Larry M. Kutcher is the birth father of Ashton Kutcher, a well-known American actor. Larry. He was born in Germany. He also worked for General Mills as a factory worker.

Ashton Kutcher is an actor, model, producer, and entrepreneur from the United States. He made his acting debut in the Fox sitcom. That ‘70s Show was Michael Kelso.

Kutcher Family Members

When Ashton was just 16 years old, Larry divorced his wife, Diane Finnegan. Larry and Diane have three children, Ashton and Michael Kutcher, twin brothers, and Tausha Kutcher, their older sister.

Furthermore, Diane used to work for Procter & Gamble, a multinational corporation specializing in personal hygiene goods. In addition, she married Mark Portwood and is of Irish descent.

Moreover, on Mother’s Day, Diane Finnegan received a fantastic gift from her son Ashton. Further, he stated that his mother is a significant figure in his life.

Larry M. Kutcher and his son Ashton Kutcher looking at the camera
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Larry’s son remodeled his mother’s home, which has his childhood memories in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The repair effort included his stepfather Mark, local designer Catherine, builder Mike, and other laborers.

The major goal for Ashton was to reconstruct the basement space, which lacked excellent lighting. Ashton was adamant about repairing the room’s ceiling, which added to the ambiance.

Larry M. Kutcher’s Son Ashton In The Court For Murder Case

After Ashton’s fingerprints were discovered on the house door of his late lover Ashley Ellerin, Ashton was summoned to testify in court. Further, he had gone to her place for dinner, as they had planned.

She was later discovered to have been slain before his arrival. Ashton assumed someone had stabbed his girlfriend 47 times and that the bloodstains on the floor were from red wine.

Michael Kutcher’s Father’s Net Worth

Larry M. Kutcher has kept his personal life away from the spotlight. He hasn’t shared any clue about his career and net worth. But his son, Ashton, has a net worth of $200 million.

The actor who played Michael Kelso in the popular series “That 70’s Show” has also been his primary income source in several films, including TV shows and films.

Larry M. Kutcher’s son poses for a beautiful photo
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Kutcher has also been successful in the business world. It has been reported that Ashton has become a successful celebrity star who has been growing his wealth through his investments in Uber and Airbnb.

Two And A Half Men’s Actor has produced ‘Punk’d‘ and ‘Beauty and the Geek,’ two popular reality TV shows. Ashton is an actor, investor, and producer, and it is his source of income.

Furthermore, Celebrity couples Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis worked together on That 70’s Show. This couple revealed that they did not bathe their children regularly during the lockdown.

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