Fann. Further, Kaja’s siblings are also in the entertainment industry, following in their parent’s footsteps.

It seems that the acting gene is running in the whole Conrad family. Please follow the below article and get to know more about the actress.

Who is Kaja Conrad? Age, Wiki, Parents, Early Life

Kaja Conrad is an American actress. Moreover, before she started her career, Conrad was famous as a celebrity child. Her father is a well-known television actor Robert Conrad and her mother is LaVelda Fann. There is no actual date of birth available for Kaja; however, she was born in 1983 in the USA.

Kaja Conrad with her mum and two younger sisters when they were young.
Kaja Conrad with her mum and two younger sisters when they were young. Source: Instagram

Currently, she is fourty years old. Conrad is an American national and comes from a white ethnic background. She was born and raised in a loving environment with two younger sisters by her parents. Camille Conrad and Chelsea Conrad are the sisters of Kaja.

Similarly, Christian Conrad, Shane Conrad, Joan Conrad, Nancy Conrad, and Christy Conrad are half-siblings of Kaja from her father’s first marriage with Joan Kenlay. Despite having two different mothers, the Conrad children get along very well. Also, when and where she studies is unavailable.

Who is the father of Kaja Conrad?

Robert Conard, a well-renowned television actor, is the father of Kaja Conrad. He was born on March 1, 1935, in Chicago. His father, Leonard Henry Falk, is a German native, and his mother, Hazel Hartman, is a director known as Jackie Smith. He was not good at studying and hence dropped out of college.

Robert Conrad, father of Kaja Conrad.
Robert Conrad, father of Kaja Conrad.
Source: Pinterest

But he was much more fascinated by the acting field. So, Robert enrolled in Northwestern University’s theatre course and practiced vocals. Robert’s mother, too, used her contacts to get a part as a stuntman. In 1957 he met actor Nick Adams who insisted he move to California to start his acting career.

Then came a turning point in Robert’s career when Adam got him the role in Juvenile Jungle in 1958. Soon after, he got a singing contract with Warner Bros. Also Read: Presley Tanita Tucker

Robert played James Garner in the Warner Bros series Maverick. After, he was seen playing in different TV series and films. His most praised work was seen as G. Gordon Liddy in the television movie Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy in 1982.

Mother of Kaja Conrad, LaVelda Fann

LaVelda Ione Fann aka LaVelda Fann is the mother of Kaja. She is the second wife of Robert Conrad. Moreover, the actress was born on August 16, 1960, in Alabama.

Still, there is no information regarding her early life. She took part in Miss National Teenager in 1977, where she met her husband, Robert Conrad, who was the MC of the show.

LaVelda Fann and Robert Conrad, parents of Kaja Conrad.
LaVelda Fann and Robert Conrad, parents of Kaja Conrad.

They had a huge age difference of twenty-five years. However, they soon fell for one another and married on March 28, 1977. Then, she got to play the role of Linda in A Man Called Sloane TV series in 1979. Later, she was featured in Sworn to Vengeance and High Sierra Search and Rescue.

Together they have three children, Kaja, Camille, and Chelsea Conrad. Due to marital differences, Robert and LaVelda ended their blissful marriage of more than two decades in 2010. Currently, the actress owns the FannHaven Production company in LA.

Is Kaja Conrad in a relationship?

Well, the actress seems to be living a low-key life. Also, her Instagram page is private. As such, no evidence proves the actress is dating someone. So, we might believe she is currently single.

Kaja Conrad beautiful smile
Kaja Conrad has a beautiful smile.
Source: Instagram

Her mother often posts about her daughters on her IG page. It also suggests the same thing that the actress is not seeing anyone. Kaja might be looking for her MR. Perfect, and so, she is busy with her work.

Her father’s tragic end

In 2020 came heartbreaking news for the whole Conrad family. Robert Conrad, the actor, resided at his home in Malibu, California. On February 8, 2020, the actor had a cardiac arrest. Because of this, the actor couldn’t survive and was pronounced dead.

He was eighty-four when he died. The whole Conrad family, including his friends and colleagues, mourned the death of Conrad. He was a beloved fellow and a great dad to all his eight children.

What’s the net worth of the actress?

The actress Kaja Conrad is a secretive person regarding her life. So far, she has covered all the things from the media. She has worked in various films and series whose details are refrained from the media sphere.

The Conrad sisters enjoy themselves at a restaurant.
The Conrad sisters enjoy themselves at a restaurant.

However, the average income of an actress in the US is $50,000 annually. Hence, she might have made a good fortune from her career in the industry. Besides, her father was $10 million before his demise in 2020 as per Celebrity Net Worth. Robert mainly claimed his future from his acting career.

Similarly, her mother LaVelda has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Apart from acting, she owns a production company in LA, California. Thus, the actress Kaja has had a luxurious life from the very beginning.

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