Lally Weymouth is a famous American journalist. She is currently working as a senior associate editor for The Washington Post. Previously, she worked as a special diplomatic correspondent for Newsweek magazine. Also, she was portrayed by the famous actress Alison Brie in the movie called The Post in 2017.

Lally Weymouth Shares Two Daughters With Her Husband

Weymouth is a divorced woman. Previously, she got married to an architect Yann Weymouth in 1963. They were deeply in love with the emotional connection with one another. However, their relationship was not meant to be longer. Unfortunately, they divorced in 1969. You may also like to read about other successful American journalists such as Haley Cohen and Naibe Reynoso.

Lally Weymouth picture after an interview with Italy's new prime minister, Paolo Gentiloni.
Lally Weymouth picture after an interview with Italy’s new prime minister, Paolo Gentiloni.
Photo Source: Twitter (@lallyweymouth)

They shared two daughters from their unsuccessful marital relationship. They are Katharine Weymouth and Pamela Alma Weymouth. Both are the intellectual person where their career is heading in the right direction. Also, Katharine was a publisher of the Washington Post from 2008 to 2013. Likewise, Pamela Alma is a writer for Huffington Post.

What Is The Net Worth Of Lally Weymouth?

Lally Weymouth has an estimated net worth of $3 Million, similar to Nicole Glor as of 2021. She has accumulated this huge net worth through her hard work and dedication to her outstanding career. She has had a successful career in Journalism for more than three-decade.

Lally Weymouth on her travel days
Lally Weymouth on her travel days.
Photo Source: Twitter (@lallyweymouth)

Besides, her daughter is also a Millionaire. Katharine has a net worth of $15 Million as of 2021. And, she has gathered all her net worth through her career as a publisher in the Journalism field. Also, she is a businessman and American lawyer by her profession. She worked as the publisher for The Washington Post previously.

More Information About Washington Post Journalist, Lally Weymouth

Lally was born on July 3, 1943, in the United States of America. She was the eldest daughter of her family. Her mother, Katharine Graham, and father, Philip Graham, were legendary icons in Journalism. They were the publishers of a magazine called The Post. Also, she grew up alongside three other siblings.

Lally Weymouth after an interview with Isabelle Allende, the first female leader of Chile's Senate.
Lally Weymouth after an interview with Isabelle Allende, the first female leader of Chile’s Senate.
Photo Source: Twitter (@lallyweymouth)

Donald E. Graham is the eldest brother of Weymouth, the publisher of The Post between 1979ando 2000. Regarding her education, she went to The Madeira School for her study. Later, she received a degree in American history and literature from Harvard University. However, she controls around 1.5k followers on her Twitter account.

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