Kim Ji-soo is a South Korean Actor. He is popular for Tv shows like River Where the moon Rises, Strong Girl Bong-soon and, more. He is also made his acting debut on stage in 2009 and consequently starred In several short films. However, most people started to like him from the series called strong girl bong-soon, where he played the role of a policeman.

Can we know enough about Kim Ji-soo? So here we provide his details of net worth, relationship, family and, more.

Is Kim Ji-soo in Relationship? Who is his Wife?

If we go deep in his personal life, he has probably single, but as we know, Ji-soo posted a picture of a wedding in 2020, September 9, saying, “Today was the day when I was the prettiest!!” (오늘은 내가 가장 예뻤을 때 하는 날!!) which seems some of the Korean drama shoots and it is od some k drama called “When I was the Most Beautiful.”

Most of his fans made comments saying, “Say it that it wasn’t real.”

Kim Ji-soo and actress Im Soo-hyang
Kim Ji-soo and actress Im Soo-hyang
Source: Instagram

However, he posted a picture multiple times for promoting his tv series. His fans are really curious about are they date each other or not.

Even many people bless them without knowing the duo aren’t dating officially. Further, many fans want to be together, but it is not necessary to be in a relationship with someone you played in a reel. Likewise, a Korean actor is still young and handsome, so there might be a chance that we might see him in a serious relationship in the future.

How Much does Net Worth Kim Ji-soo have?

After coming into the movie industry, a Handsome hunk actor made a big step in his career. He probably holds a net worth of around $12 million, similar to Song Kang.

However, his exact amount of net worth hasn’t been revealed yet. But we have to know how he can earn more than we expected. Ji-Soo earns all the wages from his career, like acting, Advertisements, modeling and, Social media.

Kim Ji-soo enjoying his rich life
Kim Ji-soo enjoying his rich life
Source: Instagram

Also, his series hit in box office collection, and he must earn enough money from his movies and series. Also, he has more than 5 million followers on his Instagram, and there is no doubt he got a big sponsor for sure, like skincare products called “INVENT YOURSELF.”

Moreover, rumors are spreading about his hidden business where Ji-soo doesn’t want to show to the public, but an actor hasn’t talked about it yet. If we talk about his salary is Ji–soo takes $40,000 per episode, but this is just a guess he never talks about his salary to media.

But if we go through, the average salary of Korean actors is ₩51,711,834 ($43,000), which is huge. An actor may earn similar to average. But as we know, A handsome actor is still active in his profession, so maybe in the upcoming days, we might see his net worth growth.

More About South Korean Actor

On March 30, 1993, Kim Ji-soo was born in Busan, South Korea. He was an average type of kid before. Ji Soo was a Judo Athlete in elementary school and competed at the national level.

Kim was so obsessed with judo where he wanted to represent his country to the world. Unfortunately, he got some injuries, and he had to quit his athlete career. He was joined Entertainment JYP in 2012 to become an actor.

 Kim Ji-soo when he was a kid
Kim Ji-soo when he was a kid
Source: Pinterest

He studied at Digital Seoul Culture Arts University, and after that, he went for his career in movies. He starred in the television series Cheer up. In 2017, he co-starred in JTBC’s fantasy romance comedy Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, playing a passionate rookie police officer.

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