In this current time and age, one can easily get fame if they are related to famous stars. Similarly, Lexington Grace Bruening is a celebrity kid who has grabbed the media attention and has lived a limelight life since birth.

She is the daughter of a famous American actor and former fashion model, Justin Bruening, and Alexa Carole Havins, an American actress. Grace is enjoying a lavish lifestyle.

Lexington Grace Bruening is a celebrity daughter.

Lexington Grace Bruening is the daughter of “All My Children” stars Justin Bruening and Alexa Havins. Alexa gave birth to Lexington on August 10, 2010, in Los Angeles.

Grace’s parents are doing everything they can to keep her out of the spotlight. Besides, she is the first child of her parents, as she has two siblings whose names are unknown.

Lexington Grace Bruening’s Parents’ Martial Bond

The 11-year-old Lexington’s parents are a happily married couple. After dating for a year, Justin Bruening and Alexa Carole Havins exchanged wedding vows on June 5, 2005, in a private ceremony.

The two met each other on the television show, and after that, they were able to form a connection and relationship.

On the set of the soap show, Justin got down on one knee and proposed to her. He had precisely arranged everything, and he had done it immediately following the shooting of Justin’s character proposing to Alexa’s character on the show.

After getting married, Justin decided to leave the show to pursue other opportunities, and after that, his wife Alex followed in his footsteps and did the same.

As of now, Lexington’s parents are living a blissfully married life in Westlake Village, Los Angeles.

How rich are Lexington Grace Bruening’s parents?

Bruening has not engaged in any profession yet. Therefore, discussing her net worth is not possible. She is enjoying her blessed life under the net worth of her parents like many other children, including Sandra Grace Shifrin and Finley Elaine Griffin.

Apart from her wealth, Justin Bruening has collected a huge amount of money as an actor and former fashion model. Since 2003, when the star started his acting career, he has appeared in several movies and TV series.

Currently, Justin has accumulated a net worth estimated at around $2 million.

In 2003, he appeared on the American television soap opera All My Children, Mary Kay Adams, Micah Alberti, Joseph Barbara, and others.

On the other hand, Lexington’s mother, Alexa, has a net worth of $2 million. She earned her revenue from her career as a TV and movie actress.

Furthermore, she earns the average salary of a United States actor at $39.84 per hour and can make more than $50,000 in a year.

Also, Alex starred in numerous high-budget and box office movies. In 2008, she starred in the superhero film Hancock, accumulating $629.4 million against a production budget of $150 million.

As of now, Lexington’s famous and wealthy parents have also provided her with enough facilities to live life prosperously.

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