Meet Katherine Clare Timpf, an exceptional American television personality, reporter, and comedian who has carved a unique niche for herself in the world of media. With her quick wit, sharp intellect, and unabashed sense of humor, Timpf has captivated audiences across the nation.

Katherine’s journey into the limelight began as a contributor on the renowned Fox News Channel, where her lively presence graced popular programs such as “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and “Fox News Specialists.”

Join us as we delve into the delightful world of Kat Timpf, where laughter and insight intertwine, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter her vibrant personality.

Early Life, Parents, Siblings, and Education

Katherine Clare Timpf, born on October 29, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan, is the eldest daughter of Anne Marie Timpf and Daniel Timpf. She grew up in Macomb, Michigan, along with her two siblings.

After completing her primary education, Timpf embarked on an academic journey that would later shape her unique perspective and command of language. In 2010, she graduated from Hillsdale College, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Katherine Claire Tmpf with her sister Julia Timpf.
Katherine Claire Tmpf with her sister Julia Timpf. Source: Instagram/@kattimpf

Likewise, Katherine’s brother, Elliot Timpf, is a musical artist, lyricist, and singer, while her sister, Julia Timpf, is a model and actress.

Kat’s upbringing in a creative household, influenced by their father, has played a significant role in her siblings’ artistic pursuits. Despite their different paths, the Timpf siblings share a strong bond, frequently making appearances on Kat’s social media accounts, be it Twitter or Instagram.

While Katherine herself has achieved success as a television personality, reporter, and comedian, her brother’s musical talent and her sister’s modeling and acting career showcase the diverse creative talents within the Timpf family.

Relationship Status- Is She Married?

Katherine Clare Timpf’s married life has added a new chapter of love and happiness to her captivating journey in the world of entertainment. In a beautiful and intimate ceremony on May 1st, 2021, she exchanged vows with her beloved Cameron Friscia.

Katherine Claire Tmpf and her husband Cameron Friscia.
Katherine Claire Tmpf and her husband Cameron Friscia. Source: Instagram/@kattimpf

The union of these lovebirds, with Cameron being a US Army Veteran who enlisted following the September 2001 attack, signifies a deep bond and shared commitment to each other’s happiness and well-being.

Prior to their marriage, Kat had excitedly announced their engagement on The Greg Gutfeld Show, captivating her fans with the news of her impending nuptials. With their relationship blossoming over time, their wedding day became a testament to their enduring love.

As Kat continues to inspire and entertain with her wit and charisma, her married life with Cameron adds a beautiful personal dimension to her vibrant and successful career. Together, they embark on a new chapter filled with love, laughter, and endless adventures.

Her Past Relationship Details

During her teenage years, Kat Timpf had a boyfriend whom her parents disapproved of. In a segment with Fox Nation, Kat’s father, Daniel, joined her as they discussed her past relationship.

According to Kat, her parents were not fond of her boyfriend because he had a tongue piercing. They went so far as to ground her for two weeks and even called her boyfriend’s house to make it clear that he should never contact her again.

Initially, Kat was angered by her parents’ decision and felt frustrated. However, as time went on, she came to realize that her parents’ concerns were valid. Reflecting on the situation, she understood that their actions were rooted in their love and desire to protect her. Also, read to know about the love story of Comedian Erik Griffin.

Kat Timpf’s Net Worth- What’s Her Salary?

Kat Timpf’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million, and she reportedly earns a yearly salary of $500,000. Her wealth has been accumulated through her successful career in media and reporting. As a prominent figure in the journalism industry, Timpf has enjoyed financial success throughout her tenure.

In addition to her professional achievements, Timpf has indulged in luxury purchases, including a BMW X7 worth approximately $95,000, which adds to her collection of luxury cars that already includes a Range Rover and a Mercedes E-Class.

The comedian and television personality enjoys an impressive amount of net worth.
The comedian and television personality enjoys an impressive amount of net worth. Source: Instagram/@kattimpf

Notably, Timpf also has a penchant for renting high-end vehicles such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis during weekends, with expenses exceeding $150,000 over the past two years. Also, know the net worth of Cleo Kinnaman.

These financial endeavors highlight Timpf’s ability to enjoy the fruits of her labor while maintaining a luxurious lifestyle.

Kat Timpf’s Career: From Journalism to Comedy and Beyond

Katherine Timpf’s career has encompassed various roles in media, showcasing her talent and versatility. She initially started as a video and print reporter for the Leadership Institute’s, focusing on uncovering fraud, bias, and abuse on college campuses.

Likewise, Kat further expanded her experience by working as a digital editor for ‘The Washington Times’ and as a news anchor for NASA’s Third Rock Radio. Additionally, Timpf served as a producer and reporter for Total Traffic Network.

As her profile grew, Timpf began making appearances on notable TV and radio programs, including ‘Fox & Friends,’ ‘American Live with Megyn Kelly,’ and ‘The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.’ She also contributed as a reporter and columnist for ‘National Review Online.’

Kat Timpf on the show 'Gutfeld' Show.
Kat Timpf on the show ‘Gutfeld’ Show. Source: Instagram/@kattimpf

Timpf’s comedic abilities have also been recognized, as she has performed stand-up comedy in prominent venues like ‘The Improv’ in Los Angeles and the ‘Gotham Comedy Club’ in New York. Her appearance on ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show’ in 2015 further boosted her popularity, as she became a regular contributor to the American comedy and politics show hosted by Greg Gutfeld.

In December 2015, Timpf drew attention for criticizing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, accusing her of being a “fake feminist” due to her handling of allegations against her husband regarding sexual misconduct.

Notably, Timpf played a role in ‘The Fox News Specialists,’ a news and talk show that aired on the Fox News Channel from May to September 2017. Currently, she hosts her own weekly podcast called ‘The Kat Timpf Show,’ where she explores various subjects and shares insights from her personal life.

Major Works

Throughout her career, Timpf has made noteworthy appearances on various television programs. One of her early appearances was on ‘America Live with Megyn Kelly,’ a news program hosted by renowned journalist Megyn Kelly.

Likewise, the highlight of Timpf’s career came with her involvement in ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show,’ a weekly comedy and politics show hosted by Greg Gutfeld. Since its premiere on May 31, 2015, the show has featured a panel of comedians and TV personalities who bring a humorous perspective to the week’s news and events, favoring satire over serious debates.

In her most recent work, Timpf played a role in ‘The Fox News Specialists,’ an American news and talk show that debuted on May 1, 2017. Alongside hosts Eric Bolling and Eboni Williams, Timpf engaged in discussions about political issues and current events.

The show gained attention for its inaugural episode, featuring an interview with then-President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the show was canceled in September of the same year following Bolling’s departure from Fox News amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Does Kat Timpf Have A Book?

Yes, Katherine Timpf does have a book. She recently published a book named “You Can’t Joke About That.” The book was out on April 18, 2023. Likewise, it becomes a successful debut for her as an author. Her book was one of the New York Times best-selling.

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