Laurie Berkner is a French-born American musician. She is famous for her work as a children’s musical artist. Laurie Berkner also plays guitar and sings lead vocals in the Laurie Berkner Band. She is a very popular artist in the Kindie rock genre.

Laurie Berkner’s Relationship

Berkner is in a married relation with Brian Mueller. Brian Mueller was a bassist in the same band Laurie Berkner Band. The first through their band and slowly caught feelings for each other. They spent most of their time together, due to which they had a very deep and strong bond.

Laurie Berkner with her husband Brian Mueller.
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And after a long time, they married each other. They gave birth to their daughter Lucy Mueller in September 2004. This couple has been staying together since then in New York City.

They have been sharing their bond of happiness and love with each other. They produced many kinds of music together and lives a prosperous and happy life in New York City. People also viewed the relationship of Canadian actor & singer Nick Cordero.

Laurie Berkner’s Networth

Laurie Berkner has a net worth of $3 million. She is a french American musician. This french American musician was extremely popular as a children’s music artist. Not only music, but she also wrote more than 7 books which Laurie sold in a huge amount.

Laurie Berkner enjoying playing guitar.
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Laurie also performed in many TV shows such as Jack’s Big Music Show (2005-2007), Nickelodeon mega music fest(2010). Therefore she probably earned a huge amount of money through all these means.

Berkner produced more than 14 albums with her band. She was the founder of the band. Which helped her earn a lot amount of money in order to increase her net worth. She was involved in projects which we cannot count on our fingers.

Benker has retired and lives a very prosperous and luxurious life on her own like popular singer, guitarist & TV personality Dave Navarro.

More about Laurie Berkner.

Laurie Berkner was born on March 15, 1969 at Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. Her birth name was Laurissa Ann Berkner. There is no information available on her parents we will soon reach up to you with all the on information. According to her birthdate, her zodiac sign is Aries. After her birth, she moved to Princeton, New Jersey. She grew up in Princeton, New Jersey.

Berkner attended Princeton High School for her school studies. Then for her higher-level studies, she went to Rutger University in New Jersey. She was very interested in music from an early age. Berkner attended the choirs, bands, and musical theater. This musician also toured Europe as a choir soloist and an orchestral guitar player. She struggled very hard from an early age to reach this point in her life.

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