Meet Kenzi Hope, the social media sensation turning heads with her casual chic style and fearless bikini snaps. With a stunning presence and a magnetic personality, Kenzi has amassed a legion of devoted followers who can’t get enough of her.

But beyond the striking photos lies a desire to know more about the woman behind the lens. How old is she? What’s her secret to a thriving career in the spotlight? And, the question on everyone’s mind: Is Kenzi currently in love?

In this article, we’ll uncover the facts about Kenzi Hope’s life, career, and perhaps even a hint of her romantic status. Get ready for an inside scoop on the Instagram star who’s redefining entertainment, one post at a time.

How Old Is Kenzi Hope? Age, Early Life

Kenzi Hope, born in the United States on March 13, 2003, is a Pisces by birth sign. As of 2023, she’s 20 years old and firmly in her 20s. Kenzi comes from a family of four, with her parents, Merrily Gauthier Ricke and Sean, as well as her younger sister, Caelyn, forming her close-knit hometown clan.

Her ethnicity is likely Caucasian, and she proudly holds American nationality. She is a nutrition student. Kenzi’s journey from her early years to her current social media stardom is intriguing. It goes beyond her striking photos and into the life of this captivating young influencer.

Is She Dating? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

As of recent updates, Kenzi Hope is happily in a relationship with her boyfriend, Thomas Kern. Their romance went public in December 2022 when Kenzi shared a heartwarming photo of the two on her Instagram account, extending New Year’s wishes to her followers.

Kenzi Hope with her boyfriend.
Kenzi Hope with her boyfriend. Source: Instagram/@kenziiihope

The lovebirds continued to share their affection on social media, and on Thomas’s birthday, February 27, 2023, Kenzi posted a sweet tribute on her Instagram with a heartfelt caption, saying, “You make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. happy birthday❤️.”

It’s evident that Kenzi and Thomas share a beautiful bond, even though Thomas prefers a more private Instagram presence compared to Kenzi’s public persona. Their relationship adds a delightful layer to the life of this social media sensation.

She Is an Instagram Model and Social Media Influencer

In her early twenties, Kenzi Hope has carved out a prominent place in the modeling industry. Her journey includes a partnership with the esteemed Select Model Management Agency. Likewise, it has opened doors to numerous modeling projects within the fashion world.

Beyond her modeling work, Kenzi has lent her striking presence to beauty product campaigns.

However, Kenzi’s influence extends far beyond the runway. Her Instagram account boasts a substantial following of over 97.4k, solidifying her status as an Instagram sensation. Her captivating photos not only captivate her followers but also serve as a powerful complement to her modeling career.

Kenzi Hope posing for her photoshoot.
Kenzi Hope posing for her photoshoot. Source: Instagram/@kenziiihope

Kenzi’s social media presence is a dynamic force that continually attracts the attention of studios and recruiters. In return, she actively engages with opportunities that come her way and proactively reaches out to potential collaborators.

With her modeling prowess and social media prowess, Kenzi Hope is a rising star in the world of fashion and digital influence. Also, know about other social media influencers like Laurence Bedard and Chrysti Ane.

Philanthropy Works

Beyond her modeling and social media endeavors, Kenzi Hope channels her passion for animal rights. She is actively involved with the non-profit organization Paw Print Hearts Animal Rescue of Tampa, Florida.

This commitment to the welfare of animals is a family affair. Her mother, Merrily, is also actively engaged with the organization. In her Instagram introduction, Kenzi proudly states, “@pawprintheartsanimalrescue, family non-profit rescue🐾❤️.”

Kenzi’s dedication to this cause demonstrates her desire to make a positive impact beyond the world of fashion and social media. Her involvement with Paw Print Hearts Animal Rescue highlights her compassionate nature and her commitment to giving back to the community.

Net Worth: How Much Does She Have?

The Instagram star Kenzi enjoys both success and an incredible amount of wealth. Hope is reported to have a net worth of $350,000.

Likewise, her earnings come from her successful modeling career and her influence as an Instagram personality. Moreover, given her growing career and continued success, her net worth will increase rapidly in the future.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

According to her portfolio on Select Model Management, Kenzi Hope is approximately 5 feet and 7.5 inches (or 171 cm) tall. Her body measurements are reported as 32-23-34. She weighs around 50 kilograms (or approximately 110 pounds).

Kenzi Hope is an Instagram model.
Kenzi Hope is an Instagram model. Source: Instagram/@kenziiihope

In terms of her physical appearance, Kenzi is described as having a striking and slim figure with blue eyes and blonde hair. Her unique features contribute to her success in the modeling industry, where physical attributes play a significant role.

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