Kody Cephus, a rising star born as King Kody Cephus into hip-hop royalty, captivates with his precocious talent. At the tender age of 8 years old, this young prodigy has embraced rap with finesse beyond his years. He inherits the creative genes from his renowned father, Offset of Migos fame, and his former partner, Oriel Jamie.

King Kody’s undeniable skill and captivating flow hint at a promising future in the music industry, potentially continuing his father’s celebrated legacy. Amidst the backdrop of his parents’ tumultuous relationship, Kody shines as a beacon of talent, a testament to his resilience.

Meet Cardi B’s Step-Son Kody Cephus- Age, Early Life, Parents

Kody Cephus, the fortunate offspring of Offset and Oriel Jamie, experienced a childhood that seemed like a fantasy. Kody was born in LA, California, on March 2, 2015. He was born when his father was 24 years old, and his mother was 20 years old. 

The couple’s three-year romance was filled with passion, leading many to believe they were a perfect match. However, their paradise was shattered when Offset entered a relationship with rapper Cardi B.

Offset’s decision to abandon Oriel and their son, Kody Cephus, left her deeply disappointed. Despite their bitter breakup, Offset remains actively involved in Kody’s life, showcasing their bond through matching hairstyles and outfits. The devoted father takes his little one on tour, sharing glimpses of their incredible relationship on Instagram.

Despite his rocky relationships, Offset has proven to be a wonderful father to all his children. In an interview, the “Ric Flair Drip” rapper emphasized the importance of setting a positive example for his kids and drawing inspiration from them.

 In an interview with Haute Living, He said,

“The influence you have on your kids is incredible, so you have to be aware of the example you’re setting and make sure you’re influencing them in the right way because they watch you… I just want them to be kids. And that’s the best thing about it – inspiring your kids, and being inspired by your kids.”

Who is Kody’ Mother Oriel Jamie?

Oriel Jamie, the biological mother of Kody Cephus and former partner of Offset, has established herself as a prominent figure in the beauty industry. Her venture, Jamie’s Studio, located in St. Louis, Missouri, offers a wide range of beauty services to its clientele.

Kody Cephus with his biological mother.
Kody Cephus with his biological mother. Source: Instagram

With a focus on luxury and expertise, the studio boasts a team of skilled beauty professionals who provide various treatments, including brow tinting and lash extensions.

Jamie’s Studio is not just your average beauty salon—it has become a sought-after destination for individuals seeking trendy and posh eyebrow-shaping services. Additionally, their expertise extends to face waxing, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic beauty experience for their valued customers.

He Has Four Half-Siblings

Kody Cephus, son of Offset, is part of a blended family with three half-siblings. His older half-brother, Jordan, was born to Offset and Justin Watson when Offset was just 17 years old. Watson made headlines when she filed a lawsuit against the rapper, claiming inadequate financial support for Jordan’s upbringing.

Offset’s album “Father Of Four” sheds light on his personal struggles with fatherhood, including his initial challenges when Jordan was born. He admitted feeling overwhelmed as he was still young and trying to find his own path.

Cardi B and Offset with their children.
Cardi B and Offset with their children. Source: Instagram

Kody, born to Offset and his ex-girlfriend Oriel Jamie in 2015, became Offset’s second child. Following his separation from Jamie, Offset briefly dated rapper Shya Lamour, with whom he had his third child, Kalea Marie Cephus. However, their relationship lasted only a few months.

Offset’s high-profile romance with Grammy-winning artist Cardi B resulted in the birth of their daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, making her Offset’s fourth child and Cardi B’s first.

Likewise, in September 2021, Cardi B announced her second pregnancy during a performance at the BET Awards in June 2021. Subsequently, in September 2021, she shared on Instagram that she had given birth to her second child with her husband, Offset. The Instagram post depicted the couple holding their newborn son named Wave.

Kody Cephus’ Net Worth

Indeed, as a child, Kody Cephus is primarily focused on his studies and enjoying the privileges provided by his affluent parents. His father, Offset, has amassed a significant net worth of approximately $28 million through his successful career as a rapper. Offset’s involvement in the hip-hop trio Migos has been a major contributor to his financial success.

Offset with his second-oldest son.
Offset with his second-oldest son. Source: Instagram

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Migos collectively earned around $36 million between September 2018 and September 2019. With such resources at his disposal, Kody can enjoy a lavish lifestyle facilitated by his father’s wealth.

He Is Already Following On His Father’s Footsteps

Kody Cephus, it seems, is following in his father’s footsteps and showing a talent for rap. He has spent ample time in his father’s studio and has even attempted to rhyme words on his own.

In a video shared by Offset in May 2020, Kody showcased his skills with clean freestyle bars. Despite his young age, his rapping ability appears quite promising, complete with hand motions and an impressive flow that captures attention. Offset frequently shares videos of his six-year-old son rapping, demonstrating Kody’s continuous improvement.

Offset with his three sons.
Offset with his three sons. Source: Instagram

In August 2021, Kody’s Lamb Truck freestyle earned praise from his stepmother, Cardi B, who is a Grammy-winning artist herself. Also, know about Cardi B’s mother Clara Almanzar.

The video gained significant attention, with 2.6 million views and over 580,000 likes on Instagram. Kody’s talent and growing presence in the rap scene are garnering admiration from both his family and fans alike.

Offset and Cardi B’s Ongoing Feud

Cardi B and Offset’s relationship has been marked by a rollercoaster of emotions, with love, drama, and the promise of reconciliation. Recently, the couple found themselves embroiled in a public dispute, as Offset accused “WAP” star Cardi of infidelity. However, sources close to the couple remain optimistic that they will overcome their differences once again.

Likewise, in response to a cheating rumor about her husband, Cardi began a Twitter Space conversation by singing part of the first verse of Keyshia Cole’s

“I Should Have Cheated.” “First of all, let me say, you can’t accuse me of all the things you know that you are guilty of. Sing it with me, y’all! And I see that it is easy for you to blame everything on me. Yes, honey!”

Their journey has been far from smooth, with past cheating allegations and a temporary divorce filing. Yet, Cardi B and Offset have consistently shown a willingness to work through their problems and find common ground.

They exchanged vows in 2017 and have since welcomed two beautiful children into the world: daughter Kulture Kiari and son Wave Set.

Short Bio On Cardi B’s Husband Offset

Kiari Kendrell Cephus, popularly known as Offset, is a talented rapper and member of the acclaimed hip-hop group Migos.

Born on December 14, 1991, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Offset’s journey to fame began in his middle-class upbringing in Gwinnett County. Alongside his cousins, Quavo and Takeoff, he discovered a shared passion for music, and their bond would eventually lead to the formation of Migos.

With influences ranging from Outkast to Lil Wayne, Offset and his fellow Migos members honed their skills and captured the attention of the music industry. The release of their mixtape “Juug Season” in 2011 marked their entry into the scene, but it was the 2013 single “Versace” that truly put them on the map.

Migos’ success skyrocketed with their chart-topping single “Bad and Boujee” in 2017, which became an internet sensation. Alongside their collective achievements, Offset has also ventured into solo projects. His debut solo album, “Father of 4,” released in 2019, demonstrated his versatility and featured collaborations with industry heavyweights.

Offset’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. While there have been rumors and controversies surrounding his personal life, including allegations of infidelity, Offset has shown resilience and a commitment to growth.

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