Katie Scarfe is an English stage, radio, TV & voice actress. She is the oldest daughter of actress Jane Asher and Cartoonist Gerald Scarfe. Katie is famous for her acting during her young time. She is well known as the daughter of actress Jane Asher.

Katie Scarfe’s Relationships

Katie has not revealed any information on her relationships. She is involved in a relationship because she is already old enough. Yet, there is no proper evidence available. We will soon reach up to you with all the information. Katie is a beautiful actress and insists on keeping her relationship life private.

Katie got spotted hanging around with a guy of her age who might be her partner. Yet, there is no solid proof of it. And even if she is not in a relationship, she probably is searching for a new partner in her life.

She might not have found a proper and understanding partner if she was still single. We will reach up to you with appropriate information on Katie Scarfe’s relation as soon as possible.

Katie Scarfe’s Net Worth

The estimated Net worth of Katie Scarfe is $1.4 million. Katie Scarfie is an English stage, radio, TV, and Voice Actress.

There are no leaks about her salary and annual income, but she probably earns a lot of money. According to the available information, she has a salary more than an average voice actor earns. As a TV actress, she probably earns a proper amount of money.

Katie Scarfie is enjoying her rich life with her mother, Jane Asher
Katie Scarfie is enjoying her rich life with her mother, Jane Asher.
Source: Net Worth Post

Katie’s mother, Jane Asher, is a renowned actress and an Entrepreneur who helps her with her daily expenditure as well, due to which she has a very less expenditure. She lives a very prosperous and luxurious life. This American actress has been working since a very young age which increases her Net Worth.

More About Katie Scarfe

Katie Geradile Scarfe was born on 1974 April 17th. Her mother was Jane Asher, and her father was Gerald Scarfe. Jane Asher is an English actress, author, and entrepreneur who achieved early fame as a child actress.

Gerald Scarfe is an English cartoonist and illustrator. He worked with Pink Floyd in their album The Wall. Katie was the eldest sibling in her family. She grew with her other two siblings.

Katie has been very talented and understanding since her childhood. About her education, there is no information available. Yet, she has probably completed her Bachelor’s degree. She was into acting since very young and finally pursued her career as an actress.

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Jane Asher Mother
Gerald Scarfe Father
Alexander Scarfe Brother
Rory Scarfe Brother
Araminta Scarfe Sister
Margaret Eliot Grand Father
Richard Asher Grand Father